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National Health Service Corps ORHP 2010 Outreach Program and Network Development Grantee Meeting Washington, DC August 3, 2010 Lori Roche and Tracy McClintock.

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1 National Health Service Corps ORHP 2010 Outreach Program and Network Development Grantee Meeting Washington, DC August 3, 2010 Lori Roche and Tracy McClintock Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration Bureau of Clinician Recruitment Services

2 An Overview of the National Health Service Corps

3 What does the NHSC do? Provides loan repayment and scholarship opportunities for primary care clinicians to:  Improve the health of the Nation’s underserved  Increase access to primary health care services  Provide quality, culturally competent care to those most in need

4 NHSC Loan Repayment Program Loan repayment for qualifying educational loans Support of Primary Care Disciplines Clinicians complete their service obligation at NHSC- approved sites Up to $145,000 of loan repayment funding for a 5-year service commitment 2-year initial contract for $50,000; 1 year amendments available Loan Repayment is Tax-free 4

5 Half-Time Loan Repayment Pilot 4-year service commitment for a $50,000 loan repayment award Clinician works a minimum of 20 hours per week 2-year amendments available 400 awards planned for FY 2010 Same eligible disciplines as Full-time Program Current NHSC Clinicians can apply for contact modifications starting in October 2010. 5

6 NHSC Scholarship Program Health Profession Students ›U.S. Citizen or U.S. National ›Enrolled in an accredited health professional program ›Committed to pursue a primary care specialty The Scholarship Benefit ›Pays tuitions, fees and other reasonable costs ›Taxable Monthly Living Stipend - $1,326 (FY 2010) Competitive Program ›(11:1 Applicant to Awardee ratio in 2009) Service obligation between 2 and 4 years in an NHSC- approved Site… Scholars serve in communities of greatest need. 6

7 NHSC - Eligible Disciplines Primary Care Physicians MD/DO (Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics Pediatrics, Psychiatry & OB/GYN) Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (Adult, Family, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Psychiatric & Women’s Health) Primary Care Physician Assistants Certified Nurse Midwives Dentists Dental Hygienists Psychiatric Nurse Specialists Health Service Psychologists Licensed Clinical Social Workers Licensed Professional Counselors Marriage and Family Therapists 7 Scholarship and Loan Repayment Eligible Disciplines Loan Repayment Eligible Only Loan Repayment Eligible Only

8 Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA) Designation  Service obligation  HPSA score (the higher the score, the greater the need)  Type of HPSAs - primary care - dental - mental health

9 NHSC Site Eligibility: Types of Sites A community site must submit an NHSC Multi-year Recruitment and Retention (R&R) Assistance application Federally Qualified Health Centers (and Look-alikes) Private practices (Solo and Group) Migrant Health Centers Rural Health Clinics Indian Health Service/Tribal Health Centers State and Federal Prisons Community Mental Health Centers Managed Care Networks Health Departments Full listing at

10 Rural Health Clinics as of July 16, 2010 Source: Geospatial Warehouse

11 NHSC Site Eligibility: Services Provided  Provide comprehensive primary care medicine, primary care dentistry and primary care mental and behavioral health services  Ambulatory (no inpatient sites)  Ensure access to ancillary, inpatient and specialty referrals

12 NHSC Site Eligibility: Charges for Services  Ensure no financial barriers to care exist;  Fees for service consistent with prevailing rates in area  Discounts or waives fees for individuals at or below 200% of the Federal poverty level  Accepts assignments for Medicare beneficiaries and enters into agreements with Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance programs  Prominently posts signage pertaining to discount or waiver of fees for service(s)

13 NHSC Today More than 30,000 clinicians have served as NHSC Members: ›Expanding access to health care; ›Improving health outcomes of people who live in urban and rural areas, where health care is often scarce; ›Gaining experience to create future leadership in primary care education and advocacy work. NHSC family consists of more than 6,300 clinicians currently serving NHSC clinicians are increasing at a record pace 13

14 14 Recovery Act of 2009 NHSC received $300 million to expand the primary care workforce ›4,000 Loan Repayment Awards (2009-2011) ›200+ NHSC Scholarships (2009-2010) ›300+ awards via State Loan Repayment Program ›28 SEARCH Awards Highly visible & positive press for program Funds available through 2011

15 15 2009-2010 ARRA Loan Repayment Awards – Success!!!! 15

16 ARRA LRP Awards by Discipline 16

17 17 NHSC 2010 Accomplishments Significantly Streamlined the LRP & Scholarship Applications Reengineered the Application Processes ›New approach to processing Consolidated Loans Elimination of FOIA Requests to obtain NHSC data – Published April 8, 2010; Data Use Policy under development Part-Time LRP Pilot – May 2010 NHSC Forums (6) Doubled the NHSC LRP Field Strength

18 NHSC Field Strength 18 *Projections based on President’s Budget, Recovery Act & Affordable Care Act Funding

19 Affordability Care Act (ACA) Reauthorization of NHSC Program through 2015 Increases maximum loan repayment amount from $35,000 to $50,000 Half-time Loan Repayment; 2 & 4 year contracts Teaching as clinical practice - up to 20% of credit of obligated service Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Program-up to 50% credit if obligated service Community Health Centers and NHSC Funds ›FY2011: $290 million; increase by $5 million/year

20 Contact/Website Information NHSC website ›http://www.nhsc.hrsa.gov ›http://nhscjobs.hrsa.gov ›htttp:// HRSA Regional Offices › Recruitment and Retention Assistance Application › NHSC Half-time Program › Facebook › YouTube › 20

21 Questions

22 Contact Information Lori Roche Deputy Director Division of Scholar and Clinician Support 301) 443-0652 Tracy McClintock, MBA, BA Public Health Analyst Division of Scholar and Clinician Support (301) 443-4413 Recruitment Training and Support Center (RTSC) (1-877) 313-1823 (sites) NHSC Help Desk 1-800-221-9393 (scholarship and loan repayment programs)

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