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Program Certification and Clinician Credentialing.

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1 Program Certification and Clinician Credentialing

2 Presented by: Dr. Tarek Mahdi Martha Uribe, LCSW Raul Moreno, RN Jackie Eskandr, RN Chaplain Kenneth Ross

3  Parkview is a 193-bed acute care hospital located in Riverside, CA. We opened in 1957 with 50 beds.  We are the only non-profit community hospital in Riverside (since 1967).  Our mission is to be a community hospital focused on the needs of the local population, 50% of which are Latino.  Services include a very busy emergency room, maternal/child services, and general medical and surgical services (no cardiac or neurosurgery).

4  Joint Replacement - Been given the Blue Shield Center of Distinction for Quality. Offer the MAKOplasty robotic arm for hip replacement and partial knee replacement/ resurfacing  Maternity Care – Given “Baby Friendly” designation - one of only 119 in the entire nation--sponsored by W.H.O. in recognition of hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for breastfeeding.  Sweet Success, gestational diabetes care—diabetes education for pregnant women.  Neonatal ICU (NICU)- Community Level/Level III. (provides care to seriously ill newborns, except those needing surgery). And Parkview is the only hospital in the area with NICView Webcam.

5  Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery – ASMBS Center of Excellence, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, CIGNA Centers of Distinction. Resolves or improves many other diseases, ie, diabetes and hypertension.  Pulmonary Care – for treatment of COPD; we have a “Better Breathers” support group.  Palliative Care – Joint Commission Advanced Certification - 19 th in the nation. Palliative care will be key to providing better care for patients with serious, chronic conditions.

6  JCAHO Certified on August 23, 2012  Team Members:  Martha Uribe, LCSW/Program Coordinator  Chaplain Ken Ross  Jackie Eskandr, RN  Raul Moreno, RN  Tarek Mahdi, MD

7  Administration support  Full time coordinator  Team building  Job descriptions  Policy & Procedures  Education  Weekly meetings

8 AreaCount Total Patients137 Average LOS17 Average Time to Admission to PC Program8




12  Palliative Care Nursing Screening  Patient Satisfaction Survey  Pain Management  POLST

13  Goal: To insure all patients admitted to Parkview Community Hospital have a valid Palliative Care Nursing screening.  Barriers:  Developing a simple screening tool  Having it embedded in the nursing assessment electronically  Low tool utilization


15  Two or more hospitalizations in the past year  Prolonged lengths of stay >5 days  Diagnosis of cancer  Admissions from a nursing home  Diagnosis of Dementia  No needs identified

16  Goal: To asses the effectiveness of the program.  Barriers:  Developing a survey  Having it completed within 30 days after discharge  Sensitivity of the call



19  Goals: To ensure patients receive appropriate pain management.

20  Goals: To ensure patients with live discharges have a completed POLST.  Barriers:  Lack of understanding from nursing and Physicians  Hospital policy


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