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Cultivate Talent Overcoming Resistance to Change Using Push and Pull Approach.

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1 Cultivate Talent Overcoming Resistance to Change Using Push and Pull Approach

2 Cultivate Talent Objectives Gaining Buy In – Lone Nut or First Follower? Push Pull Change Process – Relationships – Clarity – Engage – Environment – Delivery Clarity - Your Self Assessment

3 Cultivate Talent Are you the lone nut? Or are you the First Follower? To get change you need to get your key followers onside

4 Cultivate Talent Relationships are changing the way we do business Command and Control New ways to get things done

5 Cultivate Talent Push and Pull Influencing Styles

6 Cultivate Talent Clarity – Sense of Purpose Create a burning platform Create an attractive future

7 Cultivate Talent Clarity – New goals and strategy Set and get buy-in to new goals Shift belief and identity

8 Cultivate Talent Clarity – Ways of Working What are we passionate about? Agree behaviours and values

9 Cultivate Talent ARCADIS UK Grown by acquisition and had no clear identity Had to lose 300 of 800 people in the UK business Engaged 50+ key people across the UK to:- Understand the culture What needs to be fixed New identity and culture ID improvement projects IT project key to process

10 Cultivate Talent

11 Cultivate Talent Our Purpose is: “To proactively identify and deliver projects that add real value to the business” Overall change objective: “Move from being a cost centre to being a business service centre”

12 Cultivate Talent Our job (purpose): “Is to get 39 trains into service every day” Bombardier Transportation, Victoria Line

13 Cultivate Talent Clarity – Creating open leadership Drive leadership from top Empower self leadership

14 Cultivate Talent Engage – Creating followers Launch key change initiatives Celebrate what’s worked

15 Cultivate Talent Engage – Communicate at all levels Constant communication Identify the key role models

16 Cultivate Talent Engage – Teaching and Coaching Coach your talent to deliver Highlight failings, debrief, act

17 Cultivate Talent Environment – Process and Networks Re-design to get enabling processes and procedures Build effective human networks and innovation

18 Cultivate Talent Environment – Innovation and Structure Establish right structures Create freedom to innovate

19 Cultivate Talent Environment – Frame and Empower Empower people to act Provide support to perform

20 Cultivate Talent Delivery – Align Strengths and Skills Make better use and application of strengths Improve key skills required and address weak areas

21 Cultivate Talent Delivery – Accountability and Measures Have clear KPI’s signposted Be outcome focused

22 Cultivate Talent Delivery – Drive for Results Raise team performance Results only work environment

23 Cultivate Talent Clarity – Your Self Assessment Do you have clarity for change, your project or team? – Vision and Purpose? – Agreed goals/deliverables? – Agreed ways of working? – Aligned to other teams? – Desired reputation?

24 Cultivate Talent Recap on what change needs…. The “First Followers” Clarity: sense of purpose, agreed goals and deliverables Engagement: key players, empower, motivate, flex your styles Environment: framework to allow people to succeed Delivery: focus on outcomes and results

25 Cultivate Talent Are you a Lone Nut or a First Follower? Interested in taking action? 1:1 session PM Today Follow up call/meeting Adrian Woodstock Cultivate Talent

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