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Lumex is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific instrumentation

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1 Lumex is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific instrumentation
Analytical instruments from Lumex Ltd. for the environmental monitoring and biotechnology Lumex is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific instrumentation

2 Lumex Ltd., St. Petersburg
General information Company Lumex Ltd. Incorporated in Personnel about 450 Director Dr. Alexander Stroganov Turnover (2004) 9,000,000 USD Export (2004) 2,300,000 USD Company’s profile Development, manufacturing and service of analytical equipment Projects Development of new analytical equipment References More than 5000 users world-wide Export Since 1996 Patents/Licenses Patents 25, License 1 Looking for Joint R&D projects; OEM production; worldwide distribution and co-operation in service

3 Export structure, 2004 Europe China and South-East Asia

4 Capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL
Pharmacological industry medicines formulations, pharmacokinetics Environmental analysis pesticides, inorganic ions Food industry preservatives, dyes, target compounds, etc. Forensic studies drugs of abuse, explosives, lethal markers, etc. Chemical industry Biotechnological research peptides, proteins, DNA / RNA, affinity studies, immunoanalyses

5 Mercury analyser RA-915+ RA-915+ RA-915+ RP-91
Continuous analysis of air and gases Zeeman AAS LOD 1-2 ng/m3 (response time 1 s.) RA-915+ RP-91 Analysis of liquid samples “Cold vapour” technique LOD 0.5 ng/l Range 0.5 – 200,000 ng/l RA-915+ RP-91C (PYRO-915) Analysis of solid samples Pyrolysis LOD 0.5 µg/kg RA-915+ RP-91 RP-91C

6 Spectrofluorometer Panorama
Object Natural, potable and waste water Air in production areas and atmospheric air in residential quarters Industrial emission Foodstuff Soil Research in biotechnology – protein and DNA/RNA chemistry

7 Real-Time PCR on a chip equipment
A microchip Real-Time PCR analyzer with CCD-based fluorescent imaging detector Fast analysis time: DNA identification in 20 min/9 samples High sensitivity: ~300 DNA copies per microreactor were achieved

8 Lumex Ltd., St. Petersburg
LUMEX Ltd., Headquarters St. Petersburg, Russia OhioLumex Company, Inc., Twinsburg, Ohio, USA Lumex International LLC, Arlington, VA, USA LUMEX ANALYTICS GmbH Dr. U. Meyhack Flughafenstr. 52 a Gebäude C, Airport- Center D Hamburg, Germany Tel.: +49 (40) Fax: +49 (40)

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