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INTEGRATING PLC'S Professional Development Coordinating Council.

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1 INTEGRATING PLC'S Professional Development Coordinating Council

2 Members 2 Eddie Aguilar-Multicultural, ESOL and Program Services Dept. Dawn Elrad- Atlantic Technical Center /Staff Development Facilitator Bill Hazen-HRD/Professional Development Support Caroline Hejja- Student Support/Psychological Services Abby Hill –Student Support/Psychological Services Brenda Markley-ETS Lynne Oakvik-Learning Resources & Instructional Materials Diana Silberman-HRD/Professional Development Support

3 Process 3 Team Goal/focus question  "How to implement the PLC process with fidelity?” Share PLC Resources Discuss strategies to draw and engage knowledgeable colleagues to the PLC. Use PLC Rubric, and the PLC “Look-For” document to assess our practices, and fidelity with the PLC process.

4 Process Continued 4 Determine action steps to align our practices Implement Meeting Place Provide a written benchmark (timeline for action steps/products) to measure progress Complete PLC Team self assessment Re-assess using PLC Rubric and “Look-fors”

5 Using the PLC Continuum/Rubric 5 Q: How is the PLC Continuum (PLC Rubric) helpful in our work with PLCs? It can be used by a team to assess process It is helpful in determining progress Q: How can we make the PLC Rubric more useful for district? Change classroom language to reflect district needs Provide concrete examples including structure, time, logistics, distance v. blended, frequency of meetings

6 Fidelity with PLC Rubric 6

7 Using the PLC Look-Fors 7 Q: How is the PLC “Look-fors” helpful in our work with PLCs? It provides a clear picture, basic how-to, gives structure v. theory, provides non-examples Q: How can we make it more useful? Tool might need more “how to conduct a session” examples (still under discussion)

8 1/26/10 Alignment with PLC Look-fors 8

9 5/5/10 Alignment with PLC Look-fors 9

10 Impact of Meeting Place on Frequency of PLC Meetings

11 Progress 11 Improved awareness of PLC process Integrated best practices to support PLC Implemented knowledge of PLC practices within other District initiatives Collected Resources for future PLCs

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