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Why Not Boycott Palm Oil? Why Support the RSPO?. Why We Do Not Support Boycotting Palm Oil  Indonesia and Malaysia struggle with poverty… developing.

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1 Why Not Boycott Palm Oil? Why Support the RSPO?

2 Why We Do Not Support Boycotting Palm Oil  Indonesia and Malaysia struggle with poverty… developing countries need some way to drive their economies  We realize that palm oil would be replaced with another crop that could cause worse environmental problems (like soy in the Amazon)  China and India are the world’s largest consumers of palm oil

3 Palm oil plants can produce 4-10 times more oil per parcel of land than other oil crops. (Less land is needed to produce more oil.) Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service –Commodity Report Dec 2007

4 Palm Oil Names & Derivatives (It is next to impossible to really know if a product is palm oil free.) 1. arachamide mea 2. capric triglyceride 3. caprylic triglyceride 4. caprylyl glycol 5. cetyl alcohol 6. cocoa butter equivalent (CBE) 7. cocoa butter substitute (CBE) 8. elaeis guineensis 9. emulsifier (some can be palm oil derived) 10. epoxidized palm oil (UV cured coatings) 11. ethylene glycol monostearate 12. ethylhexyl palmitate 13. fatty alcohol sulphates 14. glyceryl stearate 15. isopropyl 16. isopropyl palmitate 17. mono-glycerides of fatty acids 18. myristoyl 19. octyl palmitate 20. oleyl betaine 21. palm kernel oil 22. palm oil 23. palm olein 24. palm stearine 25. palmitate 26. palmitoyl oxostearamide 27. palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3 28. peg-100 stearate 29. peptide complex 30. saponified elaeis guineensis 31. sls 32. sodium lauryl 33. sodium lauryl sulphate 34. sodium lauryl sulfate 35. sodium lauryl sulfoacetate 36. sodium palm kernelate 37. sodium palmate 38. sodium stearate 39. sodium laureth sulfate 40. sodium laureth sulphate 41. sodium lauroyl lactylate 42. stearamidopropyl dimethyl amine 43. steareth-2 44. steareth-20 45. steareth-21 46. stearic acid 47. vegetable oil 48. vitamin A palmitate

5 We Do Not Support Palm Oil as a Biofuel Option  The amount of palm oil needed for biofuel could not be produced sustainably.  Unsustainably produced palm oil causes greenhouse gas emissions and is not a “green” alternative to gasoline.  The EPA made a recent decision not to explore palm oil as a source of biofuel.

6 Sustainability and the RSPO  We support the RSPO  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was the first zoo to become a member of the RSPO (2010)  We are in the Environmental-NGO category  London Zoo joined soon after

7 RSPO Members (E-NGO)  WWF  FFI (Fauna & Flora International)  Wetlands International  BORA (Borneo Rhino Alliance)  Cheyenne Mountain Zoo  The Zoological Society of London  Conservation International  NWF (National Wildlife Federation)  Oran Utan Republik  PanEco Foundation  World Resources Institute  Orangutan Land Trust  SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society)  Global Environment Centre  San Diego Global  Indianapolis Zoo The RSPO has strong support and is helping the industry move towards sustainable palm oil.

8 We Know the RSPO is Not Perfect  There are problems for people on both sides of the RSPO.  Growers think criteria can be too strict, certification too slow, and not enough companies are buying CSPO.  Growers are not receiving premiums promised for CSPO.  Environmentalists think RSPO is not strict enough in enforcing principles and criteria.  Differing opinions about HCV assessments.

9 Zoos Can Have a Voice  RSPO is the only multi- stakeholder program making progress toward palm oil sustainability.  Joining the RSPO can give zoos a voice in guiding RSPO decisions.  CMZ voted along with other environmental NGO’s on ways to make progress in the RSPO.  London Zoo sponsored a resolution to stop the use of Paraquat (a pesticide).

10 What Can Zoos Do to Help?  Promote Sustainable Palm Oil  Have guests purchase products from RSPO member companies only  Have guests write letters to their favorite companies that are not RSPO members and ask them to join  Help to educate millions of guests each year!

11 CMZ Developed a Logo We are asking companies to label their products accordingly  We asked RSPO if they were going to develop a logo  We developed our own sustainable palm oil logo  RSPO released a logo for CSPO soon after

12 Awareness Tool Kits on DVD  Help move sustainable palm oil forward. Get your palm oil awareness tool kit today!

13 For four years Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has facilitated a palm oil awareness survey for other Zoos. The results are showing that progress is being made in the support of sustainable palm oil.

14 2014 2011 2014

15 Make a Difference for Wild Orangutans and MANY Other Endangered Species!

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