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Active Denial System Tracey Ricker 3 November 2009.

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1 Active Denial System Tracey Ricker 3 November 2009

2 Birth of ADS  Microwave technology developed by military during WWII  Today our military needs a non-lethal method to hold off threats, with minimal long-term results…  …ADS!!!

3 History  In 2001, the concept was released, however progress was halted due to safety and legal sanctions.  The Iraq War has increased funding and research and ADS is due to deploy to Iraq within the next year.

4 How it works  Sends microwave (electromagnetic)radiation at the speed of light towards subjects  Causes intense burning sensation, like skin is literally on fire  When removed the pain goes away instantly  Two operators zero in on target, using a joystick and a camera and screen  They initiate the electromagnetic waves, that burn through anything in their path

5 How it works

6 Uses  Up to three miles in range.  Military Usage  Halt Crime and Hostage Situations  Riot and Rally Situations

7 Results  Victims will feel the impact instantaneously.  Instinctively stop what your doing, and get out of affected area.  Absorbed in top layer of skin, only the top1/64 th of an inch, which is where the nerve endings are. 

8 Advancements  Strength can be determined by the operator  USMC and Police are trying to create handheld versions of the beam  Cost of beam is relative to that of the salaries and previous methods behind crowd control

9 Pros  Only requires two operators to control a crowd  Can target mass amounts of people at once  Can prevent violence long term and even possible deaths

10 Cons  Regarded by some as form of torture  Same strength regardless of age, gender or size  People with tattoos and piercings can have the metal melt onto their skin  Trigger-happy operators

11 References  microwave-weapon-will-rain-pain-from-the-sky.html microwave-weapon-will-rain-pain-from-the-sky.html  mads.htm mads.htm 

12 Questions?

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