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Tongsuh Petrochemical 2014. APR Introduction to Tongsuh.

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1 Tongsuh Petrochemical 2014. APR Introduction to Tongsuh

2 Chemicals & Fibers Asahi Kasei Chemicals Asahi Kasei Fibers Homes & Construction Materials Asahi Kasei Homes Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Electronics Asahi Kasei Microdevices Asahi Kasei E-materials Health Care Asahi Kasei Pharma Asahi Kasei Medical Asahi Kasei Corp. Holding company 4 Business Sectors 9 Core Operating Companies ZOLL Medical Asahi Kasei Group 1

3 NaCN & AN Capacity of Asahi Group 2 Korea Japan Thailand M.East UNIT:KMT 2

4 Tongsuh`s Products Profile Propylene Ammonia Air Acrylonitrile Acrylamide Sodiumcyanide EDTA Acetonitrile Ammoniumsulfate HCN NaOH EDA Formalin Liquid NaCN Product By-product Formalin By-product Blow-down 3

5 Production method of NaCN Compared to on purpose, by-product is more competitive method to produce NaCN On purpose NaCN maker is under pressure in terms of cost. Tongsuh Petrochemical has special facility called “methanol injection” to compensate its output loss in case of AN operation cuts. By-ProductOn Purpose TypeAN by productLight Oil and etc. Proportion30% (Integrated 20%) 70% Cost ComparisonCompetitiveConventional 4

6 Tongsuh’s Sodium Cyanide - Shape: Briquette - Size: 32 X 30 X 12.5 mm - Weight: Approx. 13.3g/Briquette - Purity: 98% min. - Packing 50kg Steel Drum 1mt Wooden Box - Transportation by Container According to IMDG code Class 6.1 UN No. 1689 5

7 Sodium Cyanide Packing 6

8 Tongshu Location 7

9 NaCN Trade to Americas USA & CANADA Capacity 200,000 Demand 85,000 Balance surplus Estimated by TSPC (Unit : t/year) Mexico & SOUTH AMERICA Capacity 12,000 Demand 180,000 Balance deficit TSPC&Asah i 8 Short Balance In Americas

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