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Medsin – a potted history. 1951 IFMSA is formed British Medical Students Association is founding member First IFMSA GA in London Rex Crossley from UK.

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1 Medsin – a potted history

2 1951 IFMSA is formed British Medical Students Association is founding member First IFMSA GA in London Rex Crossley from UK is first president of IFMSA

3 1950s 1954-5 Alan Gilmour, UK is president of IFMSA 1957-8 Bernard Hill, UK is IFMSA Standing Committee Director for Population 1959-60 Graham Lister, UK is president of IFMSA (and several other UK officials).

4 1960s 1960 Exchange Officers Meeting in Edinburgh 1969 Geoffrey Lloyd and Bob Graham President and Vice-President of IFMSA

5 1970s 1970 General Secretariat of IFMSA moved to London 1970 President, Sec Gen and Treasurer all from UK 1971-1973 ? BMSA dissolves 1973 British Medics Working Party attends IFMSA meeting as observers

6 1980s Nothing known of UK involvement in IFMSA IFMSA struggles to survive…

7 1991 UK has a member of IFMSA - National Association of Medical Students (NAMS) International Officer reports to IFMSA that UK cannot offer exchanges International Officer – Rob Hadden, Oxford

8 1993-1994 Wigs Bateman attends IFMSA Conference in Alexandria, Egypt and decides we should be involved… Jess Westall, Rachel Lindley and Wigs start a few local projects in Sheffield Medact and Mike Rowson also developing student groups – UCL and Georges Nottingham set up exchanges

9 1995 IFMSA has an official from the UK - Liaison Officer to WHO Nick Shenker

10 1996 Sheffield, Georges, UCL and Nottingham students get together… …MedSIN (Medical Students International Network) was born

11 1997 MM97 in Slovenia Became a candidate member of IFMSA at AM97 in Athens First president Wigs Bateman (Sheffield)

12 MM1997 in Slovenia

13 1998-99 Small national conference at UCL UK Gained Full Membership of IFMSA at AM99 in Mexico Committee –Co-ordinators Arti Maini (Georges) and Rachel Lindley (Sheffield) –Secretary – Tim Baker (Sheffield) – Pete (current national committee)’s older brother!

14 1999-2000 National Conference in Sheffield Committee: –Coordinators: Vic Wykes (UCL) and Mike Moneypenny (Dundee) –Treasurer: Chris Hopkins (UCL) –News: Andy Khodakabus (Liverpool) IFMSA Training Support Division Director is Zana Khan from UK Jubilee 2000 campaign: Global chain reaction. Sarah Finer MM2000 in Finland AM2000 in Portugal

15 Jubilee 2000: Breaking the Chains of Debt

16 MM2000 - Finland Toga party in the snow Paul (Belfast), Penny & Libby (Nottingham), Stefan (Edinburgh),Gajan & Vic (RUMS) Michael (Dundee) Gaj (RUMS), Paul (Belfast) Penny & Libby (Nottingham)

17 2000-2001 First big national conference in Edinburgh (>300 people) Chris Hopkins coordinator MedSIN grows – 18 Member Branches MM01 in Malta AM01 in Denmark – wrote MedSIN Action plan for restructure

18 AM 2001 - Denmark

19 2001-2002 National Conference in Cambridge First full national committee elected MY PLESHA 2 – Sexpression conference –First big project conference Homed National Conference Training Conference in Manchester Marrow started MM02 in Yugoslavia AM02 in Taiwan

20 MedSIN-Cambridge, National Conference

21 First National Committee President - Emily Spry, George’s Vice President – Anna Last, Birmingham Treasurer - Laurence Kemp, Cambridge Secretary - Chris Hopkins, UCL News - Andy Khodabukus, Liverpool National Conference - Sam Pollock, Birmingham Fundraiser - Dave Lissauer, Birmingham Webmaster - James Gamble, Cambridge

22 President – Emily Spry (Georges)

23 My PLESHA 2 in Liverpool

24 Sexpression Dan Bernstein (Georges) - coordinator

25 Started by James Kustow in Nottingham

26 MM2002 - Yugoslavia

27 NEOs (Nottingham) – Toby Hillman and Lopa Ghosh

28 AM2002 - Taiwan UK professional as ever has a potato as a stamp!

29 2002-2003 Birmingham National Conference Cardiff International Health Conference Medsin-BMA Joint Training Day MM2003 in Estonia AM 2003 in The Netherlands – Emily Spry (Georges) elected president IFMSA

