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Project of Business, Entrepreneurship and Management on developing an innovative business idea Presented by students of B.Com(H) I year section 2 Hans.

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1 Project of Business, Entrepreneurship and Management on developing an innovative business idea Presented by students of B.Com(H) I year section 2 Hans Raj College Faculty- Mrs. Meghna Malhotra


3  Basic Plan -Explore, locate & tie up with local vendors who don’t provide Home delivery. -Initially 4 shops have been finalised- Chacha ke bhature in Kamla nagar, Sharma ki Kachodi, famous Paranthe wali Gali in Chandani chowk and Bitto Tikki Wala. -Main focus- North Delhi -Customers will place orders on our website or via phone as per their convenience.

4 These shops have maintained their reputation, and have served Indian classes and masses for years. But their scale of operation is limited. For e.g.- If a person living in Ashok Vihar want to eat Famous Chacha ke bhature, he would rather drop the idea. Also, customer drops the idea of eating at these food joints because of distance or queues.

5  Customer  Place order at the click of the mouse  No need of standing in queues.  Tasty food at their home at a minimal price.  Clients Expansion of business More customers- increased sales- more revenue Promotion through our website, posters etc.





10  Based on the pin code, customers will get an estimated time of their delivery.  Orders within the specified radius of 6 km from respective shop will be taken.  Minimum amount of order- Rs. 100 Order placement by customers WebsiteOver phone

11 Order received by Operating officer. Information sent to respective Vendor through phone.  After receipt of order, the respective vendor and delivery boy will be informed within next 5 minutes via phone. We will provide each shop vendor with a mobile phone which will be exclusively used for communication with us.  The vendor will fulfil the order within next 10 minutes on a priority basis.  The address of the customer will be immediately send to the delivery boy via SMS.  Customer receives message of order fulfilment and dispatch for delivery

12 In the initial stages 2 delivery boys will be present in each area. Mode of Transportation – Motorcycles Operating officer keeps a track of movement and can ask to wait for other order if in same area Delivery boy intimates of food ready and dispatch- double check on vendor and him Time Limit – 1 hour Delivery boys delivers- tells to officer- gives receipt Customer receives an intimation of completion At the end of the day deposits all his collections in the office

13 Overall Coordinator Supervise and coordinate working of every personnel Operating Officer Receipt and transfer of order Financing Officer Maintain inflow and outflow of cash Customer Care Handle customer queries and grievances Marketing Head manage promotional strategies

14 Product Strategies  Packaging i.Specialised printed polythene bags ii.Name of our company iii.Spill proof iv.Easy to carry

15 1)Facebook and What’s app to be used for the promotion of the website and the phone number of our page. 2)Seminars and meetings will be conducted with offices and showrooms head to enter into agreements with them. 3)For college campus promotion, College ambassadors will be selected and they will be given discount passes so that they can promote the website in their respective colleges. 4)Posters will be used as an effective means of promotion all along the campus. 5)Our firm will sponsor various events in colleges to promote our services and products of our reputed and famous shops.

16 Target Market 1.College Students 2.Office Staff 3.Nearby localities 4.Showroom requirements

17 Estimated time of delivery displayed on the basis of the pin code. Payment gateway- cash or credit card. Past record of each customer to be maintained by software  Recommendations given about dishes on their signing into the website.  Discount and offers given according to past record. It will have a feature of sending automated messages to the customers on completion of each process i.e. – With each message we will advertise products of unrelated companies like of clothing, cars, banks etc. Order Confirmed Order shipped Order Delivered

18 We have our office in Kamla Nagar, and we don’t have any inventory to keep. So no large building space is required to operate. Benefits of having office in Kamla Nagar: REDUCTION IN COSTS: Major advantage of not having location is that it reduces fixed cost for our business. AWARE OF COMPETITORS MOVE: By having the office in KAMLA NAGAR only, we will easily be able to have look at the each and every move of our competitors so that we are prepared in advance to bring in changes as per requirement. OPPORTUNITY TO MANAGE FROM WHEREVER WE WANT TO: Online business enables us to manage the activities from wherever we want to, that means we can manage all around the globe. BENEFITS TO CUSTOMERS: Customers need not travel in the intense heat or through the tough traffic to place orders, they can easily place orders online saving cost and time.

