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Food Animal Practitioners Club Click me to go to FAPC Webpage.

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1 Food Animal Practitioners Club Click me to go to FAPC Webpage

2 National Associations FAPC is Associated With… American Association of Bovine Practitioners Academy of Veterinary Consultants Society of Theriogenology American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners American Association of Swine Pracititioners

3 What do we have to offer… Top 10 (or so) for ‘09 – ’10

4 #1 Monthly Meetings Second Tuesday of each month “Cool Cases 101” Food Animal Marketing and Futures Importance of consulting in Food Animal Medicine

5 #2 Astonishing “brilliance” of Nathan

6 #3 Weekly Rounds Case presentation Question and answer session Outside clinician first rounds of each month

7 #4 Saturday Palpations Every Saturday at 8:00 am Clinician there to help you learn Breakfast

8 #5 Time with your hand in a cows ass..

9 #6 Opportunities Database

10 #7 Boys 2:1ish female to male My class 4.5:1 Just a little tid bit to keep in mind

11 #8 PMM Ride Along On call with clinicians for a night Great hands on case experience Sign up for third years starting on Sept 9 th …second and third years after that

12 #9 Social Events Home Place Trip – Sept. 11 End of The Year Bash - May

13 #10 Wet Labs In the past Hoof Trimming Goat ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis AI Certification Swine Processing Camelid neonatal care and dystocia BQA Assurance Planning for this semester SR Embryo Transfer Abortion Work Up Uterine Suture

14 #11 In Progress Scholarships to help attend national food animal conferences Online Resume Posting Contact with High School and Undergraduate Students Heifer International

15 Undergrads Welcome!! You can come to  Rounds  Monthly Meetings You Can’t Eat…sorry our dues pay for our food and wet labs Extras  Mentorship  Our experiences

16 What we need from you… Dues = $20 Online Membership Survey – will be sent out tonight DUE 9/21/09 Good Standing - per semester  1 meeting  2 rounds  1 volunteer pt

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