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Introducing CareSuite by QuickMAR

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1 Introducing CareSuite by QuickMAR
2014 Welcome! My name is ______________________________ from ________________________________. I am pleased to bring you today’s presentation, providing an overview of the outstanding value QuickMAR delivers within long term care settings, including to residents, staff and management of assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, group homes, and correctional facilities, as well as the pharmacies that service them.

2 QuickMAR CareSuite Value
“QuickMAR CareSuite revolutionizes resident care, safety and LTC staff efficiency through a simple & reliable software solution.” QuickMAR’s value can be effectively summarized as follows: “QuickMAR revolutionizes resident care, safety and LTC staff efficiency through a simple & reliable software solution.”

3 Proven Market Leader #1 in Market Share
2012 MHA Survey of Independent LTC Pharmacies Greatest Facility & Pharmacy Network Nearly 600 Contracted Pharmacies Nationally Multiple sites added daily Greatest Market Presence Live in 48 States & International eMAR is not a commodity. Not all systems are created equally. Many QuickMAR customers have already experienced 1, 2 or even 3 failed attempts to deploy competing eMAR systems, however, once they come to QuickMAR, they are amazed at its simplicity and reliability. In fact, nearly 100% of those that try it, stay on QuickMAR and never return to paper or leave for another competing system. One customer recently proclaimed: “QuickMAR! THANK YOU! I can’t believe we used to use paper!” QuickMAR boasts the broadest network of pharmacies in the business with nearly 600 contracted pharmacy partners nationally. QuickMAR is compatible with almost all pharmacies, by interfacing with over 3 dozen separate pharmacy software systems. QuickMAR is the most widely used dedicated eMAR in the market with multiple new facilities deploying QuickMAR every single day.

4 Rapidly Expanding Value / Product Footprint
QuickMAR Care Suite Modular & Configurable QuickMAR’s Trademark Unified Workflow eMAR ADLs Inventory Behavior Tracking Charting Notes ePrescribing (additional charge) Going well beyond a best-in-class eMAR solution, QuickMAR customers can replace several other paper process with QuickMAR Care Suite’s optional modules, such as ADL Tracking, Inventory Tracking, Behavior Tracking, Charting Notes and ePrescribing. Key features include Electronic Messaging, Customizable Facesheet, Receive/Dispose of Meds, Cycle Fill Check-in, Bar Code Scanning, Alerts for late or missed meds, Management Dashboard accessible anywhere anytime. Each year, 2 major software releases add significant enhancements, allowing QuickMAR to maintain a competitive edge and reward customers with ever-increasing value.

5 Mobile QuickMAR (iPad, Android, Windows RT)
In response to customer requests, QuickMAR is also now available for Internet-connected devices such as iPad and Android tablets.

6 QuickMAR Advantages EFFICIENCY
Faster Med Passes (30%-50%) No recap / changeover Cycle fill reduced from hours to minutes Simple to learn & use Easier than paper MARs or even other eMARs Management Dashboard Remote / Regional / Corporate Access MMT Confidential

7 QuickMAR Critical Success Factors
SIMPLE to Use Touch Screen Enabled Bar Code Scanning Unified Workflow FLEXIBLE Configuration Configurable Settings & Menus Adaptable across facility types & various states RELIABLE - Best in Class Architecture Exclusive MedAssure Technology Highly Fault-tolerant Windows PC with access to the Internet (WiFi Optional) CONNECTED QuickMAR’s popularity with customers and leadership in the market is driven by a mastery of the factors vital to successful implementation and adoption an eMAR solution: 1.) QuickMAR is SIMPLE. Anyone who can rent a movie at the RedBox DVD kiosk has the technical skills required to pass meds with QuickMAR. In fact, the workflow is nearly identical. Also, the only equipment, required is a Windows-based computer that can connect to the Internet. 1D and 2D Barcode scanning of meds at the point of care is optional, but highly recommended for increased accuracy and efficiency. For greater ease of use, a touch screen is another popular option for QuickMAR users. 2.) QuickMAR is FLEXIBLE. QuickMAR is in use in nearly every state nationally and works effectively across the many varied regulatory environments. QuickMAR CareSuite can be easily configured for various levels of care, such as group homes, assisted living or skilled nursing or other long term care settings. Connecting to dozens of pharmacy software systems and various clinical packages allows QuickMAR to be implemented in nearly any LTC environment. 3.) QuickMAR is rock-solid RELIABLE. Caregivers experience virtually 100% uptime on QuickMAR, since MedAssure overcomes network failures, Internet failures or even if servers in our world-class data center were to temporarily go down. Caregivers can continue to pass meds using QuickMAR for up to 7 days, while connectivity issues are resolved. 4.) Due to QuickMAR’s low start-up costs and simple architecture, you can normally be up and running on QuickMAR in just a few weeks. Some motivated pharmacies have rolled-out QuickMAR to as many as 20 facilities in a single month! This enables QuickMAR to add value right away to even the largest chains.

