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EcoTex Implementation and Management It’s Sold…….Now What?

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1 EcoTex Implementation and Management It’s Sold…….Now What?

2 Keys to Success Education Continue to Build Relationships Continue to Manage Personalities Recap Goals and Expectations Avoid Pitfalls, We all can Learn from Mistakes Become “The Ozone Guy” Stories From The Trenches Your Expectations of CWT Crystal Ball

3 Education Continue To Educate Yourself –The Market –The Product –The Customer

4 A Word About Relationships Under Promise and Over Deliver Do The Right Things Be A Boy Scout (Be Trustworthy) Trust Is Earned Trust Delivers REFFERALS REFFERALS Grow Business

5 Manage Personalities Housekeeping Manager Chemical Provider Decision Maker EcoTex Distributor Facility Engineer CWT

6 Manage Personalities - Continued Decision Maker –Follow Up Calls Wash Quality ROI The “Chemical Guy” –Work On Wash Quality Issues Together –Communicate Often Facility Engineer / The Laundry Manager –How Can You Make Their Life Easier? –Help Them Reach Their Goals

7 Goals and Expectations Goals and Expectations Discussed During the Sales Process –Recap –Are They Understood –Are They Being Met

8 Avoid Pitfalls Make sure EVERYONE is on Board. Are there “other agenda’s” Misinformation The “Chemical Guy will do it” Failure to Document Savings Failure to Follow up or Maintain “The Canary” The Negative Pressure Syndrome

9 Avoid Pitfalls - Continued “Darryl tried that ozone and he said it don’t work atoll” Over sell and under deliver To titrate or not to titrate Ozone doesn’t cure poor laundry room practices Washer equipment does not work properly It worked just fine until the ozone was installed Yellowing linen - Understand Wash Quality

10 Become The “OZONE GUY”

11 Stories From The Trenches Engineer @ Apple Farm Chemical Guy From Hell Mystery Wash Quality Issues Deceptive Competitors Be Prepared For The Long Haul

12 Your Expectations of CWT How Can We Help You How Can We Earn Your Trust How Can We Make Your Life Easier What Are Your Goals And How Can We Help You Reach Them

13 CWT’s Crystal Ball Our Vision –Ozone Laundry Task Force Regulatory Cook Book - Formulas and Chemistry –White Papers / Articles –Sales Video EcoTex Process Interviews Referrals Quotes Install Pictures

14 CWT’s Crystal Ball - Continued Innovation Never Stops –But At What Price? –Will The Market Accept It? –Is It Manageable –And A Plethora Of Considerations –The Key Is To Provide A Solution To Fill A Need

15 What Are We Missing

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