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CEO Jens Moberg Green Grid Symposion Electricle Vehichles.

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1 CEO Jens Moberg Green Grid Symposion Electricle Vehichles

2 Better Place – the company Founded by Shai Agassi in 2007 $200 million in initial venture capital + 350 USD HSBC Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. R&D in Tel Aviv, Israel Operating companies in Israel, Denmark, Australia About 250 employees globally 2 Better Place is the global provider of electric vehicles services, accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation.

3 Why launch in Denmark Currently advantageous tax system for EV's Climate and environmentally conscious Government Mature in Sustainable energy - 20% wind energy High taxes on cars and petrol Short distances Educated population ready for change 33

4 Paradigm shift 4

5 Better Place Solution Elements 5 Out and about Charge Spots Cost-effective Standards compliant Networked & intelligent User-friendly design Over-the-air upgrades Backoffice Scalable, distributed software architecture supports mass scale messages between end points of charging network, BPLC back-office, and utility interface. In hand, in the car Behind the scenes Driver Services Trip planning Charge scheduling Battery swap scheduling Road-side assistance Battery Switch Convenient Extends range Enables battery life management

6 6

7 Charging when the wind blows 7 AutOS Intelligent charge control Grid management Intelligent charging Control Center Charge plan – follows production of renewable energy Monitor battery level

8 Managing the grid: The challenge of the EV 8 EV charged without intelligent charging Intelligent charging follows highest availability of renewable energy Extra power needed for charging EVs Normal power expenditure If all EVs are charging in peak hours the grid will be utilized dramatically compared to today, hence a new distribution net is required (cost in billions) and coal power would be the only solution to meet the demand.

9 Managed EV Services Ecosystem 9 battery switch stations single-unit residences (smart metering/HAN) multi-unit residences utility office buildings public charge spots utility API charging API EV charge management back office & analytics SCADA energy supply load management system planning EV driver API EV network management LCC retail space power lines 2-way communications EV driver services

10 Better Place EV charging demo at COP15 and deployment of 1K charge spots in Denmark by 2010 Copenhagen street-side charge spots

11 Denmark:BP deployment featured at COP 15 (1000+ CS deployment in 2010) Street-side charge spots CPH Fire Dept. Renault Fluence ZE demo cars Charge location map Service Control Center






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