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Milestones & recap from November 3, 2010 Presented by Charles Muiruri & Henry Tumwijukye November 3, 2010.

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1 Milestones & recap from November 3, 2010 Presented by Charles Muiruri & Henry Tumwijukye November 3, 2010

2 Inaugural Meeting Eldoret, Kenya October 1-2, 2009 19 institutions represented ~ 60 participants -Objectives -Official launch -Strategic plan rollout - Development of working group -Adoption of the Constitution -Description of the Website - functions



5 Development of 5 working groups for the implementation of the strategic plan Website launch Identification of a leadership group for the association i.e. steering committee and advisory committee Outcomes

6 Networking – Isaac Kyeyune/ Charles Muiruri Promoting African Ownership -Daima Athman/ Chrispin Mmanda Harriet Nambooze - Coordinator Working Groups Leaders

7 Achieving sustainability – Catherine Tugaineyo Professional development – Ahaz Kulanga/ Pauline Nabunya Legal – Peter Kiwanuka Working Groups Leaders

8 Build an individual and institutional membership base Milestones; – 2008 - Moshi 30 from 10 institutions* – 2009 - Eldoret 60 from 19 institutions* – 2010- Kampala ~146 from ~ 40 Institutions* – Creation of a database Develop a website and access to any other creative internet tools to allow information transfer and interaction among members and institutions. Milestones 30,000 hits since inception. Mostly viewers* Limited participation – working on the discussion forum Networking Milestones

9 Networking Milestones Identify associations and institutions that engender complimentary values and interests. Milestones; Catherine Tugaineyo - SRA meeting, 2009 Henry Tumwijukye – SRA meeting, 2010 Daima Athman- INORMS meeting, 2010 Exploring partnerships with other stakeholders e.g. Research Africa, THRiVe, others Use of ICT solutions

10 Networking Milestones Perform an environmental scan of research institutions to find out the research administration needs of various institutions and how to meet them. Milestones; Comprehensive research tool to understand research administration needs of various institutions using evidence based approach (tool under development)

11 Environmental can Identify and fill gaps that exist in research administration as a profession. - RA Skills/Competencies – RA Employee Demographics – RA Professional Affiliations – RA Organizational Climate – RA profession: – RA Budget – Local Research Climate – Academic Institution Climate – RA Staffing Concrete steps towards curriculum development

12 African Ownership Milestones Establish a leadership structure with deep understanding of African research issues. Advisory Committee Steering committee Identify and solve uniquely African problems of successful research administration. Milestone Conducted the first interactive sessions/training workshops in 2010.

13 African Ownership Milestones Enhance the establishment of functional offices of research support in all member institutions. Milestones* 2009-2010, 3 new IEARDA grants in East Africa South - South relationships – Moi-Mbarara – Moi -KEMRI (Nairobi ) – MUJHU – KEMRI (Kisumu) etc.. – IEARDA feedback session - 2010

14 Professional Development milestones Mentorships and attachments Training- Short and long-term courses Very dependent on environmental scans

15 Important to showcase benefits to membership is critical e.g. provide quality training, attachments for institutions/ mentorship Achieving Sustainability Recap

16 Development of mechanism for receiving funding Pilot ARAA memorabilia e.g. 2010 t-shirts Charge membership fees – 50 Charge registration fees $150 Provide short-term and long-term courses Sell space on the website Achieving Sustainability Recap

17 Legal recap We have defined leadership roles (Advisory board, Steering committee, Coordinator) Moving from virtual to physical location of the ARAA Use of Institutional legal advisors Vs. Commercial legal firms Bidding for location of ARAA*

18 Afternoon sessions- Training How to prepare an NIH Budget Basic research administration principles E-submission of NIH grants IRB approvals in Resource Limited Settings: Challenges and Solutions Human Resources challenges in research management (within a context of resource – limited settings)

19 Conclusion Institutions need to have systems and have policies beyond individuals.

20 Acknowledgment -Fogarty International Center -THRiVe -Research Administrators -Research leaders in East Africa -Institutions in East Africa -Steering Committee

21 Thank you very much! Please visit http://araafrica.org Contact:

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