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FINLAND country overview.

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1 FINLAND country overview

2 Finland is a Nordic country situated in Northern Europe
Capital Helsinki Total area ,424 km2 Population ,454,444 Total GDP $244.3 billion Currency Euro

3 Most important transit ports and transit borders of Finland
80% of Finnish foreign trade is based on sea transport domestic freight traffic totalled 37 billion tonnekilometres in 2011 - Road transport – 64% - Rail transport – 25% - Waterway transport – 10%

4 Basic sea ports Port of Helsinki is Finland’s main port
Vuosaari Harbour is the main cargo port with excellent transport connections; incoming and outgoing cargo loading and unloading; containerization and recontainerization; Short-term storage and other similar logistics operations. Import: grain, tanning, fur skins and artificial fur, articles thereof, coal, iron, petrol, general cargo. Export: wood, cellulose and paper products, livestock products Container turnover in TEU 2009 – 21669 2010 – 24236 2011 – 23646

5 Basic sea ports Port of HaminaKotka is the
biggest universal, export and transshipment port in Finland. Proximity to the capital 1,100 hectares of port land area 10 port operators Import: machines, equipment, vehicles, coal, iron, general cargo. Export: wood, paper products. Container turnover in TEU 2009 – 2010 – 2011 –

6 Basic sea ports Port of Turku is the leading Finnish port in Scandinavian traffic. five daily connections between Turku and Stockholm   daily connections from Turku to Germany daily connections to England and to ports at the North Sea. Import: general cargo, salt, coal, fur skins and artificial fur, articles thereof, petrol, combustive energy products. Export: paper, agricultural products, faience, granite, copper, copper sulfide, cast iron, fur skins, fish, eggs, oil. Container turnover in TEU 2009 – 118 2011 – 5 2010 – 16

7 Helsinki – Vantaa Airport
Is the main international airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region and the whole of Finland. It is located in Vantaa, Finland, about 5 kilometres west of Tikkurila, the center of Vantaa, and 17 kilometers north of Helsinki city center. It is the fourth largest airport in the Nordic countries having 1,500 companies who operate at this airport. Helsinki freight turnover statistics Loaded/Unloaded freight and mail (tons, kg) Helsinki Airport Year Domestic freight Domestic mail International freight International mail Total freight and mail Change 2005 4,692 5,251 115,734 9,627 135,303 +1.9% 2006 4,145 5,469 126,332 9,098 145,044 +7.2% 2007 3,171 5,676 139,840 14,961 154,801 +6.7% 2008 2,968 4,435 140,572 9,532 157,508 +1.8% 2009 1,322 2,161 110,382 8,243 122,107 -22.5% 2010 1,083 1,992 147,139 7,793 158,007 +29.4% 2011 615 2,464 157,178 9,962 169,985 +8.0% 2012 1,747 1,930 180,426 8,100 192,204 +12.8%

8 Our possibilities and services
We provide services on all logistics operations, ranging from internal delivery of  goods within the country, distribution and storage services to multimodal international transportations.  Our goal is to provide most efficient logistic solutions considering requirements and wishes of our clients or partners. We want to simplify business by offering  in-depth knowledge of the regional peculiarities and to ensure that the service we provide is of high quality with competitive rates.  Our professionals have many years of experience in working with companies, that export to Russia and they will help you to solve the most difficult logistical problems, as well as organize most optimal variant for delivery of your cargo.

9 Air Freight Our advantages Air import
Air customs working hours, 24/7 ! Express delivery to SPb with the cargo registration in Svetogorsk Considerable clients’ money savings in cargo handling on the customs terminal in Vantaa Air import Weekly delivery from - Taipei kg (2-5 HAWB) - Shanghai kg - Hong Kong Air cargo transportation from Finnair and Servisair to the warehouse during the day of cargo arrival without filling Т1. Warehouse can move cargo with Finnair using lift. Clients money economy during air cargo handling in the airport zone.

10 Multimodal Deliveries
Door-to-door” delivery (any terms of delivery Incoterms 2010) including customs clearance in Saint-Petersburg: 2 times a week loading (Monday, Thursday) Possible customs clearance on week-ends Delivery from Helsinki to Saint –Petersburg in 1-2 days Customs clearance without load off, freight handling to the broker warehouse Delivery to Moscow in one working day Preferable goods - Electronic components(resistors, connectors, transistors) - Servers and its components - Construction materials - Timber houses (Honkalalot, Кontio) - bra/lamps Cargo volume starting from 1 kg up to project shipment including several cars

11 Multimodal Deliveries
Urgent cargo delivery in trucks up to 3500 kg carrying capacity Helsinki – Saint Petersburg - Computer components delivery from warehouse to warehouse including customs clearance in Svetogorsk on the Finno-Russian border in 24 hours. Delivery from any European country to Finland (Vantaa), from Finland to Russia (Saint-Petersburg/ Moscow) – LTL or FTL shipments. Transit time is up to 10 days from Europe to customs point in Russia. LTL shipments from Europe to Helsinki warehouse including EX 1 registration (all export paper formalities arrangement) - Total volume of LTL cargo delivered from Europe is kg per year - LCL shipments from Asia to Finland - Requesting a sea freight in Finland there are significant savings in local port charges and terminal handling in Helsinki (Freight Collect). LTL shipments to Saint Petersburg - Daily shipments

12 Long term unrestricted transit cargo warehousing
Our warehouse is situated in Vantaa (Finland) in the international airport Helsinki Vantaa which allows to get the air cargo in a short term period from Finnair Cargo and Servisair Cargo fro further transit. We offer: Long term unrestricted transit cargo warehousing Total area of 2000 sq.m. Cargo starting from 1kg. Lift trucks with cargo-carrying capacity up to tons.

13 Warehousing Paper formalities in accordance with Finnish and Russian customs standards - EX-1 (for any European exporter) - CMR, TIR, electronic TIR, EAD - Import declaration - Temporary import - Import handling and export customs formalities - Phytosanitary Certificate for perishable cargo - Transit south passport Т1

14 Warehousing Express delivery
Purchase and sale possibility. 1-3% from the cargo price Express delivery Express delivery from any part of the world to Finland warehouse Express delivery from Finland to Russia under TIR CARNET, customs clearance in Russia. Transit period – 24 hours to St. Petersburg and 48 hours to Moscow from the moment of arrival to our warehouse.

15 Warehousing Onshore warehouse Air warehouse Total : 440 euro
Air cargo warehouse handling rate example Helsinki – Vantaa 12m3 / 1500kg Onshore warehouse Air warehouse THCD (0,14euro/kg) – 210 euro Т1 – 50 euro min Freight – 180 euro Total : 440 euro THCD (0,14 euro/kg) – 210 euro Т1 – 0 Customs cargo registration - IM A – 15 euro Cargo delivery to warehouse 0,07euro/kg 105 euro Total: 330 euro

16 ACEX Finland CEO Nikita Kovalevski Sales Department Julia Nikiforova
Sales Manager Aleksey Luvsan

17 Our contacts ACEX Group (Finland) 4 C, Äyritie,
FI-01510, Vantaa, Finland Tel./Fax:   CEO Nikita Kovalevski Tel.: Sales Department Julia Nikiforova Tel.: Sales Manager Aleksey Luvsan

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