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Contact person: Dr. Sobhi Basheer, CEO Tel: +972-4-9504523 Mobile: +972-54-5324225 TransBiodiesel.

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1 Contact person: Dr. Sobhi Basheer, CEO E-mail: Tel: +972-4-9504523 Mobile: +972-54-5324225 TransBiodiesel Ltd. www.transbiodiesel.comwww.transbiodiesel.comJuly, 2011

2 Background  Biodiesel is a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oils and animal fats  Biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel for diesel engines  Designated B100 in its pure form  Must meet the quality requirements of ASTM D6751 What is biodiesel?

3 Biodiesel potential  Abundant  Eco-friendly,  Politically popular  Government mandates 7.5 billion gallons by 2012 (~2%) 10% of fuel supply by 2020 5% of fuel supply by 2013 Numerous countries mandate biodiesel Government Mandates of Biodiesel & Biofuels Kyoto treaty Fuel security Agriculture sector Tax incentives

4 Conventional Biodiesel Production Processes Alkaline-based catalyst (Sodium methylate), or + + Oil triglycerides Methanol Biodiesel Glycerol + + Free fatty acidsMethanol Biodiesel Water Acid-based catalyst (Sulfuric acid)

5 Blending/ Heating Glycerol by- product BiodieselWastewater Oil Methanol Neutralization/ Centrifugation Neutralization/ Chemical

6  High quality of the feedstock  High energy consumption  Corrosive  Producing high amounts of wastewater  Not Friendly to the Environment Drawbacks of Existing Technologies

7 TransBiodiesel’s Mission Statement Introducing a GAME-CHANGING, environmentally-benign, and cost-effective enzyme technology for the biodiesel industry

8 TransBiodiesel Proposed Technology + Enzyme -based catalysts ??? + + + Free Fatty AcidsMethanolBiodiesel Water Oil triglycerides Methanol Biodiesel Glycerol

9 Our Solution Cost Effective Enzyme Catalysts  Modified lipase enzyme  No deactivation in methanol  150 – 200 cycles price competitive with chemical catalyst  Enzymes can convert oil of any quality An environmentally friendly and economically viable enzyme catalyst for the mass production of biodiesel.

10 The Recyclability of Lipase Preparations

11 The Company’s Technology Benefits Competitive advantages Use of inedible oils High- grade Glycerol Methanol- Resistant Enzymes Financial benefits Environmental benefits “Green Chemistry’” Ambient temps.

12 Glycerol and Biodiesel Qualities ChemicallyEnzymaticallyProperty Very brownTransparentAppearance 44% - 54%>78%Glycerin content 8.9 – 10.56.0 – 6.2pH 27% - 53%3%Methanol content 1% - 4%7%Water content 7%0.1%Sulfated ash Enzymatically biodiesel and glycerol from crude corn oil Enzymatic process Chemical process

13 Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel. 3mL 30 mL 0. 5 L 50 L 100 L 1500 L

14 Industrial Enzymatic Production of Biodiesel

15 TransBiodiesel’s Main Clients Methes Energies Canada Inc., - Methes Energies Announces the Successful Commissioning of a Non-Chemical Pre-Treatment Processor for High FFA Biodiesel Feedstock (

16 Thank You Contact information Dr. Sobhi Basheer, Founder & CEO +972-4-950-4523 +972-54-532-4225

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