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The History of The European Automobile Called the Benz.

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1 The History of The European Automobile Called the Benz

2 The man who made the first European Automobile was Karl Benz in 1885 It was built in Mannheim, Germany He started selling the European Automobile in 1888. In 5 years Karl Benz sold 25 European Automobiles between 1888-1893, that is an average of 5 per year. In August 1888, Karl Benz wife Bertha Benz test drive his invention to show it worked on the road. By 1899 Karl Benz was making 572 European Automobiles per year. Founder Karl Friedrich Benz 1844-1929 European Automobile

3 History of the Benz First Road Trip Bertha, Benz Karl Benz’s wife, took the first road trip in her husbands automobile on August the 5th 1888. Bertha travelled kilometres from Mannheim Germany to Pforzheim Germany to visit her mother and Bertha’s children went with her. Along the way Bertha had to do a lot of different repairs both technical and mechanical changes, plus Bertha had to fill up with petrol heaps of times as the petrol tank was smaller than today’s tanks. Bertha invented the brake liner, after going down some steep hills she had a shoemaker nail leather onto the brake blocks. Today they still celebrate this road trip by having an old car rally every two years.

4 The 1885 Benz Patent Automobile Three Wheels Tubular Steel Frame Electric Ignition Gas/Petrol engine Water cooler combustion engineTop Speed was 13 km/h

5 Benz to Benz 1885 Benz Patent Motorwagon Top speed 13 km/h 3 wheels Single cylinder engine 1600 cc engine Steel tube frame No airbags Open car Maximum 2 people 2011 E Class Saloon Top Speed 240 km/h 4 Wheels 4 cylinder engine 2143cc engine Sheet Steel Front airbags, curtain airbags Closed in car Maximum 5 people

6 2011 E Class Saloon 4 Wheels Windows Top Speed 240 km/h Petrol Engine

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