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Fruits &Vegetables Search and Share FCS 8 th Grade – Session 2 Beatrice Middle School 2010-2011.

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2 Fruits &Vegetables Search and Share FCS 8 th Grade – Session 2 Beatrice Middle School 2010-2011

3 Students Share... (mouse click for each step) Students: Researched a fruit or vegetable Listed information about history, nutrition, purchasing, storage, and how to use in daily diets Shared information by creating a PowerPoint, poster, fact sheet or demonstrated a kitchen tip. Shared a “taste” of their food Click and View a “snapshot” of their findings...

4 Students Share... Banana Cantaloupe Cape Gooseberry Corn Grapes Kiwi Mangoes Pears Persimmon Pineapple Pluot Pomegranate Potatoes Pumpkins Rhubarb Strawberries Tomatoes West Indian Gherkin Zucchini More...

5 Banana By: Austin and Adam Demo Fact: The banana plant is a giant herb.

6 Banana By: Joey and Nick

7 Cantaloupe By: Andrew Fact: Named for the gardens of Cantalupo, Italy High in Vitamin A and C

8 Cape Gooseberry By Ty and Austin Fact: Berries are tart and have a texture similar to cherries.

9 By Ty and Austin Cape Gooseberry

10 Sweet Corn By: Kaitlin Facts: When purchasing corn, always peel back husk to view corn. Store it in a cool place, because warm temperatures cause its sugar to turn into starch.

11 Grapes By: Ian and Sam Poster Fact: Concord grapes are native to North America. All other varieties were started from imported vines.

12 Grapes By: Ian & Sam

13 Kiwi By: Alli and Lauren

14 Kiwi By: Alli and Lauren Facts: Select firm kiwi High in potassium and Vitamin C Used as a meat tenderizer

15 Kiwi By: Kelsie and Rachel Facts: Remove the peel or not.

16 Mangoes By: Becca and Haley Demo

17 Mangoes By: Becca and Haley Facts: Good source of Vitamin A and C Add to a smoothie

18 Mangoes By: Dustin and Heath Facts: A slicer helps remove the large pit.

19 Pears By: Jarrett Facts: Keep pears in paper bag at room temperature until ripe. Refrigerate ripe pears.

20 Persimmon By: Derek Demo

21 Persimmon By: Derek Facts: Peel, then eat as a snack.

22 Pineapple By: Madie and Lacey Demo

23 Pineapple By: Madie and Lacey Facts: Choose pineapples with dark green leaves. Demo

24 Pineapple By: Nicole Facts: A slicer helps to remove the core and peel.

25 Pluot By: Ryan and Logan Facts: Hybrid of a plum and apricot

26 Pomegranate By: Kristi Demo

27 Pomegranate By: Kristi Facts: Select ones that are plump, round and heavy for their size. Be careful – they STAIN clothes easily!

28 Pomegranate By: Kim Facts: Separate the seeds from the white membrane.

29 Potatoes By: Bethany Cookus and Lucy Crowder Demo Facts: Potatoes are vegetables that grow in the ground as tubers (fleshy, underground stems). Over 4000 varieties exist

30 By: Bethany and Lucy Potatoes

31 Pumpkins By: Marcus Demo

32 Pumpkins Fact: The carving tradition started in Ireland,but they used turnips. By: Marcus

33 Rhubarb By: Chauncey and Ashten Demo/Poster

34 Rhubarb By: Chauncey and Ashten Facts: Fat free Cholesterol free Sodium free Low in calories High in Vitamin C A Vegetable

35 Strawberries By: Jordan Demo Facts: High in Vitamin C 200 seeds in an average berry

36 Tomatoes By: Jerica Kagy Fact Sheet Facts: Tomatoes are a fruit, but served and prepared as a vegetable. Tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked. Used in soups, salsas and sauces. Ketchup is made from tomatoes

37 West Indian Gherkin By: Christian Fact: Similar to a cucumber

38 Zucchini By: Jarrett

39 Zucchini By: Jarrett Facts: Refrigerate 3-5 days Pick a small one, because large sized squash will have coarse, stringy flesh, and large seeds.

40 Fruits &Vegetables Search and Share Thanks to all students that shared their projects and were able to share their foods also! Resources Used: Dole 5aday Fruits and Veggies More Matters Keep It or Toss It Wegmans Tony Tantillo - Eat Fresh Stay Healthy Wordle

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