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Some ALTAI India Case Studies….. Mahesh Thakur

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1 Some ALTAI India Case Studies….. Mahesh Thakur (

2 HEALTHCARE  Background: A Super Specialty & Anti Cancer Hospital serving national, international patients & Medical Tourism To provide broadband Internet on premium patient floors  and eventually for the entire Hospital  The Problem: No interruption to guests High user experience expectation  The ALTAI WiFi Solution: Fast deployment in hours Savings in Structured Cabling costs Outdoor to indoor and corridor coverage of rooms High availability WiFi with only few C1’s

3 HOSPITALITY  Background: AMAN Resorts, very exclusive 7 Star Resort wanted to deploy WiFi for their room guests spread over 8 acre area HSIA was to be provided seamlessly through out the resort Customers Mandatory Requirement: The WiFi has not to be seen BUT to be felt Heavy foliage and very thick walls were the main challenge  The ALTAI Solution: One A8 and 4 C1s were deployed in discrete areas not visible to the room guests High RSSI was achieved throughout the resort

4 EDUCATION Background  Typical requirements in Indian Universities are:  Requirement for increasing user handling because of high user density in Hostels  Requirement for also covering the rest of the CAMPUS  Requirement for saving cost of Optical Fiber Infrastructure in the CAMPUS  Typically very diverse and enhanced IP network with complex network architecture in place

5 INFRASTRUCTURE Background  HCC is one of the largest and leading infrastructure developer, building highways, toll plazas, sea-links, townships, etc  Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) support for Voice, data and video surveillance infrastructure needed to be developed for Toll Plaza and a 74km & 116Km national express-way sections  A point-point link was to be established for this project  The Air distance for this link was 32.17kms and the customer wanted 26 CCTV cameras and data connectivity on this wireless link

6 INFRASTRUCTURE The ALTAI Solution:  A point-point link was established for this application using ALTAI A2e on 5.825~5.875GHz unlicensed band between a petrol pump and their project office.  The A2e point-point link on this path was working in Near LoS mode as a hill was obstructing the path.  The Fresnel Zone was impaired by 15mtrs. If the A2e link was only working in LoS mode, we would have had to have minimum 60mtrs+ tower heights at both ends  However, this point-point link was established by installing A2e on existing 30mtrs towers at both sites.  We achieved a throughput of 22-24Mbps for their CCTV and data application.  A repeater was also tested at this site office between their project office and the petrol pump for achieving higher throughput

7 CCTV WIRELESS BACKHAUL Background:  3.5 Sq. Km area of Air-feild was under CCTV Surveillance including the perimeter, air-feild and hangars  Real-time CCTV streaming was mandatory by the customer  186 CCTV Cameras with a mix of PTZ, Fixed & Dome Cameras were installed  High cost-overruns if fiber optic infrastructure was to be laid  Not fitting into customer budget  Fast Ethernet over CAT VI was not feasible to cover such a large area  Large Cable runs & complicated switching network  Digging was not feasible  Video performance degrades over CAT VI/RJ-11 Infrastructure

8 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ALTAI Solutions for Current Industrial Automation Projects:  For in-plant areas where there is high EMI and conventional WiFi does not work  We provide IP-55 & IP-67 APs  Industrial Automation Integration:  Internet/Intranet Users  Point of Sale Terminals  Bar Code Readers  Thin Clients  Assembly line based Data Communication units (DCU)  Bar Code Readers  CCTV Cameras  Ethernet/Fiber replacement  Which can be integrated with central SAP Servers or any other platform

9 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION YKK Factory Background:  Barcode Scanners with 802.11bg was required to be integrated in 3 manufacturing plants of YKK, a large and reputed MNC  WiFi Network was to be laid out in the plant areas for workers using barcode scanners  on the move  at different levels of the shop-floor  Through out the manufacturing area  Customer wanted centralized device authentication over this WiFi network The ALTAI Solution:  Only 8 C1s were installed in the entire plant area  150+ Bar-code scanners were working smoothly in NLoS  Service Controller was deployed for centralized authentication and traffic shaping CASE STUDY: YKK Factory, Bawal, Haryana

10 Some India Customers…


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