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MRC Fellowship Opportunities

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1 MRC Fellowship Opportunities
Dr Jo Latimer Programme Manager

2 Plan of Talk Background about MRC Next Steps of MRC Funding
Fellowships Research Grants Tips on writing good applications Assessment of Fellowships

3 Medical Research Council
Established in 1913 and is one of seven Research Councils who come under the umbrella of RCUK Funded mainly by Government (accountable to Parliament, reports to DIUS) Independent in deciding which research to support In 2005/06, the MRC spent >£560 million on research and training support in our institutes, units and universities RCUK, Research Councils UK;DIUS, Department of Innovations, Universities and Skills

4 Our Mission Encourage and support high quality research with the aim of maintaining and improving human health Produce skilled researchers, and to advance and disseminate knowledge and technology to improve the quality of life and economic competitiveness in the UK To promote dialogue with the public about medical research

5 Fellowships & Research Grants

6 Opportunities for Non-Clinical Scientists
Grant Opportunities Non Clinical Appointment Fellowship Opportunities PhD student Studentships via Doctoral Training Account Research Assistant Post on Grant Post-Doc 1 Intermediate Awards Career Development Post-Doc 2(+) New Investigator Awards Lecturer Senior Fellowships Readership Research Grants Professorship

7 Opportunities for Clinical Scientists
NHS Clinical Career Pathway MRC Provision (Clinical Fellowships) Clinical Academic Career Path MRC Provision (Grants) Clinical Research Training Fellowship MD or PhD Lecturer Clinician Scientist Fellowship New Investigator Research Awards Senior lecturer Research Grants / Collaboration grants Senior Clinical Fellowships Professor

8 Opportunities for Clinical Scientists
INTEGRATED ACADEMIC TRAINING PATH Foundation Programme Specialist Training Academic Position Medical School CCT MB Intercalated BSc / PhD Graduate Entry Training Foundation Year F 1 2 Status Clinical Fellowship Lectureship Senior Lecturer Further specialty sub - specialty training Senior Clinical The timings of personal fellowships are indicative there is flexibility according to individual career progression 3 4 5 MRC Research years Clinician Scientist up to (

9 Opportunities for Allied Health Professionals
Nurses, midwives, radiographers, psychologists, other AHPs Masters degree or equivalent postgraduate research-oriented qualification PhD, DPhil, MD ELIGIBLE FOR ELIGIBLE FOR Health Services and Health of the Public Fellowship Clinical Research Training Fellowship Health Services and Health of the Public Fellowship OR Clinician Scientist Fellowship/ Career Development Award Senior Clinical/Non-Clinical Fellowship PhD, DPhil, MD

10 Summary Clinical Non-Clinical PhD training
Clinical Research Training Fellowship PhD studentship Post-doctoral training Clinician Scientist Fellowship Career Development Award Established investigator Senior Clinical Fellowship Senior Fellowship

11 Fellowships: Pre- to post-doctoral Awards
Research training towards a PhD for clinical scientists or post-doctoral research training for non-clinical scientists Clinical Research Training Fellowships Health Services and Health Of The Public Research Fellowships

12 Fellowships: Intermediate Awards
Post-doctoral/further post-doctoral experience consolidation of skills. Transition from postdoctoral researcher to independent investigator Clinician Scientist Fellowship Open to medical & dental graduates up to Consultant grade, nurses, midwives and other health profession researchers Joint Collaborative Career Development Award in Stem Cell Research Open to clinical & non-clinical applicants Career Development Award in Biostatistics Open to non-clinical post-doctoral researchers Career Development Award Department Of Health Clinician Scientist Award Open to medical & dental graduates up to Special Registrar grade, nurses, midwives and other health profession researchers

13 Senior Clinical Fellowship Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship
Fellowships: Senior Awards Awards for independent scientist/team leaders: national/international recognition Senior Clinical Fellowship Open to medical & dental graduates up to Consultant grade, nurses, midwives and other health profession researchers Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship Open to non-clinical post-doctoral researchers, nurses and other health profession researchers

14 Award Support for Intermediate/Senior
Personal salary Research support for staff Research expenses Travel allowance Capital equipment Up to one year in research centre overseas/2nd UK Centre/UK Industrial Training (2 years for CDA)

15 Features of MRC Fellowship Awards
No age limits Can return from a career break Awards can be held part time Support for maternity/sick leave Procedures are designed to minimise discrimination

16 New Investigator Research Grant (NIRG)
Applicants are expected to be at the beginning of their independent research careers. They will: have a PhD, D Phil or an MD have institutional support have a minimum of three years post qualification research experience (account will be taken of career breaks) be within three years of the start of their first established academic appointment (or within five years for clinicians and this may be at Senior Lecturer level) be in a senior post doctoral position taking their first steps towards establishing themselves as an independent principal investigator receive funds for three years including: Salary of the principal investigator where they do not hold a tenured position; Support for an additional research, technical or other post; consumables; equipment; travel costs.

17 What makes a good application?
What might cause an application to fail?

18 Elements of successful proposals:
Emphasis on track record for established investigators /potential for early career investigators Need a clear rationale for the research - less detail about long-term experimental plans i.e. Clarity & Succinctness key Methodology - Preliminary Data Collaborations Look at recent quality of work & productivity Quality of proposed training environment High-risk/high pay-off research encouraged

19 An application will fail because:
Lack of good track record/publication record Applicant’s lack of appropriate experience Unfocused, overambitious project No clear hypothesis, or not hypothesis-driven Methodology not sufficiently detailed Project not intellectually challenging Training element incomplete/unclear Unoriginal, pedestrian approach Centre has no international standing in research area Lack of infrastructure/facilities in training environment

20 Seeking another centre:
Demonstrates applicant is looking for breadth of research experience Should look for a centre: offering good career development and research training opportunities which is the most appropriate for the applicant’s particular research area If applicant needs to remain where they are: Should spell out reasons for this Explain what additional training they will gain if they stay

21 Assessment Procedure

22 Assessment of Fellowships
The Process: Referees Shortlisting Panel Interview

23 The Interview Led by designated panel members
Collecting evidence against key criteria Questioning by other panel members Private scoring and discussion Review of final ranking, including strategic importance of the area for training

24 Assessment of Fellowships
Potential of the individual - to develop into a competitive researcher Quality of the environment Quality of the training proposed Relevance / value of any proposed period overseas or in industry

25 Fellowship Applications vs. Awards

26 Where to Start?

27 Information on Fellowships

28 Thank you! Contacts General Enquiries
Scientific queries via Programme Managers Details on MRC web-site under each Research Board ( TheResearchBoards/index.htm) Post Award Administration (award letters, payments & queries)

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