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Recap Function of Design in Society – Design and its applications.

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1 Recap Function of Design in Society – Design and its applications

2 Product Design The Juicy Salif Design Classic : Inspiration over a dish of squid Philippe Starck's lemon squeezer on three legs is to this day looked upon as an industrial design classic. What's most interesting however is the inspiration behind the Juicy Salif. Alberto Alessi, the founder of the Alessi Design Factory, best explains this. "I received a napkin from Starck, on it among some incomprehensible marks (tomato sauce, in all likelihood) there were some sketches. Sketches of squid. They started on the left, and as they worked their way over to the right, they took on the unmistakable shape of what was to become the juicy salif. While eating a dish of squid and squeezing a lemon over it, Starck drew on the napkin his famous lemon squeezer."

3 The Juicy Salif Design Classic : Inspiration over a dish of squid Alessi produced the squid-like lemon squeezer whilst looking at a particular section of the market. The post- modernist kitchen tool was hoped to be most appealing to the young middle class professionals of the era. Its futuristic, almost 'alien spacecraft' look, was intended to appeal worldwide and this it did. Starck's Lemon Squeezer became an avant-garde status symbol. Product Design


5 Architectural Design Famous names: – I.M Pei Louvre (France), JFK Library (US) – Frank Lloyd Wright (inspired by whim) Falling Waters (US), Guggenheim Museum (NY) – Frank Gehry (inspired by fish) Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (Spain), Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dancing House – Santiago Calatrava (inspired by the human body) Lyon Airport Station (France), Orion station (Portugal)

6 Bauhaus “What was new about the school was its attempt to integrate the artist and the craftsman, to bridge the gap between art and industry. The unity of arts had of course been a central tenet of the late 19th- century Arts and Crafts movement, and the ideals of William Morris influenced Gropius's planning for the school. But the Bauhaus was the antithesis of the Arts and Crafts movement in fundamental ways. No more romance of handmaking in the countryside: its emphasis was urban and technological, and it embraced 20th-century machine culture. Mass production was the god, and the machine aesthetic demanded reduction to essentials, an excision of the sentimental choices and visual distractions that cluttered human lives.” - Fiona MacCarthy

7 Art & Society Artistic trends tend to mimic the characteristics of society as most artists draw inspiration from the times they live in. For Example, can you envision what kind of art styles will emerge from the following scenarios? Discuss with your classmates. – Peace and prosperity – War and strife – Religious and pious – Science and technology Art & Society

8 Term 1: Assignment

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