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Capabilities Estimation

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1 Capabilities Estimation

2 Capabilities Estimation
Capabilities Estimation is the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses in preparedness efforts. It is now a portion of the standard Annual Report and will feed Regional THIRAs.

3 Capabilities Estimation
Merged CE tool with standard Annual Report La R.S. 29:727(I)(4) In accordance with new grant requirements Simpler process in achieving Capabilities Estimation Uses provided information to assist in completion of tool

4 Grants

5 Capabilities Estimation
Scenario-based Parish oriented Auto-populated Condensed Only looking for relevant information Only 11 capabilities

6 Background CE is one of the final steps of the THIRA process
Uses Capability Targets to determine needs

7 THIRA Recap Capability Targets Threats and Hazards
Greatest Estimated Impacts Capability Targets Threats and Hazards Capabilities Estimation Preparedness Report THIRA

8 Annual Report

9 Capabilities Estimation

10 Capabilities Estimation

11 Timeline

12 Recap Integrated into current Annual Report
Validates grant submissions Part of the THIRA process Scenario-based, pre-populated Regional THIRAs will be used to complete CE Annual Report in 2016

13 Scott Van Keuren 225-925-3633
Questions? Scott Van Keuren

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