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KM World 2001 XML Show & Tell Eddie O’Brien Ringtail Solutions

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1 KM World 2001 XML Show & Tell Eddie O’Brien Ringtail Solutions

2 Eddie O'Brien Ringtail Solutions 1. What is XML? – It is a method for putting structured data in a text file. Using XML as a framework we can build specific and consistant standards for COP. For "structured data" in the legal environment think of: –Electronic Court Filings –Transcripts, Depositions, –Judgements, Citations –Legal Contracts, –Legislation, –other Legal Documents –and Information exchange… Recap on XML Extended Markup Language.

3 Eddie O'Brien Ringtail Solutions 2. What else is XML? a set of rules, guidelines or conventions for designing text formats for data, (generated & read by a computer), an unambiguous definition that improves common pitfalls, such as extensibility and data globalization, computer and operating system independence, a more expressive mark-up language than HTML, a powerful data exchange format. Recap on XML Extended Markup Language.

4 Eddie O'Brien Ringtail Solutions 3. XML is new, but not that new Development of XML started in 1996 It has been a W3C standard since February 1998 Before XML there was SGML, developed in the early '80s, an ISO standard since 1986 and HTML, whose development started in 1990. The designers of XML took the best parts of SGML and using the experiences with HTML, produced something that is as powerful as SGML, but much simpler to use. “XML looks a bit like HTML but isn't HTML” Recap on XML

5 Eddie O'Brien Ringtail Solutions 4. XML is a family of technologies XML is the specification that defines tags and attributes but around XML there is a growing set of optional modules: –XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language), –SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), –SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), –XLINK (XML Linking Language), –XML-Signature (Authentication), – XPath, XPointer, etc. Recap on XML

6 Eddie O'Brien Ringtail Solutions 5. XML is license-free, platform-independent and well-supported: Using XML is similar to choosing SQL for databases: we still have to build our own database but there are many tools available and many people that can help us, As a W3C standard XML is license-free, The large and growing support means that we are not tied to a single vendor. Recap on XML

7 Inside Companies Foundations Informal Groups Industry GroupsGovernment Academic and Learning Bodies Independent Industry Organizations Where does the work happen?

8 Which Communities of Practice are developing XML Vocabularies? Legal and Justice Finance Education Insurance Accounting IP Rights Travel Banking Government News Real Estate Web Applications Healthcare Open Content Syndication Scientific Research EDI Many E-Commerce projects

9 “XML will revolutionize the access, exchange and availability of information in all almost all computer based systems. What does XML mean to the Knowledge Industry? XML takes the setting of vertical industry standards out of the hands of software vendors and into the hands of the relevant industry COP.” Eddie O’Brien – President -

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