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Scott’s Run Settlement House Ayo Adelanwa and Leah Gecheo.

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1 Scott’s Run Settlement House Ayo Adelanwa and Leah Gecheo

2 Mission Statement Scott’s Run Settlement House mission (SRSH) is “A place to turn to for Christian care of individual, family, and community needs.” SRSH was founded in 1922 in Osage, WV by the Woman’s Home Missionary Society – Osage: was a poor mining community with poor health care and sub-standard education. – SRSH has been “a place to turn to” for spiritual education, health services, and recreation for the people of Osage and its surrounding communities.

3 Introduction of the agency  Nonprofit social service agency.  offers free and low cost services to at risk and low income clients in Monongalia county area.  programs at SRSH ;  Child development center,  housing rehabilitation  seasonal activities,  emergency assistance food pantry  senior citizen center.

4 Offered Programs Emergency Assistance Food Pantry In operation since 1980 Provides quality food such as bread, canned goods, meat and produce, along with personal care items and cleaning products Serves anyone in need Provides 2 week supply of food

5 Senior Programs Seniors-on-the-Run – Promotes health, wellness, nutrition and recreation among seniors Senior Covered Dish Luncheon – Monthly opportunity for seniors to socialize at a covered dish luncheon Relative As Parents Program – Provides education and support to grandparents and relatives raising other relatives’ children

6 Volunteering at Scott’s Run Volunteer work at the agency – Senior Citizens center – Child Development center Needs of the agency – Seniors are not familiar with: Reading Food labels for Sodium content of foods Preparing nutritious and healthy low- budget meals with pantry items

7 Project design First meeting with supervisor and the discussion of the projects Modified the project according to the supervisor’s program priority – Educating senior citizens on why and how to lower sodium intake

8 Seniors lowering Salt intake For better health. Ayo Adelanwa and Leah Gecheo

9 Salt? Salt goes by different names such as: ◦ Kosher salt ◦ Table salt ◦ Sea salt ◦ Sodium chloride  Whatever name, shape or form salt is in, Salt is still salt and in excess it is bad for your health!

10 Why too much salt is bad for you? The Center for disease control (CDC) advises that consuming too much salt can increase your blood pressure Too much salt in your diet can also increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke High salt intake can increase your risk for kidney failure and early death

11 Sodium and Blood Pressure Blood pressure increases with high salt intake High salt intake results in fluid retention which causes an increase in blood volume

12 Hypertension (HTN) Optimal BP: less than 120/80 mm Hg Hypertension – Sustained systolic pressure >139mm Hg or diastolic pressure >89 mm Hg High salt intake associated with high blood pressure (CDC)

13 Why Control Blood Pressure? Silent disease To prevent – Cardiovascular disease – Poor circulation – Kidney disease – Stroke, decline in brain functions African Americans most at ris k

14 Food Label Sodium content >20% is high

15 Macaroni and Cheese

16 Lunch meats Ham Corned beef

17 Canned foods

18 Bertolli Frozen Meal, Dinner for Two

19 Cut down on salt intake by: Eating out less frequently Avoiding as much as possible all pre-packaged and frozen meals Eating more fruits and vegetables Buying reduced sodium products Reading nutritional food labels for sodium content while grocery shopping Avoiding processed meats like bacon and lunch meats Substituting fresh herbs or pepper for salt Using salt sparingly while cooking or eating If at a restaurant, asking for the nutritional information facts that include sodium

20 Feedback The seniors liked our presentation because it applied to them as well as made sense to them. They were very receptive to the message and were willing to make changes to lower their sodium intake. Leah and I gave them nutritional handouts to help reinforce the message after the presentation.

21 Feedback Based on the response of the seniors and the coordinator, we believe that the program was a success. Upon our final meeting with the coordinator of programs at Scott’s Run, Lisa Mcmorrow expressed how impressed she was with the presentation and the nutritional handout. She thought it was a success!!!

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