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3 RAINY DAYS & IMPACT DATESITUATION.STEPS TAKEN. 01/09/2014Heavy Rains Started.  District Administration was kept in state of readiness to cope up with any unforeseen situation. . Empty bags provided to guard vulnerable areas  Joint Rescue Operations started for people stranded in Ferozpura Nalla (@ Shrai) and in Hapat Khai Nalla (@ Bela)  Boats (Shikaras) pressed in for evacuation of stranded people.  Establishment of Relief Camps for evacuees in different areas affected.  Advisories issued, and continuous monitoring and visits to the affected and vulnerable areas.  Area- specific Joint Teams of Civil & Police Admin. Setup to avoid any breach and minimise loss to life and property.  Wireless communication system put in to neutralise the impacts of failure in communication lines.  steps were taken to ensure temporary restoration of essential utilities  Water tanker service started. 02/09/2014Heavy & Torrential Rains Contd. 03/09/2014Flash Floods in upper Tributries & Nallas & water Levels increased in River Jehlum. 04/09/2014Flash Floods in Ferozpura Nalla (Tangmarg) Hapat Khai Nalla (Boniyar) Mundari Nalla, Nigli Nalla; Heavy Distruction of Infrastructure, Bridges, Roads, Utilities damaged. 05/09/2014Water levels crossed Danger Mark & caused submergence of many areas at Pattan, Sopore and Magam belt. 06/09/2014Water submergence in many more areas.

4 FLASH FLOODS AREAS AFFECTED  Flash Floods - Occurred in Ferozpora Nalla (Tangmarg); Hapat Khai Nalla (Boniyar); Ningli Nalla and Mundari Nalla.  Caused inundation of various villages viz., Shrai, Ougmuna, Agrikalan, Hard Abura, Bangil Ousan, Heng, Karhama in TANGMARG TEHSIL.  Shrakwara, Wagoora, Vizer, Nilsar in WAGOORA TEHSIL.  Ahmadpura, Malbuchan, Tantraypora, Kongamdara, Hanjiwara,Trikulbal in PATTAN TEHSIL;  Panzipora, Ningli, Hartar, Haigham, Alibagh in SOPORE TEHSIL.  Kangriyal, Triknjan, Bela and Boniyar in TEHSIL BONIYAR.  Narwaw Area in BARAMULLA TEHSIL.

5 FLASH FLOOD IMPACTS  Complete Submergence of Areas between MAGAM to HANJIWERA PAYEEN.  loss of two lives at Hard Abura.  Infrastructural damages--- 92 bridges, 250 roads, 2450 residential and non-residential structures, 234 water supply schemes, some electric lines and Standing Crops/ Fruit Orchards.  Damaged communication system.

6 RESCUE, RELIEF & REHABLITATION AFTER FLASH FLOODS. 25 Shikaras, 04 Motorized Boats were pressed in for rescue operations. Tractors/Tippers were pressed in for evacuation people from inundated areas. Rescue & Relief Camps were established where shelter, food, water & medicines were provided to affected people. 8 people were rescued from Ferozpur Nalla at Shrai and 99 people from Hapat khai Nalla at Bela Boniyar. Reasonable number of Sand bags were provided in such areas for protecting vulnerable breaches.

7 Contd…, Immediately adequate funds were released from Red Cross in favour of Tehsildar Boniyar, Tehsildar Baramulla,Tehsildar Pattan, SDM Sopore for the relief works/ Operation of Community Langar to the tune of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. An amount of Rs 10,000 each were released as relief from Red Cross for the two people who lost their lives at Hard Abura. Immediate restoration of public utilities were pressed in. Tents, Blankets, Medicines, Drinking Water etc., have been provided to affected families in these areas.

8 POST-FLASH FLOOD APPROACH Water levels increased above DANGER MARK at Isham, Sopore and Baramulla after 4th of September with continuous raining/Huge discharges out of Jehlum. Continuous Monitoring:  Regular Co-ordinated visits were made in affected as well as vulnerable areas by Joint Teams of Civil & Police Administration.  Different Teams constituted by the District Administration regularly monitored the flood situation/relief operations in therir respective Jurisdiction on 24*7 basis.  Regular Advisories were issued in Pucblic Intrest via., Radio, DDK and latter on through Local Electronic Media, Mobile PAS and Local Mosques.

9 POST-FLASH FLOOD APPROACH, contd..  Visiting Administrative teams pressed in for educating the people regarding flood situation and prospective evacuation. Monetary Measures:  An amount of Rs 50 lakh has been released under SDRF by Govt. of J&K.  Rs 1 lakh each were immediately released in favour of SDM Sopore and Tehsildar Pattan for operating Relief Camp Kitchen.  Rs 15 lakh for SE R&B, 10 lakh for SE Hydraulics, 2 lakh for PDD have been released for immediate restoration of public utilities.  Rs 15 lakh are at disposal of ACR Baramulla for Relief purposes.

10 Contd… Preventive Measures:  More than 1.5 lakh sand bags were placed in inundated areas comprising of more than 60 villages of Baramulla District from Singhpora to Seer Jagir along the banks of River Jehlum.  250 tents, 250 Blankets have been provided to affected people out of RED CROSS.  Water is being provided through water tankers at all affected places and Relief camps.  1.3 lakh Chlorine tablets have been distributed in affected areas.  15000 ORS packets along with other required Medicines have been distributed.

