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NHS NOTTINGHAM CITY COMMISSIONING – THE FUTURE! Maria Principe Assistant Director Market Management, Procurement & Redesign November 2009.

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1 NHS NOTTINGHAM CITY COMMISSIONING – THE FUTURE! Maria Principe Assistant Director Market Management, Procurement & Redesign November 2009

2 BACKGROUND The Operating Framework for 2008/09 sets out five key priorities for the NHS in England: Improving cleanliness and reducing healthcare associated infections Improving access Keeping people well, improving health and reducing health inequalities Improving patient experience, staff satisfaction and public engagement Emergency preparedness This framework for 2008-9 is less prescriptive than in previous years however the ultimate message passed from the DoH is that that public money needs to stretch further than before, ensuring value for money is obtained at every level of the organisation. NHS Nottingham City spends approximately £500 million per annum on goods, services and staffing. Organisations are required to achieve 3% efficiency savings year on year by 2010 most of which will undoubtedly be through adopting new techniques and ways of working which are all supported by better procurement and Market Management. How does NHS Nottingham City aim to achieve this 3%?

3 World Class Commissioning World-class commissioning is a statement of intent aimed at raising ambitions and dramatically transforming the way we work

4 What are the competencies for world class commissioners? Locally lead the NHS

5 What are the WCC competencies? Work closely with community partners Engage with public and patients Collaborate with clinicians

6 Manage knowledge and assess needs Prioritise investment What are the WCC competencies?

7 Stimulate the market Promote innovation and improvement

8 NHS is the “preferred provider” of services. Andy Burnham, Health Secretary Speech to Kinds Fund 2009 “Stimulate the market” World Class Commissioning Competency 2008 “No prevention, distortion or restriction of competition! EU Procurement regulations What is our approach to Stimulating the Market & Procurement? Confused Yet? So which route is NHS Nottingham City taking?

9 Analyse the Market NHS Nottingham City will gather information and baseline data on the performance of existing Healthcare markets. For the NHS Nottingham City this starts with gathering evidence on: Quality and Outcomes  Access  Choice  Value for Money  Appropriateness Characteristics of demand:-  Existing patterns of demand for services/JSNA  Projected changes in demand Characteristics of supply  Provider landscape  Existing and future capacity.  GOING TO THE MARKET WILL BE THE LAST APPROACH WHEN DEALING WITH A POOR PERFORMING CONTRACT….. Is the service, meeting our patients needs?

10 Stimulate, Develop and Engage with the Market How we will stimulate the market? 1.Advertise all requirements in Supply2Health. 2.Maintaint a “level playing field” 3.Carry out Workshops and open days with perspective suppliers advertised as wide as possible. 4.Retain commercial confidentiality, but ensure all are aware that information provided during the specification stage, will be used! 5.Keep options open and allow suppliers the freedom to suggest ways forward 6.Record conflicts with the risks identified and mitigated 7.Establish good communicatio, but remember the procurement rules of fairness. However.. we won’t just go for the “Same old” if we can demonstrate that the market has something better for our patients!

11 What are the WCC competencies? Secure procurement skills Manage the local health system Make sound financial investments

12 Secure Procurement Skills Training all staff to have a general knowledge of procurement and EU Legislation Having procurement practices that are transparent, auditable and reasonable. Having a clear understanding of risks associated with tendering and the structure in place to deal with challenges appropriately Considering views of patients, members, staff, trade unions and existing suppliers/providers Adhering to all relevant EU and UK law. Ensuring that service providers have the relevant skills and polices to carry out the contracted services Engaging the public, private and voluntary sectors Becoming outcome driven, with outcome based specifications Demonstrating that the approach taken to competition is rigorous, balanced and driven by service needs and market intelligence Have an open and transparent appeals process Have you identified which route we will be taking…..?

13 NHSNC has secured a position that will be based between the third sector and NHSNC. This ultimate aim of this post is to build communication bridges between the NHSNC and the third sector by:- More to follow from Jo Dean Stimulate the Market – Working with the Third Sector WHY THIS APPROACH? NHS Nottingham City, must ensure that it adheres to EU Legislation, therefore we want to ensure you have the necessary skills to understand our approach and bid for our business…. Legally this is all we can do, otherwise…… Independent Sector, Secondary Care, GP Providers, Community Provider, Private Industry may challenge!

14 To Summarise  Times are getting hard  Relationships will be tested  We do need one another  We cannot guarantee much….  But we can guarantee ……..fairness!

15 NCVS COMMISSIONING – THE FUTURE! Jo Dean Partnership Manager

16  NHS Nottingham City has a new project working in partnership with Nottingham CVS.  Designed to build the capacity of third sector organisations  Helping organisations to build the skills to tender for and ultimately deliver commissioned contracts.

17  Coming soon…….  NHS Nottingham City Procurement Training  Business Mentoring in partnership with EMDA Business Champions

18 Contact details  For further information on the project please contact Richard Hazledine, Commissioning Officer for Health on 0115 934 9528 or email

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