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What country serves as a gateway between Africa and the Middle East?

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1 What country serves as a gateway between Africa and the Middle East?

2 Warmup Overgrazing, deforestation, and agricultural mismanagement are all significant causes of A.Crop failure B.Nationalism C.Urban growth D.Topsoil loss E.Salinization

3 A COUPLE OF NOTES Gattaca tomorrow @4:00 Bring back your class registration signed by your parents by Friday School trip student/parents meeting today at 6:00 in B119 Notes 11-1 due Monday (2 pages)

4 Take out your test answer sheets Circle the numbers of the 5 most missed questions Box the numbers of the 5 least missed questions

5 1 The Green Revolution included which of the following? A.Irrigation projects B.Increased use of biocides C.The development of “miracle seeds” D.Hybridization of methods E.All of the above

6 2

7 3 - This group probably discovered agriculture.

8 4

9 5 - Government money to help farmers if there is under- or over- production.

10 6 - Too much irrigation can lead to ______________.

11 7

12 8 - Fully define the Green Revolution The invention and rapid diffusion of more productive agricultural techniques during the 1970s and 1980s. These techniques involved higher-yield (high production) seeds and chemical fertilizers.

13 9 _____________ agriculture is practiced mainly in stage 2 countries, while _____________ agriculture is practiced in stage 4 countries. A. Traditional…communal B.Commercial…subsistence C.Tertiary…secondary D.Subsistence…commercial E.Traditional…subsistence

14 10

15 11 - How people lived before agriculture.

16 12 - Caused the first mechanization of agriculture.

17 13 - Negative Effects of the GR Decreased crop variations. Requires heavy machinery, therefore excluding many poor farmers. Many new crops are resistant to traditional pesticides. LDC farmers enter a cycle of dependence on multinational corporations like Monsanto. Does not address economic inequality.

18 13 - Positive Effects of the GR More food = more people who can be fed. New crops are more responsive to irrigation and to petrochemical fertilizers. Postpones the predictions of Thomas Malthus. Reduction in poverty in many regions, particularly Asia.

19 14 Von Thunen

20 15

21 16

22 17 - According to Von Thunen, the most important factor for agricultural location

23 18 What topic we discussed this chapter has to do with biotechnology? Bio - ?

24 19 - Tyson is an example of_________________.

25 20 Slash-and-burn agriculture

26 21 Physical GeographyHuman Geography

27 22 Primary activities Secondary activities

28 23 Slash-and-burn agriculture

29 24 - Most of these are located in __________________.

30 25

31 26

32 27 – How could this be bad?

33 28 - Seasonal migration between highlands and lowlands

34 29 This effect makes possible the diffusion of ideas and technology around the world.

35 30 - Type of agriculture in which people are impressed by the size of your goat/sheep/camel/alpaca herd.

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