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Yang Yang, Chinese Arctic & Antarctic Administration NySMAC Arctic Science Summit Week 2014 Helsinki, Finland, April 7 th, 2014.

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1 Yang Yang, Chinese Arctic & Antarctic Administration NySMAC Arctic Science Summit Week 2014 Helsinki, Finland, April 7 th, 2014

2 19 programs for 2014 Section1 : Glaciers related programs(4) Section2 : ecosystem monitoring programs(5) Section 3: programs based on Vegetation Monitoring site (quadrats related )(5) Section 4: Atmosphere, Space Environment Observation(3) Section 5: management (2) Totally 46 personnel

3 Section1 : Glaciers related programs (1) Regular monitoring and studies of glaciers Austre Lovénbreen and Pedersenbreen (2) Glacier investigation using aerial remote sensing system for micro-unmanned aerial vehicles and Autonomous GPS near China Arctic Yellow-river station two micro-unmanned aerial vehicles one electricity powered, one petrol powered one set of ejection rack

4 for taking picures be used for DEM production, landform interpretation, and analysis of glacier flow dynamics at Austre Lovénbreen, Pedersenbreen & Kongsvegen

5 (3) Satellite tracking station maintain and GPR measurement a. Satellite tracking station maintain b. GPR measurement: carry out the ground-based penetrating radar measurement on the glaciers near Arctic Yellow River station, using 100/50/25MHz antennas

6 (4)The comprehensive continuous observations of glacier ice/snow radiation and ocean-atmosphere elements at Austre Lovenbreen net radiation sensor will be used to record upward/downward long wave and shortwave radiation and albedo. The atmospheric temperature, humidity, ice/snow surface temperature and snow depth will also be measured at the same time.

7 (1) Investigation of ecosystem and environment at Yellow River Station area in 2014 including :Biological community structure and diversity investigation at near-shore marine, land soil and freshwater lakes Land ecosystem investigation that includes Physical- chemical properties and Heavy metal content of soil; culturable microorganisms and microorganism diversity investigation Section2 : Ecosystem monitoring programs

8 Physical-chemical properties of near shore marine, land soil, freshwater lakes and atmosphere. Organic pollutants and Heavy Metal at atmosphere, water, soil and organisms

9 (2) Distribution of trace iron and organic matters in the Bayelva River and its adjacent Kongsfjorden in different months Organic and inorganic chemistry investigation to the Bayelva river and Kings Bay Continuous observation at the Bayelva River Perform a continuous observation (with a sampling interval at 2-4 days) at a station in the Bayelva River, which located under the bridge

10 (3) Planktonic ciliate community monitoring in Kongsfjorden at Yellow River Station area in 2014

11 (4) Study on Marine Biodiversity and Marine Natural Product Of Arctic Waters The biodiversity of Arctic benthos will be investigated, not only fishes, but also including polychaete, isopods, sponge. Collect of new Arctic marine invertebrates as new material for developing new medicine

12 (5) Studies on temporal and spatial variations of trace gases fluxes and enzyme activity in high- latitude Arctic tundra The closed chamber for collecting air will be set inside bird sanctuary and is in need of permission.

13 Section 3: Programs based on Vegetation Monitoring site (quadrats related ) (1) Observation of vegetation quadrats and environments in Ny-Ålesund and Longyearbyen Will visit the Norwegian Polar Research Institute and set another four vegetation monitoring sites in Longyearbyen

14 1 2 3 4 3’3’ 4’4’


16 (2) The improvement of resources library for radiation-resistant lichen species from the Arctic In order to construct a perfect resources library for radiation-resistant lichen species from the Arctic, lichen samples will be collected in Longyearbyen and Ny-Ålesund, and their mycobionts and photobionts will be isolated in the laboratory in the Yellow River Station

17 ( 3 ) Study on the diversity of protease-producing bacteria and Trichoderma fungi in areas of Ny- Ålesund and Longyearbyen ( 4 ) The Influence of Arctic Tern and Floral Nectar on Microbial Community Composition in Arctic Plant Quadrats plan to collect soil and floral nectar samples from the established plant quadrats around Ny-Ålesund, bird island and Longyearbyen. The phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) pattern, CLPPs and pyrosequence of samples collected from plant quadrats will be analyzed.

18 ( 5 ) The Investigation of Chiral Organic Chlorinated Compounds collect environmental samples (e.g., soil, sediment) and biota samples for chiral organic chlorinated compounds for obtaining possible source and differentiated environmental behaviors

19 Section 4: Atmosphere, Space Environment Observation ( 1 ) Annual Arctic Yellow River Station Atmosphere, Space Environment Observation a. A fluxgate magnetometer installation at KHO station b. Yellow River station imaging riometer maintenance c. Aurora over-wintering observation

20 (2) Ionospheres' observation The study of characteristics of ionospheres’ scintillations and irregularities over the Yellow River Station Upgrade and maintenance of Ionospheres' Scintillation and TEC measurement system

21 (3) high altitude atmosphere wind measurement by FPI do observation of 557.7nm and 630nm emission of airglow and aurora in Chinese Yellow River station with All-Sky FPI((Fabry-Perot Interferometer) to deduce the 90-250km altitude atmosphere wind velocity with the observation data

22 Section 5: management (1) On-site investigation for the Application of Technical specification for Chinese polar environmental research and assessment project Through conducting on-site investigation, supervision and inspection

23 (2) Observation on the management environmental protection and scientific activities in Ny-Ålesund Interviewing with the local office of The Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee (NySMAC) Understanding detail about the management rules and operational situations of the international scientific activities Interview scientists for further understanding the international cooperation and the relation between scientific research project and the apply to the Arctic governance

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