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Land: 21,900 km Population: 6.7$ million GDP: 103.7$ billion GNI per Capita : 16020$ Land: 756,950 km Population: 15.8$ million GDP: 72.4$ billion GNI.

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Presentation on theme: "Land: 21,900 km Population: 6.7$ million GDP: 103.7$ billion GNI per Capita : 16020$ Land: 756,950 km Population: 15.8$ million GDP: 72.4$ billion GNI."— Presentation transcript:

1 Land: 21,900 km Population: 6.7$ million GDP: 103.7$ billion GNI per Capita : 16020$ Land: 756,950 km Population: 15.8$ million GDP: 72.4$ billion GNI per Capita : 4390$ 17,000 Km 2 2

2 NORTH Tourism Mining Agriculture Fishing TunaSeafood Merlin Algui Sea bass Fishmeal Sardines

3 CENTER Tourism Bioresearch Industry Fishing Wine Fruit Mining Meat Tuna Squid Merlin Seafood Sea bass Deep Sea Fish Pelleting

4 SOUTH Fishing Industry Agriculture Tourism Gas Wool Cattle Oil Salmon Krill Trout Seafood

5 Population: 428,594 people Capital: Iquique Climate: Desert IGP: 3.6% of the countries Economy: Minerals, Tourism, fish and industrial manufacture Products: Copper, iodine, fish meal, salt, motor vehicles, chassis, anchovies Investments opportunities : aquiculture, minerals, tourism Population: 493,984 people Capital: Antofagasta Climate: Desert IGP: 7.8% of the country Economy: Minerals, energy and construction Products: Copper, gold, potassium nitride, Iodine, carbonated lithium. Investment opportunities : aquiculture, tourism and services for the mineral Industry Regions Region I Tarapaca Population: 254,336 people Capital: Copiapo Climate: Desert IGP: 1.9% of the country Economy: Minerals, agriculture and fish Products: Copper, gold, grapes, olives, seaweed, clams, crevalle jack Investments opportunities : aquiculture, tourism Region III Atacama Region IV - Coquimbo Population: 603,210 people Capital: La Serena Climate: Desert IGP: 2.4% of the country Economy: Minerals, agriculture, fish, tourism and “astronomy tourism” Products: Papayas, pisco, olive oil, clams, precious stone. Investments opportunities : Vegetables, flowers, vines, olive cultivation, tourism Region II Antofagasta

6 Population:1,861,562 people Capital: Concepcion Climate: Moderate climate and rain IGP: 9.7% of the country Economy: Forestry, industry, electricity, fish Products: wood, petrol, fish meal, crevalle jack, frozen fish, paper, transport items, plastic, cement, textile, clothing, footwear, glass, ceramics Investments opportunities : high-tech, forestry industry, tourism Population:908,097 people Capital: Talca Climate: Mediterranean IGP: 3.8% of the country Economy: Agriculture, forestry, industry, electricity Products: Cellulose, wine, apples, grapes, paper, tomato sauce Investments opportunities : wine, infrastructure, tourism, agro industry Population: 780,627 people Capital: Rancagua Climate: Moderate climate IGP: 4.4 Economy: agriculture, minerals, commerce and industry Products: copper, meat, vegetables, drink, wine, apples, grapes, tomato sauce Investment opportunities : infrastructure, real- estate, services and tourism Population:1,539,852 people Capital: Valparaiso Climate: Moderate climate IGP: 8.9% of the countries Economy: Port, industry, agriculture, construction and tourism Products: Copper, tobacco, petrol and derivatives, vegetables, cement, candy, plastic, non alcoholic beverages Investments opportunities : tourism, infrastructure, cultural projects and commerce. Regions Region V - Valparaiso Region VII Maule Region IIX Biobio Region VI O’Higgins

7 Population:150,826 people Capital: Punta Arenas Climate: Moderate cold, arid plains and ice. IGP: 1.4% of the country Economy: Minerals, industry, cattle, fish, tourism Products: petrol, gas, seafood Investments opportunities : cattle slaughter, tourism, service, energy Population: 1,073,135 people Capital: Puerto montt Climate: … IGP: 4.9% of the countries Economy: agriculture, forestry, fish, industry Products: salmon, trout, wood, lactates, potatoes, oats Investment opportunities : infrastructure, tourism, cellulose, wood industry Population:869,535 people Capital: Temuco Climate: Mediterranean to moderate rainy IGP: 2.6% of the countries Economy: Agriculture, forestry, tourism Products: lactates, wood, furniture, oats, barley Investments opportunities : real-estate, infrastructure, flowers, tourism, seeds wood industry Population:91,492 people Capital: Coihaique Climate: Cold and wet, arid and icy IGP: 0.6% of the country Economy: Cattle, forestry, tourism, fish Products: salmon, trout, Melrose, wood Investments opportunities tourism, infrastructure, aquiculture, forestry, hydroelectricity Regions Region IX Araucania Region XI Aisen Region XII Magallanes Region X de los Lagos

8 Population: 6,038,974 people Capital: Santiago Climate: Moderate IGP: 47.8% of the country Economy: Industry, financial sector, services, commerce Products: machinery and equipment, cement, plaster, vegetables, paper, textile, food, drinks and services Investment opportunities : commerce, tourism, financial services, transport, communication, urban renovations Region Metropolitana

9 PRODUCTION Num. 1 producer of Copper Num. 1 producer of Iodine Num. 1 producer of Lithium Number 1 producer of Salmon

10 EXPORT PRODUCTEXPORT in million us$ Fruit600 Avocado30 Wine700 Salmon1150 Forestry2301 Copper6274

11 ECONOMY CPI UNEMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE RATE Transparency ranking : 20 Growth (2005) : 5.9%


13 CHILE & ISRAEL Ease of...Israel Chile Doing Business2925 Starting a Business1223 Dealing with Licenses8335 Hiring and Firing5837 Registering Property13430 Getting Credit1232 Protecting Investors636 Paying Taxes9763 Trading Across Borders1142 Enforcing Contracts10341 Closing a Business3882

14 ISAELI COMPANIES IN CHILE  Bank Hapoalim  Bank Discount  Bank Leumi  Plastro Gvat  Israel Avionic Industry  Elbit  Netafim

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