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Mandy Collins, The Food Resource Company +44 (0) 7715 104936 : the food

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1 Mandy Collins, The Food Resource Company +44 (0) 7715 104936 : mandy@ the food

2 We are a small, dedicated family team specialising in sourcing products from Europe with the right specification, provenance and price. We are a third generation of family butchers and specialise in importing: Spanish and Italian meats Full range of antipasti products Organic meat and ambient ranges Snack foods We have 7 year’s experience of supplying the food service and retail industry.. The Food Resource........ specialists in sourcing the finest food products

3  Bread and rolls 7.4%  Cold cuts/cured meats 5.1%  Pizza 4.9%  Fresh and processed poultry 4.5%  Soups 4.3%  Fast food- cheese burgers 4%  Cheese 3.8%  Pasta dishes like spaghetti with meat sauce 3.3%  Meat dishes like meatloaf with tomato sauce 3.2%  Snacks including chips, pretzels, popcorn and puffs 3.1% Recent study in America shows that 10 foods account for 44% of sodium we eat.

4 Healthy Mediterranean Meats Spanish Meats Chorizo and Fuet Italian Meats Prosciutto Mortadella Salami Beef Salami

5 With the increasing popularity of healthy products and the need for us to look after our bodies, Caula have introduced a new range of cured sausage to appeal to the health conscious market. These sausages are made in the traditional way, but are lighter in fat with less calories. New product to the UK market Spanish Healthy Cured Sausage

6 Innovation: To produce a lower fat, healthier chorizo and fuet

7 Result: Lower fat, less calories pork chorizo Lower fat and cholesterol, rich in proteins turkey chorizo Chorizo made with olive oil, no preservatives, no colorants, gluten and allergens free

8 Reduced Sodium Prosciutto Innovation: to produce a prosciutto with a sodium content of 1.55gr per 100gr of product and 1 gr of potassium

9 Reduced Sodium prosciutto Raw materials: Italian meat only Ingredients: Pork meat, mixture of sodium/potassium Production: Made with strict production controls Result: A sweet tasting prosciutto with less salt content Availability: Italian supermarkets

10 Mortadella Innovation: to produce a mortadella which has 50% less fat content Tasting: does it work?

11 Lower fat Mortadella Result: A mortadella which has 50% less fat compared to Mortadella Bologna (by INRAN – National Institute of Research for Food and Nutrition Energy Values for 100gr of product: Proteins 15.5gr Fat (g) 12.7 gr 1)Carbohydrate (g) 0g Energy (kcal) 176 Energy (kj) 733

12 Lower fat content salami Pork and Beef Innovation: to produce a salami with less fat and less calories! Needed to taste good too... Lets try some!

13 Result: In 100g it has lower cholesterol content and lower saturated fats than traditional salami (50% less fat that average nutritional values of Salami Milano, INRAN) Lower fat salami

14 Lower fat pork salami Energy values for 100gr of pork salami: Proteins 22.6 gr Fat (g) 13.3g Carbohydrate (g) 0gr Energy (kcal) 210 Energy (kj) 876

15 Lower fat content salami Made with Italian pork, using shoulder and pork legs A reduced fat content: max 12% on the finished product – more than 55% less fats than a traditional salami. The most sold “Salami” on deli counters in Italy

16 Beef Salami A delicate tasting salami with less fat content than traditional bresaola

17 To summarise: Mediterranean meats just got healthier... Lower salt, lower fat and just as tasty!!

18 Thank you for viewing my presentation Mandy Collins, The Food Resource Company +44 (0) 7715 104936 e: w:

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