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Semester abroad - English1 Australia Mainly for Bafög/Auslandsbafög recipients One or two free places Self-financing also possible Can go in Winter or.

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1 Semester abroad - English1 Australia Mainly for Bafög/Auslandsbafög recipients One or two free places Self-financing also possible Can go in Winter or Summer Contact or - can apply online Office hour Helga Notzon Weds 14.00 - 16.00 or Thurs 11.30-12.30 in AAA Also see AAA website – Outgoing students – Englische Partnerschaften -Aussereuropäisches Ausland Deadline for SS09 applications 2 November 2008

2 Semester abroad - English2 New Zealand For Bafög/Auslandsbafög recipients Self financing also possible Can go Winter or Summer Contact Professor Fehse: Also see AAA website – Outgoing students – Englische Partnerschaften -Aussereuropäisches Ausland Check English department noticeboard Meeting for SS09 on 12 Nov, KA1V 206, 18-20Uhr

3 Semester abroad - English3 USA Several free places, some with free accomodation Some suitable for Bafög/Auslandsbafög All start in Winter semester Also some Assistant Teacher opportunities where you get paid Contact or Also see AAA website – Outgoing students – Englische Partnerschaften -Aussereuropäisches Ausland and Outgoing students – Englischsprachige Programme list Office hour Monday, Thurs, Fri 11.30 – 12.30 Deadline for WS09 very soon

4 Semester abroad - English4 UK and Ireland – university places (all start WS) in: Dublin Glasgow (Strathclyde) * Keele * Nottingham Trent Plymouth Reading Sheffield (Hallam) You can also apply to be a Foreign Languages Assistant (PAD) or for an Erasmus grant to do an internship (see below) *universities marked with a * above only take students with Bafög or Auslandsbafög. Reading has one place for Bafög too.

5 Semester abroad - English5 Bafög, Auslandsbafög, Erasmus, BW Stipendium Bafög recipients can apply for any of the UK and Ireland places Some people who do not get Bafög may still be eligible for Auslandsbafög and can then also apply for any of the UK and Ireland places – see People who do not get Bafög should apply for an Erasmus place at one of the universities not marked with a * above. Erasmus provides you with approx 100 euros per month and you do not have to pay fees For extra financing also check BW Stipendium at and http://www.landesstiftung-

6 Semester abroad - English6 Auslandsbafög - continued Auslandsbafög – even if you do not get Bafög you may be eligible for Auslandsbafög Auslandsbafög does not have to be repaid Pays your fees abroad plus slightly more than normal Bafög allowance Pays travel costs Must apply for Auslandsbafög at least 6 months in advance (NB apply for up-front payment so you get money early enough to pay fees)

7 Semester abroad - English7 Other finance options Baden Württemberg Stipendium Apply by 1 March (check website above to confirm!) AAA info session in January – see aaa website or contact Approx 400 euros per month during semester time (but does not pay fees) PH AAA grant for travel costs may also possible – ask Frau Konnes at AAA

8 Semester abroad - English8 Dublin Froebel College Primary teacher training college Approx 350 students Small groups Previous students mention range of sport and leisure activities offered – recent Erfahrungsbericht on AAA website 4 Erasmus places, also open to Bafög recipients Contact Ingrid Vonrhein: Tuesdays 12.15, KG1V 119

9 Semester abroad - English9 Glasgow University of Strathclyde Department of Childhood and Primary Studies No Erasmus places – Bafög/Auslandsbafög only Contact Ingrid Vonrhein: Tuesdays 12.15 KG1V 119

10 Semester abroad - English10 Keele Keele University Campus university close to the Peak District Very well organised and friendly Wide choice of courses No Erasmus places – only for Bafög and Auslandsbafög recipients Contact Gill Stringer: Tues 10.15 KG1V 119