11 CONTD..., Medical Facilities & Strategy: PHC Boniyar has got inundated and Immediately alternative Hospital has been established in Tehsil Premises. Anesthesia Specialist, Trauma specialists and Surgery Specialists have been attached to serve at District hospital Baramulla to cope up with the additional Patient Care and reduce referrals. The surgery cases have doubled due rush of patients who used to go Srinagar for such services. Shortage of Oxygen cylinders and surgical is the worry factor.

12 RELIEF CAMP DETAILS. Total No. of Villages affected evacuated/ affected. Total Camp Locations. Total No. of Souls being facilitated at the relief camps. Total No. of families Services being provided. 106 villages60Around 35,000 Approx. 7,500 Shelter, water, food, medicine etc.

13 Communication Plan.  A joint Control of All Essential Utility Departments have been established at D.C. Office Complex.  Wireless Control Room at PCR Baramulla have been established.  All officials Incharge of Flood Rescue & Relief Operations have been provided with Wireless Communication system for better Co-ordination and effective relief Operation.  Co-ordinated Civil & Police Communication Plan and Joint Teams have been established in all areas.



16 Department of R & B (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. No.Damaged Infra./Schemes. Quantum.Requirement (lakhs) Final Req. 1.ROADS250407.14Shall be communicated separately. 2.BRIDGES/CULVERTS92467.21 3.OTHERS0315.00 TOTAL 345874.41

17 Department of PHE (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. No.Damaged Schemes/ infrastructure. No. Of Schemes affected. RequirementFinal Requirement. 1.No. Of water Supply Schemes affected. 234889.34Shall be communicated separately TOTAL889.34.

18 Department of I & FC (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. No.Damages.Quantum.Requirement (Lakhs) Final Req. 1.NO. Of Works. 51770.00 Shall be communicated separately TOTAL. 770.00

19 Department of PDD (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S.No.Damaged Infrastructure. RestorationRequirement (lakhs) Final Requirement. 01.Supply Lines & one Receiving Station. Temporarily restored 80% of supply lines. 241.00Shall be communicated separately TOTAL 241.00

20 PMGSY (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. NO.Damaged Infrastructure. Quantum.Requirement (Lakhs) Final Req. 01.Roads and Spills. 55 Roads265.80. Shall be communicated separately TOTAL 265.80.

21 HEALTH SERVICES: (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. No.Damages/ Required Infrastructure Requirements. (Lakhs) Final Requirement. 01.14 No. Of Works or Buildings Damaged. 65.40.Shall be communicated separately TOTAL65.40.

22 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. No.Damages/ Required Infrastructure Requirements: (Lakhs) Final Requirement. 01. 52 Buildings Affected/ Damaged. 144.30.Shall be communicated separately TOTAL. 144.30.

23 DEPARTMENT OF FISHERIES: (Damage/ Requirement for Temporary Restoration) S. No.Damages/ Required Infrastructure Requirements: (Lakhs) Final Requirement. 01. 5 UNITS/ Buildings Affected/ Damaged. 295.00Shall be communicated separately TOTAL. 295.00

24 Damages caused (Residential and Non-Residential Structures) TOTAL VILLAGES AFFECTED No. of Residential Structures Damaged. No. of Non-Residential Structures Damaged Req. Under SDRF, Fully/Severely/Partially. 1715.00 lakhs 10617556951715.00 In addition to above there still many villages inundated/submerged and final assessment thereof is awaited.

25 AGRICUTURE & HORTICULTURTE (TEMPORARY DAMAGE ASSESMENT) DEPARTMENTQuantum of land affectedRequirement (SDRF) AGRICULTURE.75373 Ha.1518.00 Lakhs HORTICULTURE12485 Ha.672.60 Lakhs. TOTAL. 2190.60

26 ABSTRACT: Damage Assessment S.NO. SECTORRequirement for temp. Restoration. (lakhs) REMARKS. 01.R&B889.41 Damages/Assess ment with regard to other sectors like sheep, Animal Husbandry Poultry etc. is awaited. 02.PMGSY217.50 03.PHE889.34 04.I&FC1415.77 05.PDD241.00 06.Health65.40 07.Education144.30. 08.Agriculture & Horticulture.2190.60 08.Fisheries295.00 09.Residential and Non- Residential Structures and No. Of Deaths(02 persons) 1715.00 10.CAPD (3000 Qtls.)30.00 TOTAL 8183.32.

27 POSTIVES:  Co-Ordination between Civil & Police Administration.  Wireless Communication Plan.  Vulnerability mapping of potential breach areas and preventive measures taken thereof at appropriate time.  Immediate restoration of utilities started.  Special camp Directors to Manage Camp activities effectively.

28 WORRY PERESPECTIVES.  Shortage of Petro Chemicals i.e., Diesel, Petrol, LPG, K- Oil.  Oxygen cylinder Shortage in District Hospital.  Shortage of Life Saving Drugs.  Communication lines.  Rising Water levels at Sopore and Baramulla.  Post- Flood Potential Epidemic Threat.

29 SPECIAL THANKS... For efforts.  DIG NKR.  SSP Baramulla /Sopore and their Team.  SDM Sopore/Pattan and their Team.  Tehsildar Boniyar/ Baramulla/Kohie.  SDPO Pattan.  SE R&B/PDD/Hydraulics and their Team.


31 Damages caused at Boniyar.

32 Visit to Mehrajpora Sopore.

33 Evacuation and Interaction : Relief Camp Dewar.

34 People being educated w.r.t Floods at Pattan

35 Water Supply & Protective Bunding Archanderhama.

36 Evacuation & Community Kitchen- A View (Parihaspora Relief Camp).



39 Video Glimpses: 1

40 Video Glimpses: 2

41 Day Wise Video Glimpses:



























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