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2012 ACEP National faculty teaching Award recipients

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1 2012 ACEP National faculty teaching Award recipients

2 Donald Byars, II, MD, FACEP
He is a superb clinician and has demonstrated successes as a researcher. Don is the whole package – clinician, academician, and researcher.

3 Sherly Heron, MD, MPH, FACEP
Dr. Heron embodies all the traits of an excellent teacher. She is a skilled clinician, trained in a large urban public hospital residency. She is enthusiastic about Emergency Medicine and bounces tirelessly through her clinical shifts at Grady Memorial Hospital and Emory University Hospital. She is empathetic both towards her patients and her trainees, the latter of whom form a constant path to her office looking for mentorship (and bearing chocolates). And she is a shining role model, always early, always professional, always courteous, and always participatory

4 Katherine Hiller, MD, FACEP
Dr. Hiller is a phenomenal educator with a rare blend of startling creativity and a stunning work ethic. She has impressed her students, colleagues, administrators and patients multiple times with her performance here locally at the University of Arizona.

5 Swaminatha Mahadevan, MD, FACEP
Maha has also excelled in teaching our residents. He is a highly sought mentor for our trainees, and embodies what it means to be a highly successful academician, a talented clinician, and to balance all of this with a happy family life.

6 Ashley Booth-Norse, MD, FACEP
Ashley's teaching efforts have been focused in a number of different areas…her teaching style has made wonderful stride as she has matured into her role as a teacher in a graduate medical education program, and I believe her to be one of the best teacher we have in our residency program.

7 Linda Regan, MD, FACEP Dr. Regan is a quadruple threat, formidable bedside teacher, proficient lecturer, skilled developer of novel curricula and a talented administrator of education programs.

8 Mary Ryan, MD Dr. Ryan is enthusiastic, hardworking, reliable and motivated. Her medical fund of knowledge is excellent, both in providing plans of treatment and in disposition of her patients. She has a great work ethich and is always willing to help out her colleagues.

9 Jessica Smith, MD, FACEP Beyond being a highly effective clinician and instructor herself, Dr. Smith has demonstrated her academic potential by extending her intellectual commitment to education to the innovation of teaching practices both within our institution and nationally.

10 Jason Wagner, MD, FACEP In short Dr. Jason Wagner not only fills gaps in our resident’s and student’s education where he sees them he also polishes those things we already do well. It is his attention to detail that puts him head and shoulders above the pack.

11 Scott Weingart, MD, FACEP
Dr. Weingart has been an innovator in medical education and has made significant contributions in the area of the ED Critical Care teaching….Dr. Weingart is a serious educator who has carefully mapped out a career by studying a need and developing an implementation program.

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