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4GM MSC Malaysia APICTA 2012 Award. Team Member JUNNYROCK TANKK.

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1 4GM MSC Malaysia APICTA 2012 Award



4 recycle bingo

5 what is recycle bingo? WP apps share

6 technology and tool used Windows Phone SDK Bing Map SDK WCF web services SQL Azure Database Visual Studio 2010 Facebook Developer API

7 windows azure app architecture entity logicsservice logics WCF serviceSQL Azure database

8 who are the users? green horngreen ranger green collector setutilize collect pay

9 special feature call payment loggamification smspost

10 let’s rock

11 why we doing this?

12 problem inconvenient community influences couldn’t foresee the benefit low efficiency for collector

13 by using our application, green horn locate recycle bin easily increase self-awareness influencing the community green collector distance less, petrol less save time and human resource efficient collection create entrepreneurship chance green ranger create a recycling community setup more drop off point gain extra income

14 so we might know, one hand clap makes no noise



17 thanks for watching

18 - Find recycle as an interesting activity - Contribute in saving the world from pollution - Can make recycle as a habit and influence family and friends together - Throw rubbish in a proper way - Avoid from getting fined because of not recycling( in certain countries) -save the environment green horn

19 - Educate others of how to recycle in a proper way - Earn extra income in a more convenient way - Successfully encouraged people to recycle - Competition between rangers could increase the rate of recycle - Create entrepreneurship opportunity for others - Enhance the economy of country - Providing facilities to others so that to counter the laziness of the people to recycle so that they would realize that recycle is just a tick of thumb green ranger

20 green collector - Distance less, petrol less - Save time and effort - Amount of collection would be appending - Business expansion and increase income - Business viability

21 The more recycle bin that setup by Green Ranger, the more easier for Green Horn to find a place to throw their rubbish. With this linkage, people could exhibit their concerns to the world and make recycle as their habits. Besides that, Green Collector can also gain benefit from Green Ranger where they can earn more income as they can collect the recyclables from the Green Ranger more frequently and together with promising amount of collection. Thus, this can lead the Green Collector to earn more in future. By the way, every people could be an entrepreneur as long as they becoming a Green Ranger by setting up the recycle bin. When they are having their own recycle bin, they are not only can collect their own recycle items, but they can also encourage people to throw recyclables into their recycle bin. As a result, Green Ranger can earn more money and recycle more frequently. This is a win- win-win situation where Green Horn can throw their rubbish in a proper way, Green Ranger can earn more extra returns and Green Collector can collect more recyclable items and generate more returns for business. (closing script)

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