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CHALLENGES IN FUNDRAISING BY AN INDIAN NGO: ~ Rose Day ~ 15 th UICC Reach to Recovery - International Breast Cancer Support Conference May 13 - 15, 2009.

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1 CHALLENGES IN FUNDRAISING BY AN INDIAN NGO: ~ Rose Day ~ 15 th UICC Reach to Recovery - International Breast Cancer Support Conference May 13 - 15, 2009 - Brisbane, Australia Y. K. Sapru, Chairman & CEO


3 To raise awareness about faulty lifestyles that can cause cancer. To saves lives of cancer patients through early detection. To cover the cost of treatment through insurance. To provide total support to cancer patients and relatives. To help rehabilitate all cured cancer patients. OUR PHILOSOPHY- Total Management of the Patient & the Disease

4 Traditional Fund Raising Techniques Marathon Art Exhibition Money boxes Online donation Fashion shows Premiers of films Celebrity dinners School collections Salary deductions Corporate donations Newspaper collection Cultural programmes Adopt a Cancer Patient

5 Challenges Faced Other NGOs created similar programmes Stagnation in fund collections Inflation Approaches lost novelty Strategy Followed Market Research done to understand ingredients donors looked for in an NGO 1000 regular donors covered

6 Results NGOs that received the greatest amount of funds were those: Who showed evidence of activities claimed Proper utilisation of funds for selected purpose Total honesty and transparency Professional management Least overheads

7 Action Taken Built CPAA as a brand with the requisite qualities. Year round visits by opinion leaders/ journalists/ donors to view activity areas. National event, ‘Rose Day’ started in 1994 to fulfill both image building and fund collection.

8 Rose Day - Gift a Rose, Gift a Smile” Started in 1994 Aim is to involve larger numbers of the general public who had expressed a desire to ‘do something’ Attempt to reach all cancer patients in hospitals, treatment centers, hospices, shelters in Mumbai. Entertain patients in appropriate manner. Provide useful gifts to adults, fun gifts for children. To raise funds for the day & also for ongoing activities. To sensitise school, college students, corporates & clubs. Rope in celebrities. Spread happiness.

9 Preparation for Rose Day Collecting appropriate gifts from donors-bags with logos of sponsoring corporates to hold the gifts, clothes for women patients, toys for children, lunch boxes, toiletries, chocolates, food grain for patients in shelters, bedsheets, towels, blankets, umbrellas, t-shirts, caps Selling of coupons for small sums of money with a stub to provide a wish and personal message Getting requisite permissions from authorities Identifying celebrities to participate

10 Preparation for Rose Day Larger sums raised through appeals sent along with credit card statements & bank statements. Individual roses with wishes personally signed stapled. Organising appropriate entertainment programmes: - clowns, popcorn & cotton candy machines in children’s OPDs, orchestra in hospice, film shows at shelters, school children’s dance performances.

11 Promotion of the Event High visibility launch by high profile leader/ celebrity/ event Involvement of doctors, hospital administrators Hoardings, bus panels, advertisements, banners at sites around the city Feedback of patients Coverage in media

12 Fund Raising Appeals to banks, corporates, mobile service providers Sponsorship of  Each location  Gifts  T-shirts & caps  Entertainment programmes  Bags with printing of company logos Appeals at petrol pumps Donation in kind to be used as gifts

13 Rose Day Programmes Flower arrangements placed at hospital reception. Groups visit every site and give out gifts, roses, spending time to speak to each patient. Celebrities are escorted and distribute gifts. Entertainment programmes are organised. The day ends with devotional songs at Shanti Avedana Ashram, a hospice.

14 Obstacles Faced Hospitals were not enthusiastic Authorities feared disturbance to patients Disagreement on the type of programme at various locations Celebrity visits caused chaos Not an Indian concept

15 Progress Report Started as a ‘Mumbai centric’ event at a few hospitals, the event is now observed as ‘National Cancer Rose Day’ Launched by the President, the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister in different years Reaches 50 centres all over India

16 Progress Report Gifts sent by CPAA to remote towns Hospitals organise programmes in consultation with CPAA Millions raised during Rose Day and as a result of the brand building created

17 Income generated After a quantum jump of 2½ times, Fund collection increased by 5-10% annually from 1994 to date

18 Guidelines Show evidence of activities claimed Utilise funds for selected purpose Ensure total honesty and transparency Strive for professional management Reduce overheads Involve doctors Prepare early Invite media Connect appropriate gifts to patients Feedback of patients helped to convince people

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