8 Beyond the pharmacy and into facilities, the QuickMAR-ready program represents a rapidly growing network of software vendors integrating with QuickMAR to enhance the value they already provide to long term care facilities, by working with QuickMAR, as the market leader. QuickMAR is committed to work with any market-leading clinical software packages to provide end user customers with a wide range of best-in-class choices to form a complete integrated solution.

SOFTWARE USAGE DB SOFTWARE LICENSE TECHNICAL SUPPORT UPGRADES PHARMACY TRAINING DATA CENTER BACK-UPS SECURITY DATA STORAGE FACILITY TRAINING NO HIDDEN COSTS NO COSTLY SERVERS NO START-UP COST PER FACILITY NO MONTHLY COST PER FACILITY NO MAINTENANCE FEES NO SUPPORT FEES NO LICENSE FEES In addition to a low one-time pharmacy start-up fee, the only other standard charge is for an ongoing monthly fee per active resident, whose care is managed with the QuickMAR Caresuite software. We normally invoice the pharmacy, who in-turn invoices the facility for monthly fees. We try to keep our pricing simple and predictable. Much like our software and our customer service-focused team of professionals!







































48 Tabs down the left margin show detailed views of key metrics
Tabs down the left margin show detailed views of key metrics. The first is a real-time view of the Med Pass Progress, with an hour-by-hour break-down of orders due vs. orders remaining and resulting percent complete.

49 As the pharmacy enter orders into their software, it is automatically sent over the interface to QuickMAR. These orders, and others created manually in QuickMAR by authorized staff at the facility, appear in the Management Dashboard to approve for the med pass. MMT Confidential

50 Any late orders not only show on the individual Caregiver’s screen, but are also rolled-up into and aggregated management view of all late orders across all med carts. Managers can also review key metrics on a cart-by-cart level for additional clarity.

51 Review exceptions from today, yesterday, 3, and 7 days ago to better identify trends or patterns of concern.

52 Managers have a dynamic facility-wide view of any PRN’s given.

53 QuickMAR contains a messaging system, like a closed-circuit system. Messages may be sent between pharmacy and facility, or internally within the facility to individuals, or everyone within a specific role, such as Caregivers. Unread messages are gathered into a Management Dashboard screen for monitoring and review.

54 As Caregivers are able to submit re-orders directly to Pharmacy from within the Med Pass, Managers can review all reorders and monitor their status within the pharmacy’s workflow.

55 Managers can even identify if the computer on any med cart is currently in an offline state. Although still able to pass meds while offline, management will likely want to be aware of and quickly resolve any potential technical issues.



















74 The traditional MAR is cleanly laid-out, complete and fully legible.

75 One particularly useful report is the Physician’s Orders report which includes the resident’s entire regimen, complete with Routine Meds, PRNs, Treatments, Vitals, non-charting orders, and a signature block to be signed-off by a nurse and/or physician. MMT Confidential

76 In addition to the excellent Help file included in QuickMAR, Caregivers, Supervisors and even Administrators can easily learn how to use QuickMAR on their own, by using QuickMAR University, an included online library of video tutorials for all aspects of using QuickMAR. A link to QuickMAR University is available right on QuickMAR’s main menu. QuickMAR University greatly assists with temps, and high turnover common in this industry.

77 As an extension of the QuickMAR platform, QuickMAR’s new mobile client allows applicable modules to be used on Internet connected devices, since as iPad and Android tablets.

78 Passing Meds with mobile QuickMAR uses the same familiar workflow as QuickMAR CareSuite

79 QuickMAR is optimized for a touch screen with large, simple selections.

80 Simply touch each tile to select the corresponding med.

81 A familiar confirmation screen follows

82 Another highly useful feature of mobile QuickMAR is the management dashboard, no liberatingly portable!

83 Management can monitor med pass progress and other key metrics from their office, home, or anywhere they can access the Interenet.

84 Record treatments with mobile QuickMAR

85 ADL’s are another favorite use for mobile QuickMAR.

86 QuickMAR’s trademark workflow is used throughout.

87 Mobile QuickMAR supports the same ADL functionality as the Windows client.

88 Presto! Results are recorded in simple QuickMAR style.

89 However you decide to implement QuickMAR CareSuite, great value will follow, in the form of improved efficiency and quality of care.

90 John Purnell VP, Sales (888) 340-9866, option 1
We look forward to helping revolutionize the value and services you deliver with QuickMAR. Call or us to get started right away!












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