30 National Committee President – Baljit Singh, Cardiff Secretary – Elaine Tennant, Nottingham Publicity – Gemma Dignan, Nottingham VP – Ben Lawton, Warwick News – Vittal Katikireddi, Edinburgh Treasurer – Rob Metcalfe, Manchester Webmaster – Colin Brown, Edinburgh

31 MM2003 - Estonia

32 AM2003 - The Netherlands Emily elected IFMSA President

33 Emily and Kristina – IFMSA Presidents Handover

34 2003-2004 Medsin formalised with Constitution and Bylaws First Medsin-UK General Assembly New Logo Name altered (Medsin-UK, opening up to non- medical students) Nottingham National conference London GH Conference MM04 in Venezuela AM04 in Macedonia

35 National Committee President – Bryony Whipp, GKT VP Branches – Julia Fortes, Newcastle VP Projects – Charlotte Allan, Leeds Treasurer – John Forrest, George’s Secretary – Katie Garman, Birmingham Publicity – Claire Procter, Newcastle Webmaster – Naomi Sims, George’s Training – Jonny Brett, Newcastle

36 New Logo

37 MM04 in Venezuela


39 AM04 in Macedonia

40 2004-2005 Branch Resource Pack New Website Logo made legal (grey cross!) First UK TNT (Training New Trainers) Glasgow National Conference Peninsula GH Conference MM05 Turkey AM05 in Egypt

41 National Committee President – Claire Procter, Newcastle Secretary – Natalie Sibbald, Manchester VP Branches – Robbie Harris, GKT VP Projects – Rob Hughes, Bristol Treasurer – John Forrest, Georges Publicity – Abi Smith, Bristol Training – Geri Keane, GKT Web – Matt Francis, GKT


43 New website

44 Logo made legal

45 UK TNT 2005

46 MM05 in Turkey

47 AM05 in Egypt

48 IFMSA Officials

49 2005-2006 Medsin-UK gets charity status Leeds National Conference London GH Conference Leicester hosts IFMSA European Regional Meeting MM05 - Chile AM05 - Serbia

50 National Committee President – Katie Garman, Birmingham VP Projects – Abi Smith, Bristol VP Branches – Dave Biles, Bristol Secretary – Flora Ogilvie, Imperial Treasurer – Gerard Millen, Belfast Training – Natalie Sibbald, Manchester Webmaster – Tom Taylor, Loughbrough Publicity – Catherine Sikorski, Cambridge

51 MM06 in Chile

52 TNT 2006

53 AM06 in SerbiaAM07 - Serbia AM06 in Serbia

54 IFMSA Officials

55 2006-2007 Medsin’s 10 th Birthday Party Alumni launch Bristol National Conference Newcastle GH Conference MM07 - Australia AM07 - UK

56 National Committee President – Abi Smith, Bristol VP Branches – Sunil Bhopal, Leeds VP Externals – Gerard Millen, Belfast VP Projects – Bal Singh, Southampton Treasurer – Gemma Owens, Belfast Secretary – Jenny Jones, Manchester Campaigns – Pete Baker, Manchester Training – Joel Burton, Manchester Webmaster – Tom Taylor, Loughbrough Publicity – Qasim Ihsan, Birmingham

57 MM07 - Australia

58 Now Medsin has: –30 Member Branches –10 National Projects –2 Affiliate Projects –8 Campaigns –2 Large National Conferences a year –2 General Assemblies a year –Regional conferences –Annual TNT

59 UK hosts first GA in 50 years To be held in Kent, August 2007

60 2007-2008 Where will the future take Medsin-UK???

61 Medsin Alumni

62 Why me? As a former Medsin member, You offer a unique combination of knowledge, skills and resources

63 Inspiration & motivation Advice & experience Political clout Financial support Articles for the GH Magazine Trainers for events & conferences Reassurance that life doesn’t end at graduation Raised public profile ContactsSpeakers for events Cheap [free!] places to stay Resources What Can I Offer?

64 Global Health Day Newsletter: “Where are they now?” Publication in the GH magazine A chance to keep in touch Social events Trainers for events & conferences Inspiration: life doesn’t end at graduation Opportunity for Professional development ContactsSpeakers for events New membership Invitation to Medsin conferences What Does Medsin Offer the Alumni?

65 Official launch: 01/09/07 Visit Email How do I join the Alumni?


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