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With Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau Santa Catarina - Brazil Student Exchange.

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1 with Fundação Universidade Regional de Blumenau Santa Catarina - Brazil Student Exchange

2 2 Santa Catarina CHINA Where is Blumenau?

3 3 Intro to Blumenau  Located in the Itajaí Valley in Santa Catarina State (3rd biggest city), Southern Brazil.  Famous for its German culture heritage.  Population of 298,603 people (in 2006), with an area of 510 km².

4 4 Intro to Blumenau  The city has a high standard of living, the crime rate is very low and the illiteracy rate is under 2.85%, making Blumenau a very attractive place to live and visit.  The home of the Oktoberfest, the largest beer party in the Americas.

5 5 Intro to FURB  FURB was created in 1964, and currently counts over 15,000 enrolled students in diverse undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate specialization courses in seven Centers (or Faculties).  The symbol represents its building seen through the silhouette of an open book from the top view.

6 6 Intro to FURB

7 7 Intro to CCT (Centro de Ciências Tecnológicas)  Located at Campus II, CCT is the unit of FURB, whose mission is the production and dissemination of the necessary technological knowledge for the development of the society, committing themselves to ethics, social justice and the environment. Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Forest Engineering Production Engineering Architecture and Urbanism Electrical Engineering & Telecommunication (DEET)

8 8 Exchange Program Overview  UM students go to Blumenau for 1 semester (2 nd semester of year 3) Attending courses and taking exams Taking part in remunerated internships Credits earned count toward UM degree  “Nice environment, great experience” Xiaohui Wang, Chinese Ph.D. student of the Nottingham University – UK; Martin Brand, German B.Sc. from the TU Darmsdat – Engineer of WEG Automation; Masashi Shiozaki, Japanese B.Sc. from the University of Kyu Shu – Engineer of NEC – Japan;

9 9 Who is Eligible?  FST B.Sc. EEE and EME students High academic standard 2 nd semester of year 3 2 students per semester  Students should apply at the end of year 2 of their studies.

10 10 Expenses  No tuition fee is paid in Brazil (but UM student has to pay UM fees)  FURB helps in finding accommodation (student pays for it: R$ 300/month)  Student pays all living expenses Typical cost: R$ 500/month + others costs (air ticket, local trips, etc.)

11 11 B.Sc. Courses offered and Credit Transfers  Credits earned count toward UM degree  Courses are offered in English  Regularly FURB offers: ELEC436. Power System Analysis ELEC483. Introduction to Biomedical Engineering INTERSHIP (I and II)  Take part in a remunerative internship at well- known companies in Brazil, which some of them owning subsidiaries in China.  On demand courses Student prepares a list of courses and FURB will check the possibility to provide them

12 12 DEET - Main Research Groups (current)  POWER SYSTEMS GROUP Elisete T. Pereira - PhD Nottingham – UK Luiz Henrique Meyer - PhD Waterloo - UK Sérgio Henrique Lopes – UFSC – Brazil Ricardo José de O. Carvalho – UFSC – Brasil Hugo Armando Almaguer – UFSC – Brazil Thair I. A. H. Mustafa – PhD UFSC/Nottingham –  AREAS High voltage tests: transformers, insulators and panels Power distribution : fault location ; plc for monitoring power transformers ; digital protection and power quality assessment Electrical machines & transformers : efficiency in energy conversion; winding design with electromagnetic concerns; grounding & earthing Energy : renewable sources

13 13 DEET - Main Research Groups (current)  POWER ELECTRONICS & DRIVING SYSTEMS GROUP Adriano Péres – PhD UFSC Sérgio V. G. de Oliveira – PhD UFSC Eduardo Deschamps (Rector) – PhD UFSC Romeu Hausmann – PhD UFSC Altamir R. Borges – PhD UFSC  AREAS Switched mode power supplies: high voltage dc-dc converters Electrical drivers: electrical machines & transformers Harmonic cancellation & power factor correction: passive and active filters

14 14 Study Plan – Suggestions  Year 2, 1 st Semester Courses in UM 1 Elective in Portuguese language  Year 2, 2 nd Semester Courses in UM 1 Elective in Portuguese language  Year 3, 2 nd Semester Courses in FURB Internship Check the availability of courses prior to the exchange program period.

15 15 Semester Dates  Orientation Programme: To be announced  Lectures: from the early of August to the early of December  Exams: Along the semester, in accordance with each course

16 16 Interested?  Contact: Dr. Sérgio Henrique Lopes Cabral (FURB) Mr. Miguel Costa (UM)  FURB info:  FST Info: (Student Exchanges)

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