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By Amlan Aditya Biswas Regional Commissioner Gulbarga, Karnataka (former DEO Bellary) At South Zone Symposium on Best Electoral Practices, Puducherry On.

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1 By Amlan Aditya Biswas Regional Commissioner Gulbarga, Karnataka (former DEO Bellary) At South Zone Symposium on Best Electoral Practices, Puducherry On 22 nd August, 2014

2  Election Expenditure Monitoring  Integrated Approach  Innovations & Counter Innovations  Actionable Intelligence  Achievements  Conclusions

3  Allowed & Dis-allowed Expenditure  ECI’s Instructions regarding Expenditure Monitoring are detailed & comprehensive  For dis-allowed Election Expenditure & MCC Violations :  Expenditure Observer & Team  MCC Control Room  Static Surveillance Teams  Flying Squads  VAGs & WAGs

4  Three Layers of Cash / Goods Distribution  Macro: Movement of Cash & Goods from outside to control points inside the district  Railway : Watch on Stations and their surroundings  Road : Bus Depots & Check Posts at Ingress & Egress points depending on type of election  Air : Mostly through VIPs- Watch Airports & Helipads  RTGS : Camouflaged in business deals with multiple transfers to cover money trail – Monitor Banks  Local Hawala: Carried out through businesses like goldsmiths, jewellers, moneylenders, financers – Monitor potential “hot spots”  Meso: Movement & Stocking of Cash & Goods by Intermediate Managers (say 5 to 10 Booths)  Internal Roads : Monitor Expenditure Sensitive Pockets  Godowns, Shops, Petrol Bunks  Local Hawala : Through cooperative societies, self-help groups, petty financers  Micro: Door to door distribution (1 or more Booths)  Lanes & Bylanes : Patrolling & Video Vigil  Direct distribution : Patrolling & Video Vigil  Integrated System  Actionable Intelligence is the key to effective control  Communication system to disseminate information and avoid “error of source”  Due to commonalities of activities and objectives in the target, the monitoring system needs to integrate L&O, MCC, Allowed Expenditure Control & Dis-allowed Expenditure Prevention

5  Political Agents & Candidates Innovate  Misinformation, crank calls, diversionary tactics, propaganda that District Administration is biased  Voter Identification and delivery method :Markings on houses, Sim Card, Gift Vouchers, Clothes left to dry overnight  Transport Innovations: Milk Vans, Ambulances, Scrap Dealer vans, Water Tankers, Undercarriage of Vehicles  Event Innovations: False Marriages, Birthday Celebrations  Counter Measures: Preventive & Interceptive  CUG based communication network for all WAGs & VAGs  Real Time CCTV Video Surveillance on Sensitive Pockets  Metal Detectors & Under-view mirrors for all check posts  Separate Day and Night WAG & VAG teams, SSTs & FS  Whitewashing of wall markings and checking of containers and clothes outside houses  Training in contraband detection to all personnel  Warnings to all shamiyana contractors, transport contractors, scrap dealers, private ambulances, milk vans etc to refrain from illegal activities and general propaganda that District Administration has special gadgets to detect contraband goods and money  Extensive SVEEP campaign to highlight the illegality of gratification and the honour of voting for good governance

6  Control Centre : Multiple Communication & Broadcast – Wireless, Caller ID Phones, CCTV Monitor, 24*7 Viewing & Analysis Team  MCC Squads, AC Level FS, SSTs, VVTs with Smart Phones  Hobli Level Interceptive & MCC Teams: Mobile First Responders with Videographers & Smart Phones where available  Semi-Mobile GP Level Multi-departmental Preventive & Assessment Teams with Video Camera, CUG facility and GPS locator  Static Day & Night VAGs & WAGs with CUG facility and GPS locator: 700 CUG sims used  Real Time Streaming Video over Internet from 48 Locations in 11 ESPocs of 4 ESCons  Rapid Action Teams linked to ESPocs: 6

7 Streaming Video of ESPocs in Control Room Seizure of Rs.8.52 Crore Bellary: Low Money Flow, High Voter Turnout - The Economic Times, April 20, 2014 Notorious for its electoral malpractices and illegal mining, Bellary is in the news again. This time, though, the talk of the town is the stepped-up vigilance to track election code violators through cameras installed in certain identified locations. - Deccan Herald, April 10, 2014

8  Contraband Seizure : 1 Truck full of Wall Clocks meant for local body elections in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh was seized and based on spot information, photos were sent on WhatsApp to DCP Bangalore which led to seizure of two more trucks  Based on WAG information, house of MLA of Rayadurga (AP) was raided and contraband including Saris, Cricket Stumps were seized  Based on information false birthday celebration being conducted in house of Congress MP Candidate was prevented and MCC case booked  Based on information sent on WhatsApp by a GP level team, a Taluka Panchayat Member was apprehended distributing money to voters  Based on information, AC level FS did stakeout outside a jewellery shop in Hospet and seized Rs 1 crore while it was being transferred to a vehicle  Based on information that some moneylenders are stocking and transporting large quantities of cash through local hawala network, after a quick brain storming network, potential “hot spots” were identified in consultation with police & IT officials. A core team of ARO, Additional SP and a few hand-picked officials was created to monitor. Stake-outs were organized near “Hot spots” and on confirmation, raid was organized with warrant. Rs 8.52 crore was seized and cases were booked. The assistance of IT department and ED was taken as the modus operandi involved “hawala”.

9  Integration of MCC & Expenditure Monitoring with SVEEP due to (a) Overlapping necessities and (b) Indivisible approach of the target  Actionable Intelligence through a comprehensive communication network is more effective  Innovations by Political Agents and Counter- Measures  Database of “Hot Spots”, Agents Provocateurs, Public Booths  Inclusion of ED in list of assisting Agencies along with IT  A reward facility for informants if information leads to seizure and conviction.


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