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Opportunities for Building Innovation Capacity in Ontario Dr. Anne Snowdon Chair.

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1 Opportunities for Building Innovation Capacity in Ontario Dr. Anne Snowdon Chair

2 │ WHY IS INNOVATION NEEDED? Canada’s health systems are consuming 50% of tax revenues, costs outpacing GDP Health system costs/capita are among highest OECD countries Access (Wait times and ALC rate) remains a challenge, Chronic illness rates increasing Innovation adoption record 13/17, globally

3 Note: * Estimate. Expenditures shown in $US PPP (purchasing power parity). Source: Calculated by The Commonwealth Fund based on 2007 International Health Policy Survey; 2008 International Health Policy Survey of Sicker Adults; 2009 International Health Policy Survey of Primary Care Physicians; Commonwealth Fund Commission on a High Performance Health System National Scorecard; and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD Health Data, 2009 (Paris: OECD, Nov. 2009). AUSCANGERNETHNZUKUS OVERALL RANKING (2010)3641527 Quality Care4752136 Effective Care2763514 Safe Care6531427 Coordinated Care4572136 Patient-Centered Care2536174 Access6.553142 Cost-Related Problem63.5 2517 Timeliness of Care6721345 Efficiency2653417 Equity4531627 Long, Healthy, Productive Lives1234567 Health Expenditures/Capita, 2009$3,357$3,895$3,588$3,837*$2,454$2,992$7,290 Country Rankings 1.00–2.33 2.34–4.66 4.67–7.00 Overall Ranking of Health Care Quality: Commonwealth Fund Report

4 Self-Reported Health Status

5 Leading the Future of Health Care in Canada? “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”

6 │ Key Ingredients to innovation adoption: Case Learning Approach IndustryPolicy Makers Academic Research Team Health System, Clinical teams, Patients Industry drives economic value, creates technologies, devices that can be transformational. Create the conditions for innovation adoption and scalability Innovation means transforming health services models, leveraging technology, health teams need to design the way forward Create the evidence for impact, system level impact. New metrics are needed to capture value Build Capacity to Drive Innovation Locally, scaled regionally/nationally 6

7 Leadership “Pipeline”: how does leadership drive innovation? Leading transformation is a “team sport”, it will take ALL of us, within the health sector, and collaborations with other sectors: ex. Education, clinicians, youth organizations, Universities/colleges, private sector, etc

8 Role of the Private Sector in health system innovation? How do we leverage industry partnerships to build capacity for innovation in health systems. Paradigm of Economic Value applied to health care, Business Thinking Opens up thinking about what is possible.

9 What are the opportunities to break down the Silos and foster Innovation? Data Silos Professional and Discipline specific Silos Academic Hospital Community Primary Care Long Term Care Health system Industry Policy

10 How do Innovators Overcome Risk Aversion? Need to commit to Longer term strategies within a “balanced portfolio” with shorter term, “quick wins”. Focus on learning, “fail early, fail cheap” and then disseminate to achieve scalability

11 What are the new Metrics for health systems that capture value? Access to help Meaningful Friendships Community Support systems Family engagement Wait Times Adverse Events, Mortality Procedure & Equipment Costs MD Costs ProviderPerson

12 How does the “Empowered” Consumer influence Innovation? The “Passive Patient” is now the empowered consumer shift from “blind trust” to “earned trust”, engagement that delivers value “Dr. Google” arrives in MD offices every day, even an ATM asks if I would like another transaction. Shifting role of consumer and health provider

13 The Future of Health Care? Need to understand how Health systems can deliver Value to Canadians Need to define success in terms of what matters to the person and family Need to understand how digital technologies can connect people to health systems in a meaningful way

14 │ BUILD THE EVIDENCE FOR ADOPTION AND SCALABILITY Research Innovation New technology New therapies Proof of Concept xs Proof of Relevance Clinical Innovation Patient care implementation Clinician adoption Integration into service delivery Proof of Value and Scalability Innovation Adoption across Health Systems IT decision support Service delivery model redesign Performance metrics support adoption Financial model for reimbursement Leadership to drive innovation Integrate innovation into the DNA of the health system Consumer value

15 “Strive not to be a success, but to be of value” -Albert Einstein Thank you

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