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Nutrition in the Aging Population Simply EZ Home Delivered Meals 2010.

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1 Nutrition in the Aging Population Simply EZ Home Delivered Meals 2010

2 Nutrition Goals: An Overview Food Pyramid (Getting all your groups in) Whole Grains (Fiber for Heart & Colon) Low Sodium (Blood Pressure Control) Low Fat (Heart Health) Carbohydrate Control (Diabetes) Weight Control (Food Portions) How does Simply EZ fit in??

3 The Food Pyramid

4 Food Pyramid – Grains Group Most aging adults need about 6 servings/day What’s a serving look like? 1 slice of bread ½ cup of rice, pasta, cooked cereal About ¾ cup dry cereal If you’re diabetic, consider these as grains/starch: ½ cup potato, corn, peas, beans

5 Food Pyramid – Fruits Group Need about 2 servings per day What’s a serving look like?  Tennis ball sized fresh fruit  ½ cup of juice or canned fruit  ¼ cup dried fruit (raisins) *Go easy on juices & dried fruits if you’re trying to watch your weight or to lose weight.

6 Food Pyramid – Vegetable Group Need about 3 servings per day What’s a serving look like?  1 cup raw  ½ cup cooked  ¾ cup vegetable juice (need low sodium!) Aim for “No Added Salt” varieties in canned vegetables for good sodium control

7 Food Pyramid – Milk/Dairy Group All aging adults should aim for 3 a day What’s a serving?  1 cup (8oz) of milk  1 small container of yogurt (6oz)  1 oz of cheese (1 cheese stick or 1 slice) We’re aiming for 3 a day to get adequate calcium intake to keep bones strong!

8 Food Pyramid – Meat Group Most aging adults only need about 5-6oz/day  Aim for lean meats for heart health Chicken, turkey, fish Aim for fish twice a week (omega 3’s & heart health) Limit bacon, sausage, ham for fat & sodium control  Don’t fry meats  Consider meat alternatives like soy/tofu, beans, nuts & seeds for protein substitutes

9 Whole Grains When choosing your grains (cereal, rice, pasta) try looking for “Whole ___” as the first ingredient  Whole wheat, whole grain, whole corn Increasing fiber in your diet with whole grains will lower cholesterol & help with weight loss

10 Low Sodium Cutting out the salt shaker will greatly improve blood pressure and fluid retention (edema)  Especially Congestive Heart Failure, kidney disease, and high blood pressure patients Frozen Meals with <600mg Sodium Canned foods: “No Added Salt” or “Low Sodium" on the label Limit chips/pretzels/popcorn or go unsalted

11 Low Fat Don’t go fat free! Fat helps you feel satisfied and keep from snacking too often  Don’t fry foods-or use Pam instead of cooking foods in oil  Trim visible fats before you eat the meat  Remove skin from chicken & turkey  “Loin” cuts are usually leaner Ground sirloin, beef tenderloin  Try ground turkey or soy crumbles to cut fat

12 Carbohydrate Control Diabetes is very common in all age groups Consistent & controlled carb intake will keep blood sugar numbers in control & prevent complications  Kidney failure, blindness, gangrene infections Carbs are found in:  Grains, Fruits, Dairy  Low in vegetables  None in meats (unless breaded)

13 Weight Control By keeping your portions in control you can shed unwanted pounds and improve your health:  Diabetes is better controlled  Heart Disease risk goes down  Improves mobility (less pressure on joints)  Blood pressure goes down

14 How does Simply EZ fit in?? We provide well balanced meals  Variety in each food group  Portions are controlled & follow pyramid recommendations  Sodium controlled & unsalted foods  Calorie controlled to help with healthy weight  Fat controlled for heart health  High fiber for cholesterol and bowel health

15 Simply EZ Home Delivered Meals We work with PASSPORT and deliver foods to you weekly Always updating menus for seasonal changes We work around food allergies/sensitivites Menus are Dietitian approved!

16 Try Simply EZ Home Delivered Meals Simply EZ of Columbus 3593 Interchange Road Columbus, Ohio 43204 Phone: 614-308-1844 Fax: 614-278-9728 Renee Flack? (not sure if you want a name here feel free to change)

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