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JSM Developments Ltd Petrol Forecourt Engineers Fuel Quality Analysis, Polishing and Fuel Storage Services.

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1 JSM Developments Ltd Petrol Forecourt Engineers Fuel Quality Analysis, Polishing and Fuel Storage Services

2 Key Facts  Government legislation will increase Bio Ethanol content multiplying contamination risk - EU plan to increase  Bio-fuel composition encourages rapid growth of microbes and fuel separation  Fuel must exist in a single phase to avoid engine problems  Bio Ethanol instantly attracts H 2 O and increases contamination risk  Un-maintained storage tanks are ideal breeding environments for microbes  Increased risk of infrastructure failure leading to reactive cost and lost revenue  More now then ever fuel integrity resides with the retailer  Ever increasing risk of legal action from end user  Critical to ensure fuel and tank integrity and cleanliness

3 The Breeding Ground of Life H2OH2O Bacteria O2O2 H2OH2O More Bacteria CO 2 Bio Diesel - Risk  Conventional Diesels hold typically 60ppm suspended H 2 O  Bio Diesels can hold 1,500ppm suspended H 2 O  Colony Forming Units (CFU’s) exist on the phase between H 2 O and the fuel  Jelly fish like bacteria growths eventually drop to form a bio film and sludge  Bacteria breakdown the carbon chains reducing the combustible properties  Breakdown by-product sulphuric acid leads to infrastructure corrosive attack  Resultant poor performing pumps and infrastructure damage  Increased infrastructure repairs and pump outages

4 The Breeding Ground of Life Bio Petrol - Risk  To avoid engine issues fuel must exist as a single phase  Ethanol is hydroscopic and will instantly attract H 2 O causing phase separation  Separation layer of water and ethanol will lay in the tank bottom just above sludge layer  Separation layer will increase over time  Without removal contamination will be delivered through the pumps  Serious end-user issues etc. 97% of all tanks tested held water

5 Biomass Fuel Contamination Bio Bug Buster Suspended Bio Bug with water Bio Bug with water Ethanol separation from the fuel with tank sludge

6 Fuel Polishing with Unique 6 Month Guarantee  A custom built mobile tank cleaning and fuel bio contamination filtration polishing system  System developed to remove H 2 O and Bio contamination with the patented 4 micron absolute filters ensuring the fuel is cleaned and conditioned for prolonged life. ISO cleanliness levels of 14/13/11 or better  A 6 month guarantee with a fuel quality certificate awarded after fuel polishing is confirmed successful – no other supplier offers a guarantee Bio Bug Buster

7 Onsite Analysis  Onsite analysis for H 2 O content and contamination levels  Tank and dispenser samples to ensure accurate analysis  Fuel samples before and after the polishing process to prove results and certified levels of fuel cleanliness  Measures particulate and H 2 O contamination levels  CCTV inspection of tank Bio Bug Buster

8 A Preventative or Reactive Service  Tailored Maintenance Contracts available for:  Water and fuel contamination analysis  Both analysis options and fuel polishing  Preferential response and down times  A 24 hour reactive and emergency response service:  Fuel contamination analysis  Fuel polishing Bio Bug Buster

9 Summary  Storage issues and risks with bio fuels will only increase  Preventative maintenance is the safest and most cost effective solution  Reactive maintenance is costly and results in lost revenue and un-budgeted costs  Protection against end-user claims certify your storage infrastructure Bio Bug Buster The cost of prevention is less than the cost of rectification JSM Developments Ltd

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