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Unlocking the Clean Energy Transition. 2014 Recap WHAT DID WE LEARN IN 2014?

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1 Unlocking the Clean Energy Transition

2 2014 Recap WHAT DID WE LEARN IN 2014?

3 Renewable Energy Creates Jobs

4 Lots of Jobs!

5 Rate Cases: We’re headed our own way

6 People & businesses understand and care about these issues

7 Other conservative states are kicking our butts! Georgia’s Debbie Dooley with Melissa VanOrnum and Steve Dvorak of DVO Mississippi – Commission- requested net metering report shows solar worth more than it costs Georgia – 525 MW of solar at 5-6 cents per kWh; 1800 solar jobs South Carolina – 3 rd party leasing, statewide net metering, and no solar taxes til at least 2021

8 People want to participate in renewable energy projects

9 Want more solar & hydro 88% Public Support Remains High Want more wind 83% Want more biomass (when explained) 84%

10 Highlights of RENEW’s Work in 2014

11 Focus on Energy RENEW’s efforts kept rebates in place for at least 2 more years $8.5 million in rebates 2015-2016 $6 million small digester program $10 million revolving loans

12 Wisconsin Solar Rebound ** 2014 data is preliminary

13 Wind Working Group Based on peer-reviewed literature, there is insufficient data to validate that noise from wind turbines directly causes adverse health effects in humans.

14 New Vision Statement Clean renewable energy powering a strong, healthy, and vibrant Wisconsin

15 What RENEW Wisconsin is Doing Advancing and defending renewable energy in Wisconsin, every single day

16 Thank You & Thank our Sponsors

17 Brad Klein Environmental Law & Policy Center


19 Policy & Legislative Panel Susan Bence, Moderator Rep. Chris Taylor Matt Howard, Milwaukee

20 Issues & Opportunities Matt Neumann Jeff Rich Jane Elder Gary Radloff

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