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MOHH – Models Submission Dr Linda Bird 9 th August 2012.

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1 MOHH – Models Submission Dr Linda Bird 9 th August 2012

2 Strategic vision of patients moving seamlessly across the healthcare system, receiving coordinated patient-centric care at the most appropriate settings. Enabled by the National Electronic Health Record (EHR) Singapore’s Future Healthcare Landscape

3 Standards Products Diagnosis - SNOMED CT and Singapore Extension (SE) Drugs - Singapore Drug Dictionary (SDD) Allergic Reactions– SNOMED CT + SE Allergens - SNOMED CT + SDD Laboratory Results – LOINC Data Dictionary – MOHH Data Dictionary Procedures - TBD Reason for visit - SNOMED CT Symptoms and Problems - SNOMED CT and Singapore Extension Laboratory Reports – Smart SNOMED CT Laboratory Orders – SNOMED CT Radiology Orders - SNOMED CT

4 LIM Development Process

5 Requirements Clinician Verification Graphical Represent- ations Clinician Input Clinical Modelling Framework Singapore Logical Information Model Clinical Modelling Language (LOM) Clinical Modelling Language (LOM) Logical Reference Model (ISO13606+21090) Logical Reference Model (ISO13606+21090) Computable Implementation Specification Constrain Instance of Terminology Server References Terminology Ontology Bind values Bind semantics Store Generate Lim Repository Lim Repository Store representation References Input Generate

6 Clinician Validation of the LIM LIM ID LIM Name LIM Cardin ality LIM Definition LIM Example (for Exchange) LIM Example (for Display) Laboratory Test Item 1 A class describing the laboratory test that was performed. Test Name1 The name of the laboratory test within a panel of tests. ("xxx", "LDH measurement") ("xxx", "Blood sodium measurement") "LDH measurement" "Blood sodium measurement" Sequence Number 0..1 A number that identifies and sequences this laboratory test item within a given panel. "1" "2" Additional Description 0..1 A descriptor used in combination with the Test Name to fully define the description of the laboratory test. POCT Indicator 0..1 The POCT (Point-of-care Testing) indicator at the laboratory test item level. ("xx, "Point of Care Test") "Point of Care Test" Type0..1The type of the test.


8 IsoSemantic Models – Example of Problem e.g. “Suspected Lung Cancer”

9 IsoSemantic Models – Example Instances e.g. “Suspected Lung Cancer”

10 IsoSemantic Models – Compositional Grammar Problem Diagnosis = $ProblemDiagnosisName: 246090004|associated_finding|= (404684003|clinical_finding|: 63698007|finding_site|=($BodySite: 272741003|laterality|=$Laterality), 246112005|severity|=$Severity), 408729009|finding_context|=$FindingContext

11 IsoSemantic Models – Equivalence Testing Problem Diagnosis = $ProblemDiagnosisName: 246090004 |associated finding| = (404684003|Clinical Finding|: 363698007 | finding site | = ($BodySite: 272741003|laterality| = $Laterality), 246112005 | severity| = $Severity), 408729009 | finding context | = $FindingContext GP Problem Diagnosis = 86049000|Cancer| : 246090004 |associated finding| = (404684003|Clinical Finding| : 363698007 | finding site | = 39607008|Lung|), 408729009 | finding context | = 415684004|Suspected| Polyclinic Problem Diagnosis = 162572001 |Suspected cancer|: 246090004 |associated finding| = (404684003|Clinical Finding|: 363698007 | finding site | = 39607008|Lung|) RH Problem Diagnosis = 86049000|Suspected lung cancer|

12 Bi-directional Semantic Interoperability NEHR Source Data GP - Source Data Design Patterns - Diagnosis DP-based GP - Source Data National Term Research Semantics Transformed GP - Source Data in RH format Transformed GP - Source Data in Polyclinic format Maps In

13 ENTRY – Observation Entry (Observable Name/Value) Heart Rate/ Blood Pressure / Blood Glucose – Clinical Finding Problem Diagnosis Entry Adverse Reaction Entry Alert Entry – Activity Pharmacy Activity Entry – Pharmacy Order Entry – Pharmacy Dispense Entry – Pharmacy Administration Entry Investigation Activity Entry – Investigation Order Entry – Investigation Result Entry Procedure Entry (Reference Pattern) CLUSTER – Pharmacy Item / Investigation Test Item Submission Overview

14 This material contains information that is confidential to MOH Holdings Pte Ltd (MOHH) and should not be circulated beyond MOHH without permission. © All Rights Reserved Thank You

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