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Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting August 21, 2014.

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1 Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting August 21, 2014

2 Agenda Introductions & Welcome Comments – Kelley Scott MFMP – Kasey Bickley Professional Development and Governance – Veronica McCrackin Bureau Chiefs - New Contracts, Renewals, and Upcoming Solicitations Hot Topics – All 2

3 MFMP Utilization Update Agencies continue to improve their utilization of MFMP, especially in the eQuote metric. The following agencies are green: 3 – Department of Education – Department of Revenue – Department of State – Department of Children and Families – Department of Citrus – Department of Corrections – Florida Lottery – Agency for Healthcare Administration – Agency for Persons with Disabilities – Department of Business and Professional Regulation – Division of Emergency Management – Department of Environmental Protection – Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles – Department of Juvenile Justice – Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Department of Management Services

4 Commodity Code Standardization State term contract and enterprise alternate contract source numbers are related to the commodity code of the applicable goods/services available on the contract. The new UNSPSC format will be reflected in STC and ACS contracts executed on or after July 1, 2014. The new format will be: State Term Contract xxxxxxxx-YY-VV x=UNSPSC Code Y=Year V=Version Ex. 80101508-14-01 Alternate Contract Source xxxxxxxx-YY-ACS x=UNSPSC Code Y=Year Ex. 80101508-14-ACS 4

5 VBS Survey The MFMP team sent the VBS survey to 476 people who were agency or advertisement administrators. The survey ended on July 25, 2014. We received 103 responses from 35 different entities including state agencies, community colleges, and water management districts. We appreciate your participation and received great feedback. We are analyzing and compiling the results and plan to share more at the September meeting. 5

6 Method of Procurement In Amendment 1 of the MFMP contract, executed in February 2014, four system enhancements were included at no cost. One of those enhancements was to incorporate changes to the Method of Procurement field as part of the monthly Operational Data Update (ODU) process. This will be implemented on August 28 as part of the 9.15 release. The MFMP team is working with agencies that have submitted CRs for MOP updates and conducting a thorough review of the entire MOP list. Updates will be queued for implementation as part of ODUs over the next several months. 6

7 Vendor Performance Tracking Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT) is the tool agency customers use to enter and monitor vendor performance on a per transaction level. MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) generates a survey after an invoice reconciliation (IR) moves to ‘Paid’ in MFMP. With increased utilization, more surveys are being generated. Surveys generate for the following transactions: – State Term Contracts (STC) – State Purchasing Agreements (SPA) – Agency Term Contracts – Other transactions equal to or above $2,500 (including governmental entities) VPT surveys can be accessed at any time through the Common Actions section of your dashboard. Surveys are visible and available until submitted or for 30 days. 7

8 FCCM/FCCN Needs Assessment Update Certification Employees Reported 11/2013 Employees Reported 7/2014 % Change from 11/2013 Existing employees needing renewal as Florida Certified Contract Managers 1842019% Existing employees needing renewal as Florida Certified Contract Negotiators 1121218% Employees needing Contract Manager Certification 1,7372,30233% Employees needing Contract Negotiator Certification 21125822% The table below shows the results of the July 14, 2014, needs assessment survey to all state agencies requesting an update on the reporting of the number of agency employees designated as contract or grant managers and contract negotiators who will require initial or renewal certification training. As of August 11, 2014, the response rate is 92%. 8

9 FCCM/FCCN Program Implementation Updated needs assessment resulted in changes to the planned schedule of course offerings for the initial 24 month implementation period Total Offerings Through December 2016 Total Sessions Offered Total Seats Requested Total Seats Offered Percentage of Need Met Florida Certified Contract Manager INITIAL792,3022,765120% Florida Certified Contract Manager RENEWAL7201245122% Florida Certified Contract Negotiator INITIAL19258304118% Florida Certified Contract Negotiator RENEWAL9121144119% 9

10 FCCM Sessions 10 Online procurement component –Can be completed at your leisure, approximately two hours to complete eight modules (15 minutes each) DMS two-day instructor led course –Class of 35 participants –Betty Easley Center, Room 166

11 Services and Special Projects Bureau Solicitations PCard –Negotiations phase Upcoming Solicitations Rental Vehicles –ITN launch late August Security Officer Services –RFP launch planned for September Postal Mail Services –RFP launch planned for September 11

12 Services and Special Projects Bureau Updates IT Consulting Services (973-561-10-1) –Contract is being renewed for one year Online Legal Database Services (991-150-09-1) –Current contract has been extended to February 18, 2015 –DMS plans to procure new STC for investigations –DMS does not plan to procure new STC for online legal research –Agency input regarding online legal research is welcome Custodial Services – Enterprise ACS under development – Anticipate availability in January 2015 Temporary Employment Staffing Services (991-460-07-1) –Current contract has been extended and expires November 17, 2014 –Contracting with Knowledge Services for a pilot project enterprise ACS –Knowledge Services will contact agencies to set up meetings 12

13 IT/Telecom Bureau Updates 600-000-11-1 Multifunction Products – Renewed through 8/3/2015 250-000-09-1 Network Infrastructure – Expires on 9/7/2014 – Will be replaced with the WSCA Data Communications contract 13

14 IT/Telecom Bureau Updates 250-WSCA-10-ACS Miscellaneous IT Equipment – Extended through 12/31/2014 – New WSCA IT contract agreement in process SUNCOM Telephony Equipment and Services (STEPS) (730- 000-09-1) – Contract has been extended through 3/1/2015 – New solicitation in development (20-730-000-S) 14

15 IT/Telecom Bureau Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software ITB Protest has been resolved Awarded vendors: -Carahsoft Technology Corporation o Oracle, VMware, Application Software, Server/Mainframe Software/Tools, Computer Programming Software/Tools and Value-added services -CDW Government o CommVault, Symantec, VMware, Application Software, Server/Mainframe Software/Tools, and Value-added services -Insight Public Sector o Adobe, CommVault, NetMotion, Application Software, Server/Mainframe Software/Tools, Computer Programming Software/Tools, and Value-added services. Continue to use GSA Schedule 70 until new contract is in place 15

16 Goods Bureau Solicitations 2015 Model Motor Vehicle ITB to be posted late August/early September Updates Renewing Commercial Paper (640-002-12-1) through November 2015 Renewing Office & Educational Consumables (618-000-11-1) through October 2016 Renewing Floor Maintenance Machines (365-001-11-1) through November 2018 Renewing Ammunition and Less Lethal Products (680-050-12-1) through September 2016 16

17 Goods Bureau Updates Medical/Dental Supplies & Equipment (475-000-11-1) –Renewing through September 2015 –Punchout catalogs in place for 4 of 6 vendors Seeking approval to renew Body Armor (680-850-11-1), expires January 2015 Researching Library Furniture (420-590-07-1), expires February 2015 Reviewing a product update on Mail Processing Equipment (600-760- 11-1) Maintenance Repair and Operation (MRO) (450-000-11-ACS) — established new market basket for paint (Benjamin Moore) Pest Control Request for Information (RFI) in development –Exploring integrated pest management 17

18 Hot Topics Open Discussion 18

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