11 Semester abroad - English11 Nottingham Trent University More than one site – our students on Clifton campus just outside Nottingham. Very positive feedback on courses and organisation from previous students – with Modern Languages Department (not teaching department) Teaching practice officially not possible, but some students have organised 3 week TP at local schools (organised themselves) Four Erasmus places Contact Gill Stringer: Tuesdays 10.15 KG1V 119

12 Semester abroad - English12 Reading University of Reading Take part in Bachelor of Education course – for primary teachers One Erasmus place, one place for student with Auslandsbafög or paying own fees Contact Gill Stringer: Tues 10.15, KG1V 119

13 Semester abroad - English13 Sheffield Sheffield Hallam University City, but close to Peak District Take part in PGCE course for teaching modern languages (primary or secondary) including some teaching practice 2-3 Erasmus places (NB. Some Sheffield students needing tandem arriving in Jan 09 for a month) Contact Gill Stringer Tues 10.15, KG1V 119

14 Semester abroad - English14 Applications Hand in the following three things to Gill Stringer or Ingrid Vonrhein during their office hour or via Languages secretary by 10 am on Friday 28 November Application form Curriculum Vitae Statement of Study

15 Semester abroad - English15 Curriculum Vitae Personal details - your name, address and telephone in semester and non-semester period, mobile, e-mail (no need to mention your family!) Education - what you are studying now, details of your Abitur or other qualifications (reverse chronological order, no need to mention primary school!) Work experience/Voluntary service – include work experience, paid employment, teaching practice, national service, voluntary social year etc Interests, hobbies, travel or posts of responsibility you have held (Fachschaft etc) Make sure it is typed, clearly laid out and at most one page (two sides) in length.

16 Semester abroad - English16 Statement of Study A short statement (max 500 words) explaining why you would like to go to the university/universities you have chosen It is ok to say if you have applied to other universities and indicate preferences – this initial application will only be read by PH staff List of all English courses you have already done at the PH with name of teacher/grade (if applicable) and semester you did each one List of the English courses you are doing this semester with name of the teacher Any other information you think is relevant

17 Semester abroad - English17 Selection process PH staff read your application Shortlisted candidates interviewed by PH staff in December or January (notified by e-mail) Successful applicants will be notified after all interviews complete, at latest by end of semester Those gaining Erasums places will be called to a compulsory meeting with Frau Kreml from AAA (see noticeboard)

18 Semester abroad - English18 Assistant Teacher - PAD Pädagogische Austauschdienst Assistant teacher in UK, Ireland or Canada - (Places outside UK limited) Mention any twinning organisations Need to have done 4 semesters to apply Deadline very soon (15 Nov/1 Dec – contact Normally runs September to June/July and pays about 1,000 euros per month Experience in school – not with other students Gill Stringer can advise about interview in office hour KG1V 119 – please e-mail in advance

19 Semester abroad - English19 Erasmus work experience 4 places at schools in UK : one at comprehensive near Nottm (Sept – Mar) two in primary school in a small town in Devon one at primary school in central London (both primary schools Feb-July) Erasmus pays approx 350 euros a month Schools try to help find accommodation with a family (rental for less than 6 months difficult in own flat) You could google „gumtree“ or „letalife“ to look for other accommodation? Apply to Gill Stringer initially – same process and documents required as for university places

20 Semester abroad - English20 If all else fails... You can apply to most places and pay the fees yourself but this is difficult without contacts (cost at least 2,250 euros per semester) Look at other options offered by AAA – eg. Assistant teacher COMENIUS Erasmus scheme offering up to 350 euros per month for internships or teaching practice within EU but you must find the internship and accommodation yourself. Contact Angelika Vogelmann at AAA

21 Semester abroad - English21 Our office hours and AAA office hours Gill Stringer (Keele, Nottingham Trent, Plymouth, Reading, Sheffield, limited info on Assistant Teacher PAD) Tues 10.15 – 11.15 Ingrid Vonrhein (Glasgow and Dublin) Tuesday 12.15 – 13.15 AAA (All non UK/Ireland exchanges) and for funding questions. See AAA door or website for details of their office hours.

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