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Innovation Leadership Training Day Two Insights Recap February 6, 2009 All materials © NetCentrics 2008 unless otherwise noted.

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1 Innovation Leadership Training Day Two Insights Recap February 6, 2009 All materials © NetCentrics 2008 unless otherwise noted

2 Welcome This section provides a introduction to the customer experience journey and scenario planning and a recap to our second day of training

3 What We Want to Accomplish

4 Goals for this section Our goal this section – Introduce the Customer Experience Journey as one other tool to identify needs – Introduce the concept of scenario planning – Consider the identification and evaluation of customer needs – Recap and review key takeaways

5 Key Points Consider innovations in customer service and experience – Often innovation is about products or business models Aggregating trends into a scenario plan can provide powerful insight The identification of trends and customer needs is an iterative, ongoing process – The gathering and synthesis of trends must be ongoing

6 Customer Experience Journey One other interesting tool to consider is appropriate for business model/customer experience innovation Called the Customer Experience Journey, it attempts to capture all of the customer touchpoints throughout the customer life cycle Evidence shows that often we place too much emphasis a few factors but omit or neglect other factors

7 Customer Journey Map Time Significant activities or actions Customer Satisfaction with each step of the lifecycle

8 Another map Material from Peer Insight

9 Customer Experience / Service innovation When considering an innovation that impacts customer service, or when you are trying to dramatically improve service innovation, understand all the “moments of truth” from the customer’s perspective Identify which moments of truth are well satisfied and which touchpoints can be improved

10 Scenario Planning Scenario Planning is a technique that allows your team to forecast the future based on the trends and customer insights you’ve collected Scenario Planning seeks to forecast several alternatives futures assuming several key assumptions or trends continue to develop Once a scenario is developed, your team can determine which factors or trends are important and the implication of the scenario

11 Developing Scenarios Scenarios are usually developed in a workshop over a two or three day period as the team considers the current state, trends, customer insights and expert decisions The workshop breaks into teams to develop scenarios of the future 3-5 years out to forecast their expectations supported by the trends they believe are important

12 Capstone The scenario planning workshop is the “capstone” of the trend gathering and customer insight process Using this technique, your team can peer into the future and attempt to influence or direct the future rather than simply react to it. Schedule a scenario planning workshop at least once a year

13 Putting it all together Today, we’ve looked at: – Trends, and where to find them – The importance of constantly evaluating and synthesizing those trends – Other tools to gather customer insight Voice of the Customer Ethnography Lead Users – Strategy Mapping and Customer Experience journey

14 Tools and Approaches These are all tools at your disposal Trend gathering and synthesis should happen on a consistent basis at some level in the organization The other tools can be leveraged when appropriate to gather more insight or determine the most important or relevant needs on a case by case basis

15 Key Takeaways Understand how to identify the changes in the market and in customer needs that are occuring Use these tools to identify which needs are important and whether or not the offerings meet customer expectations Understand when to use each tool for greatest effectiveness

16 Questions

17 Homework Consider reading – Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim and Mauborgne – Democratizing Innovation by von Hippl – Review some of the trend spotting sites and sign up for their free newsletters – See Shell’s guide to Scenario Planning

18 Preparation Next Class – February 19 – Prepare for idea generation techniques Read Gryskiewicz’s white paper on ideation techniques Consider reading Roger von Oech’s Whack on the side of the Head – Come prepared with one or two opportunities or challenges that we can use for brainstorming – Come prepared to address two or three trends that might impact your idea and how you’d addressed those trends

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