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Kirkintilloch’s Initiative A Presentation by Duncan Hamilton (EDC) to East Dunbartonshire Council Special Council Meeting 17 th December 2001.

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2 Kirkintilloch’s Initiative A Presentation by Duncan Hamilton (EDC) to East Dunbartonshire Council Special Council Meeting 17 th December 2001

3 Purpose Decision made on 25 June 2001 Summary of progress since 25 June 2001 Summary of Consultation Results of Scheme Review Recommendations

4 Report of 25 June 2001 Agreed the objectives of Kirkintilloch’s initiative Approved the project identity Agreed to consult on Indicative Scheme (Couper Scheme) Agreed to principle of SPV

5 Kirkintilloch’s Initiative Objectives To create the conditions for beneficial change Infrastructure To protect and enhance Kirkintilloch Town Centre To replace the swimming pool To provide Health and Social Care Centre To replace Kirkintilloch Town Hall To deliver commitment to Woodilee To take advantage of the Millennium Link opportunities (Canal) To create jobs and training opportunities

6 Progress Since 25 June 2001 Consultation exercise completed Discussions and negotiations with potential partners / other landowners continued Scheme Review and preparation of Business Plan Revised scheme (Cowan Scheme) prepared

7 Consultation Results 3,500 responses and contacts Public meetings Large petition (2056 signatures) Independent report prepared by University of Edinburgh Key issues – Leisure and Supermarket Many detailed comments important to later stages Scheme Review Community Involvement Strategy

8 Consultation Results 88% in favour of Woodilee housing 90% in favour of new link road 95% in favour of leisure development at Southbank 89% in favour of Integrated Health & Social Care Centre 85% in favour of new leisure centre in town centre 97% in favour of environmental improvement 87% in favour of revised town centre access strategy BUT 67% against supermarket in Woodhead Park

9 Consultation Results Reason for Opposition No need for another supermarket Loss of Parkland Leisure Centre should be located in Woodhead park Leisure Centre needs to be bigger Don’t want multi-storey car park, tea room or petrol filling station Strong feelings on Town Hall issue

10 Scheme Review Supermarket Issues Does Kirkintilloch need a new modern supermarket? If yes, where should it be located?

11 Scheme Review Supermarket Need Retail impacts show locals shopping elsewhere More competition (Asda Robroyston, Tesco Springburn etc) More demand (residential development) Quality of existing stores Importance of securing local loyalty

12 Scheme Review Supermarket Location Sequential test to protect town centre In town / edge of town / out of town (last resort) Land / access problems with in town sites Only one practical edge of town site Very important to identify a site to prevent appeal led consent Environmental and amenity impact can be reduced

13 Scheme Review Leisure Citizens Jury Woodhead Park All facilities under one roof Re-provision of Community Education Centre

14 Development Package

15 Scheme Review Cowan Scheme Kirkintilloch Link Road Housing at Woodilee Mixed development at Woodilee Industrial Estate Leisure Centre at Woodhead Park New supermarket on eastern edge of Woodhead Park Countryside Access Network Support for mixed development at Southbank Integrated Health and Social Care Centre on Town Hall site

16 Scheme Review Cowan Scheme (continued) Arts / Culture Centre / Town Hall replacement at Barleybank Housing at Waverley Park and at Luggiebank Canal Museum Town Centre Parking and Access Strategy Jobs and Training Access Initiative Support for Community Housing Initiative Re-provision of Health Services in North Glasgow

17 Health and Social Care Centre at Cowgate

18 Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool at Woodhead Park

19 Omitted from Cowan Scheme NCH Children’s Home (being pursued separately) Petrol filling station Canal-side tea-room Multi-storey car park Reduced impact on Ornamental Gardens and grassed area in Woodhead Park Split town centre leisure provision Scheme Review

20 Community Involvement Diagram

21 Scheme Review Getting the Balance Right Packaging approach Negative / unpopular impacts should be looked at in the light of the overall benefits Significant economic, health, social, environmental and lifestyle benefits available

22 The Benefits Economics More efficient access to Woodilee industrial Release of Council and Trust assets estate and Southbank business park New local jobs associated with extensions to Woodilee industrial estate and Southbank business park New canalside development, building on the £75 million investment in the Millennium Link New office ‑ based customers located in Kirkintilloch town centre The Costs

23 Environmental Landscaping, including extensive tree planting Loss of approximately 46 trees (around 40 of which (not saplings) in Woodhead park. Ornamental are sycamores), a small part of the ornamental gardens enhanced. gardens, and some open space at Woodhead Park Reduced traffic impact in residential areas, Additional traffic generated by new development resulting in less noise, pollution, intimidation will have a noise and pollution impact, although and severance this will be mostly be on the Kirkintilloch link road Improved access to local countryside Some residential areas adjacent to Kirkintilloch link road will be adversely affected by increased noise and pollution Creation of new country park extending to 70 Some disruption during construction period acres at Woodilee Redevelopment of currently derelict sites at Woodilee and Southbank Safer access to three local schools The BenefitsThe Costs

24 Health Partnership approach to delivery of integrated Some disruption during change-overs health and social care services in the Kirkintilloch area £10 million contribution to modernisation of mental health services in Greater Glasgow Reprovision of services currently operating from older properties at Larkfield and Townhead New opportunities and health benefits for the community associated with provision of leisure centre The BenefitsThe Costs

25 Lifestyle Mod ern supermarket provision in Kirkintilloch Loss of some leisure opportunities with town centrecurrent use of part of Woodhead park (mostly walking and enjoying some parts of the park, but not formal activities) Enhanced access to local countrysideLoss of historical landmark which is the existing Town Hall New modern leisure facilities close to Kirkintilloch town centre New leisure opportunities associated with canal Modern replacement for Town Hall New opportunities for leisure-time activities in the Kirkintilloch and Lenzie area associated with pub/restaurant type development The BenefitsThe Costs

26 Social Inclusion Improved access to health and social care facilities for those without a car Access to local leisure facilities Jobs and training initiative for unemployed and low paid Provision for affordable rented housing The Benefits

27 Recommendations Approve draft Community Involvement Strategy Agree to enter into Partnership Agreement with Trust Progress on the basis of the Cowan Scheme Set up a SPV to carry out day to day work Pass ownership of land parcels to SPV / Holding Company Nominate Council Representatives

28 Operating Structure Diagram


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