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Advancing to Professor for Clinicians and Educators May 12, 2014 Judy Westman, MD Anil Agarwal, MD A Center for FAME Presentation.

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1 Advancing to Professor for Clinicians and Educators May 12, 2014 Judy Westman, MD Anil Agarwal, MD A Center for FAME Presentation

2 Objectives At the conclusion of the session, the attendee will be able to: Identify the benchmarks for advancement to Professor-Clinical in each of the three clinical pathways Identify personal areas of national reputation and influence to improve upon Initiate a plan to improve documentation of personal accomplishments Recognize one or more individuals who is or will serve in the role of a mentor

3 What role do you currently have in OSU COM? A.Administrative staff B.Assistant Prof C.Assistant Prof – Clinical D.Associate Prof E.Associate Prof – Clinical F.Professor G.Professor – Clinical H.Only here to eat lunch

4 Clinical Pathways Clinician-Educator – Pedagogic excellence as measured by teaching evaluations and innovative teaching practices, modules and publications Clinician-Scholar – Excellence in translational science, clinical research and health services (e.g., health care policy and comparative effectiveness research) as measured by publications and grant funding, respectively

5 Clinical Pathways Clinical Excellence – Exemplary clinical care, unique areas of emphasis in patient management, or outstanding service to a Department, the College of Medicine, and OSU (90% or more of their effort devoted to patient care or administrative service) Hybrid approaches?

6 Which clinical pathway is closest to your personal interests? A.Clinician-Educator B.Clinician-Scholar C.Clinical Excellence D.Hybrid

7 College Expectations for Professors International Level of Recognition and Impact – Editorships – Membership on grant review panels – Invitations to author and lecture – Leadership in national organizations – Invitations to consult or advise

8 College Expectations for Professors Trajectory – Increasing level of responsibility or leadership – Likelihood of future success Independence – Collaboration expected for clinical track faculty in the majority of situations

9 Initial Steps To Gaining National Reputation Become visible in your organization Improve communication Ask right questions of the leadership and be ready to speak out your point of view in a clear way Develop strong and diverse professional relationships Collaborate- at multiple levels within and outside the university Find mentor/s as well as a sponsor/s Most importantly: Develop a plan and follow it


11 College vs Department (TIU) The College has established criteria for promotion and tenure: teaching, research/scholarship, program development, and service. Department provides – a definition of what the criteria in each of those four areas includes – how the evidence for each of the criteria will be documented and assessed – the evidence necessary to demonstrate how each of the criteria can be met

12 Have you looked at your department’s AP&T document for promotion criteria? A.Yes B.No C.I don’t know where to find it

13 Departmental Comparison Internal MedAnesthesiaEmerg MedNeurology Clinician- Educator >15 pubs, reviews, teaching modules 30 total with 10 since last >16 pubs>15 pubs Clinician- Scholar >15 peer- reviewed pubs; site PI or co-I 30 total with 12 since last; journal quality >30 with 15 since last; mean IF of 3 25-40 total x mean IF; >15 since last Clinical Excellence Nat’l impact on practice; Nat’l program related to practice >75 th % RVU; Best Doctor; clinical innovation adopted outside NoneBest Doctors, national referrals Requirements to be met since last promotion

14 Which clinical pathway best fits your personal metrics? A.Clinician-Educator B.Clinician-Scholar C.Clinical Excellence D.Hybrid

15 Departmental requirements Website contains each department’s documents

16 Example 1: Biographical narrative My scholarship of practice is grounded in our tripart mission— excellence in patient care, teaching, and research: with excellence in patient care being the crucial element for the success of our other two missions. I have excelled in all three missions with having obtained successful clear-cut metrics for teaching (College of Medicine Professor of the Year 2002, Bertha Bouroncle Teaching Award, and Internal Medicine Clerkship Teaching Award) as well as multiple years of regional and national recognition for exceptional patient care (America's Best Doctors, America's Top Physicians U.S News and World Report). Research in The James is a major focus. I actively participate in numerous clinical trials. Administratively, our quality program has done multiple clinical trial projects that have improved access, efficiency, documentation, and quality and patient safety of patients on clinical trials.

17 Example 1: Continued…. Early in my academic career my focus was on the individual patient. It now revolves around the system and process improvements that help provide the best care for all of our patients. Through my leadership and administrative responsibilities I have made numerous and major scholarship of practice contributions as it relates to: curriculum development, practice guidelines, standard operating procedures, improved transparency, professionalism, improved Quality and Patient Safety as well as increased efficiencies, resource utilization, and profitability to The James as well as Wexner Medical Center.

18 Example 2: Biographical narrative After coming to Ohio State in 1988, I have made education a priority. In 2008-2009, I completed the Ohio State Faculty Teachers Scholars Program, an 18 month longitudinal program to help improve skills in teaching and scholarship. In 2009, I completed the Harvard Macy Program for Educators in the Health Professions in Boston. The major objective of this faculty development session was to develop the strategies and skills required to lead organizational change and drive innovation. After completing the course, I was offered the position of Assistant Dean for Clinical Sciences at Ohio State. In 2011, I was accepted into the MHPE (Masters of Health Professions Education) program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, arguably the most competitive program granting an advanced degree in medical education. The program takes, on average, 3-5 years to complete.

19 Example 3: Dossier items 12 Chapters in edited books, 2 since promotion 1 edited book (in press) 1 multimedia/website development 31 journal articles, 5 since promotion 8 clinical trials, current 6 national/international talks in last 5 years 1 editorship

20 Summary Familiarize yourself with your advancement pathway and required benchmarks set by your department Plan key activities systematically to achieve those benchmarks Document your accomplishments frequently Employ more than one strategy to achieve national/international reputation

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