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ReCAP Discovery to Delivery Project Lizanne Payne June 2012.

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1 ReCAP Discovery to Delivery Project Lizanne Payne June 2012

2 ReCAP: Research Collections and Preservation Consortium 2 Columbia University New York Public Library Princeton University ReCAP facility

3 Current ReCAP Characteristics 3 Facility is Harvard-model high-density storage located at Princeton Forrestal campus Shared facility NOT a shared print agreement Space is allocated by library within the facility Currently five modules with two more under construction Current holdings = about 9.5 million items Columbia = 4 million NYPL = 3.5 million Princeton = 2 million

4 Discovery to Delivery Project 4 One-year planning project with funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Goal is to convert from shared facility to shared collection Primary objectives include: Expand the breadth of material available to users Optimize and integrate the discovery experience Reduce time to delivery

5 ReCAP Discovery to Delivery Project Project Staffing New York Public Library (Grantee) Project Committees Planning Consultant (Lizanne Payne) Holdings Analysis (Constance Malpas, OCLC Research) Technology Consultant (Marshall Breeding) Workflow Consultant (Sustainable Collections Svcs) ReCAP Board

6 Major Deliverables 6 Target DateReport June 2012Technology Environmental Scan JulyWorkflow Environmental Scan AugustShared collection focus SeptemberRecommended workflow Recommended technology plan DecemberProposed MOU and policies January 2013Cost factors and cost estimates FebruaryBusiness model and cost-sharing options MarchFinal report and plan for next steps

7 Preliminary Holdings Analysis (example) 7

8 Technology Environment 8  No common ILS or discovery layer  Columbia: Voyager and WebVoyage  Princeton: Voyager and Primo  NYPL: Millenium and BiblioCommons  No ReCAP catalog  Batch-mode GFA inventory control system  No existing APIs for interoperability or online status query  Systems in transition  Library partners considering next generation systems including Ex Libris Alma and III Sierra; no decisions made

9 9 Working Assumptions: Priorities for Shared ReCAP Collection No new dups in ReCAP Share future ReCAP transfers Prioritize serials? Identify exclusions Share current ReCAP holdings Not likely, but possibly consider for contiguous journal runs Dedup ReCAP

10 Next Steps 10  Define contents of shared collection, supported by collection analysis (by mid-July)  Define desired workflow (by mid-September)  Define desired technology environment (mid-September)  Define business model and cost-sharing (fall-winter)

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