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1 Sodium

2 sodium it is metal name: sodium symbol: NA atomic number: 11

3 Melting and boiling point
Melting point: c Boiling point: 883 c

4 Date of discovery and the discoverer
Date of discovery: 1807 (England) Discoverer: sir Humphrey Davy

5 Description It’s bright It’s metal and silver in color It soft
It’s highly reactive

6 Picture time!! 

7 3 uses Sodium is use in seasoning the meats and little by little it is use to the human diet. It’s also useful for the regulator of our blood pressure , muscle contraction and also acid balance. There will be a benefit for the people who suffer from kidney disease or other to eat one teaspoon of salt each day.

8 3 interesting facts One of the important nutrition that the animal needs is sodium chlorine If you see, almost every item of diet product have sodium. Sodium is one of the most important things for the functioning of human body

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