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Current activities and perspectives Health Research Board.

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1 Current activities and perspectives Health Research Board

2 Presentation outline 1. HRB Strategy 2010-2014 2. Health Research Group (HRG) Action Plan (2009) 3. HSE developments 4. Funding and calls overview

3 New & emerging technologies Health technology devices Basic Research Biomedical research centres and units Research for patient benefit Programme Grants for Applied Research Health Technology Assessment Service, Delivery and Organisation Research Research for Speculation, Innovation and Creativity Patient Safety & Quality studies NICE/CRD NICE MRC NIHR createrefineevaluateappraiseuse Evidence appraisals and Guidance Practice Guidelines PATIENT CARE Policy/Commissioning DH PRP

4 Increase the level of investment in patient-oriented research Build the capacity of healthcare professionals to engage in high-quality clinical research Develop strategic research clusters of academic and clinician investigators, in translational medicine and other priority areas, in partnership with other funders Enable clinicians in key strategic R&D positions within the health services to secure dedicated time for research through clinician scientist awards Establish and develop clinical trials networks in targeted areas Establish a national co-ordinating framework for new and existing clinical research centres in Ireland to ensure networking and co-ordination across a range of issues including facilities, staff, enabling technologies and clinical trials. Drive the development of clinical research and a coherent health research system

5 Build capacity to conduct high-quality population health sciences and HSR Increase the level of investment in projects and programmes with a focus on outcomes, efficiencies and effectiveness Build the capacity and capability of individuals with high level expertise in applied research methods for HSR/Pop Health Invest in programmes and/or networks to accelerate research in priority areas (in partnership with DoHC and HSE) Deliver effective national R&D design and support services Promote access to and application of existing research evidence 11/05/2015

6 Making Knowledge Work for Health (2001) Towards Better Health : Achieving a Step Change in Health Research in Ireland (2006) Strategy for Science, Technology & Innovation (2006-2013) Building Ireland’s SMART Economy : A Framework for Sustainable Economic Renewal (2008) Innovation Taskforce Report due in March 2010 Health Research Group established in 2007 by Minister of Health and Children and Minister of ETE, under auspices of IDC on SSTI, ‘to move from current position of fragmented health research activity to an integrated and focused health research system’ and to ‘take the lead on national priorities and resource allocation in health research’

7 Cabinet Sub Committee on SSTI (Taoiseach and Ministers) Interdepartmental Committee (IDC) on SSTI (Departments) Higher Education Research Group ( DES, DETE, DOHC HEA, SFI, EI, HRB, Forfás) Health Research Group (DOHC, DETE, HRB, HSE, HIQA, SFI, IDA, EI, Forfás) Technology Ireland (DETE, Forfás, IDA, EI, SFI) Public sector research (Ag & Food, Health, Environment, Marine, Energy) ASC CSA National Co-ordinating Structures

8 HRG Action Plan (2009) 5 key action areas 1. Leading a national health research system 2. Developing research capacity in the health services 3. Building academic and enterprise links with the health research sector 4. Reforming the health research governance structure 5. Turning research outcomes into health benefits and economic gains

9 Developments within the HSE HSE’s Transformation Programme and greater emphasis on primary and community care Integrated Services Directorate Clinical Care and Quality Directorate Significant leadership roles for Clinical Directors Greater emphasis on multidisciplinary teams and on inter- disciplinary approaches Patient-centred and outcomes –focused approach Greater inter-linkage with workforce planning and continuing professional development

10 Developments within the HSE Education, Training and Research (ETR): Principles and Recommendations (2009) ETR Unit to sit in HR Directorate Regional ETR network Director of Research to be appointed urgently Research Advisory Panel

11 HRB funding and calls update Health Research Awards closed Patient-oriented (n=153) Health Services Research (n=29) Population Health Sciences (n=34) Committees meet in April (Will fund 40-45 projects) HRB/SFI Translational Research Awards closes 26 March To apply basic research findings into innovative strategies, devices, products and services for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human disease Milestone-driven

12 HRB funding and calls update US/Ireland R&D Partnership Awards rolling call Ireland, Northern Ireland and US Government Submissions from tri-jurisdictional teams to existing schemes in NSF and NIH Nanotechnology, Sensors, Diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis Planning grants available (application through SFI) Fellowships for Healthcare Professionals closed Committee interviewed in April Hope to fund 15 awards

13 HRB funding and calls update Health Economics Fellowships closed Committee has met and recommendations to go to board in March Marie-Curie Post-doctoral Fellowships closed Committee to interview in early May (n=5) National SpR/SR Academic Fellowship Programme closed Committee to interview in March (n=2) Summer Scholarships (n=50) closes 10 March 2010 NCI Summer Curriculum in Cancer Prevention closed

14 HRB funding and calls update Cochrane Fellowships closes 20 May 2010 ½ day and 2-day Cochrane Training closes 26 March 2010 All Ireland Institute for Hospice and Palliative Care closed

15 Work in Progress New call for Clinician Scientist Awards Call for Senior Investigator Awards Investigating part-time PhDs for healthcare professionals Prioritising new initiatives to build capacity in applied research methods Revised post-doctoral-level scheme Funding models to drive multi- and inter-disciplinary projects Research Networks/Collaboratives Research to underpin priorities in Clinical Care Directorate Knowledge transfer and research diffusion strategies

16 FP7 activities EAHC Public Health Call 2010 Closes 19 March 2010 Health security, health promotion, health information E-health, Cancer, Youth sexual health, Tobacco control, Immunisation Health Services into European Policy and Practice Conference 2010 The Hague, 7-8 April Joint Programming topics Health, food and prevention of food-related diseases

17 Contact details Dr Teresa Maguire ( Population Health Sciences and HSR Dr Anne Cody( Clinical and Applied biomedical Dr Catriona Creely( FP7 National Contact Point for Health

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