19 Our competitors such as PIZZA HUT(in terms of home delivery), and outlets of HALDIRAMS (in terms of variety offered) are the major competitors of our business. Increasing the range of delivery: what they might try to do is increasing their range of home deliveries. Bringing up with new offers: they will try to attract customers with new offers and schemes. Introduce membership options: they might try to offer the customers with the chance to become a member and avail certain benefits out of it. Coming up with local dishes: our competitors might try to come up with the dishes popular in kamla nagar to counter our plan of local food getting wider reach. Also they may try to add a little bit of innovative touch to the local food to have of a tinge of their brand.

20 Wide range covering : our business offers the customers with home deliveries up to 12 kilometres which is the most by any of the business. Low charges: we charge just 10 rupees / order which is many nominal. Persons desiring home deliveries within an hour are very gladly ready to par 10 rupees extra for an order and we have achieved this extra charge only after surveying this question amongst the persons. Variety: our business comprises of 5 eating outlets including bittu tikki wala, chacha ke chole bhature, tom uncle ki maggie, aggarwal sweets and one of the oldest and famous food from paraanthe waali gali. Thus offering a variety of choices to the persons. All of these outlets are well known for their service for the last several years. Local food: we are offering the customers of kamla nagar and nearby area with the local famous food only which they are a lot passionate about. Campus students liking: as we focus on the north campus area, we need to serve the students of campus area well regarding their likings to prosper and that’s why we have a great chance of success as all of our outlets are very much liked by the campus students.


22 Particulars (In rupees) Basic Software10,000 Customisation through engineering students10,000 Domain name and space (yearly)5,000 Computer (1)40,000 Marketing (initial)5,000 Initial cost5,000 Motorcycles(4*25,000)1,00,000 5 Mobile phones(5*3,000)15,000 Total1,90,000 We will increase each bike a month so we need 50000 more capital for initial three months.


24 20% margin on sales Rs 10 chargeable on each order Rs 10,000 from mobile advertising Rs 20,000 from package advertising

25 ParticularsMonth - 1Month - 2Month - 3 Expected no. of orders 1,3001,7002,000 Average price of each order 125140150 Total Sales1,62,5002,38,0003,00,000 Profit Margins 20% 32,50047,60060,000 Delivery Charge Rs 10 13,00017,00020,000 Mobile Advertisement 8,00010,00011,000 Package Advertisement 17,00020,00021,000 Total70,50094,6001,12,000


27 ParticularsValue (Rs) Delivery Staff (9,000 x 4)36,000 Office Consumables500 Communication Expenses3,000 Operating Officer10,000 Website Management1,000 Rent10,000 Petrol (4 x 2,000) fixed monthly8,000 Bike Maintenance2,000 System Operation9,000 Total79,500


29 ParticularsMonth-1Month-2Month-3 ARevenues70,50094,6001,12,000 BFixed cost79,500 C Packaging 2/order 2,6003,4004,000 DAdditional Cost*-11,50023,000 E=B +C+ D Total Cost82,10094,4001,06,500 F= A-E Profits(11,600)2005,500 * Includes extra cost of delivery boy, petrol and maintenance.


31  Unit contribution margin (CM) approx. 30%  Monthly fixed expenses 91000  B/E= fixed expense / CM% = 91000/.30  Monthly B/E sales= 30333

32 1)We will have debt of 40% of our total capital requirements and the rest 60% will be provided by partners in equal ratio. 2)The Debt-Equity ratio is 2:3.

33 ParticularsInflowOutflow Capital Brought in2,69,500 Startup Expenses1,82,500 Collection From sales1,62,500 Payment to vendors1,30,000 Packaging Expenses2,600 Delivery Charged13,000 Revenues from Advertisement25,000 Fixed Monthly Expense79,500 New Bike25,000 Total4,70,0004,19,100 Cash at the end of first month50,900

34 1. Atishay Jain 2. Nikita Rana 3. Saksham Pandit 4. Shivam Aggarwal 5. Anchal Gupta 6. Himanshu 7. Vikash 8. Akshay Sethi 9. Prakhar


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