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Opioid Rescue Kits for Porter County Sheriff’s Department.

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1 Opioid Rescue Kits for Porter County Sheriff’s Department

2 The Opioid Problem  Lethal Drug dose is the leading cause of accidental death in America  41,502 drug overdose deaths in 2012  39% caused by opioids  Lethal Drug doses have quadrupled in Indiana since /7/ 2

3 The Opioid Problem  Opioids include legal prescriptions and illegal drugs  Prescription Diversion  Heroin  Porter County is a HIDTA since /7/ 3

4 The Opioid Problem  Paths to Prescription Drug Addiction  39 year-old with back pain  17 year-old riffling through their friend’s grandma’s medicine cabinet  Star DE getting some “safe” meds from a buddy to make the next game 12/7/

5 The Opioid Problem  Paths to Heroin Addiction  Prescription Drug Addiction  Limiting supply of prescription opioids didn’t solve the problem of addiction  Girls/women: introduced to Heroin by a boy/man  Lower cost, higher purity 5

6 The Opioid Lethal Dose  Forgets to Breathe  Central Nervous System depression  Opioid overdoses is rarely instantaneous  Most deaths occur between one to three hours after taking the opioid  Someone “found dead with a needle in their arm” uncommon, but happens, especially when using opioids + others substances 12/7/

7 How do opioids affect breathing? Opioid Receptors, brain Opioid 12/7/

8 How does naloxone affect overdose? Neutralizes opioid’s effect on receptors 12/7/

9 Why Use Naloxone?  No Euphoric effect  Safe  Even if a person isn’t overdosing on an opioid  Similar to: CPR, AEDs, EpiPens  Proven track record  From :  53,032 people trained  10,171 people saved  Saves Money A life saved can be a life restored 12/7/

10 Myths: Why Not Use Naloxone?  If those with substance use disorder know that Naloxone can save their life, they will abuse more drugs  Naloxone will keep people from seeking treatment  People can be violent after receiving Naloxone 12/7/

11 Positive Tests for Opiates Porter Country Adult Population /7/

12 Opiate Patients Treated 12/7/

13 PRH E.R. Opioid Admissions 12/7/

14 Opioids by Age 12/7/

15 Total Number of Opioids Prescribed /7/

16 HIDTA Chronic Addicts 12/7/

17 Heroin-Related Deaths in Porter County /7/

18 Potential Naloxone Opportunities 12/7/

19 Common Opioids  Codeine  Demerol  Vicodin  Oxycontin  Hydrocodone  Lorcet  Methadone  Used as a Medication- Assisted Treatment  Porter-Starke uses liquid methadone  Can be abused  Morphine  Opium  Heroin 12/7/

20 Common Opioids Natural Morphine Codeine Semi-synthetic Fully synthetic Heroin Oxycodone Fentanyl Methadone Buprenorphine 12/7/

21 Symptoms of Opioid Overdose  Decreased level of consciousness  Pinpoint pupils  Gurgling or choking noises  Body is Limp  Breathing slows or stops  Heart rate slows or stops  Blue lips and nails  Caused by insufficient oxygen in the blood  Can’t be woken or can’t speak, even after:  shaken or  sternal rub 12/7/

22 Environmental Signs of Opioid Use  Spoons  Needles  Tourniquet  Lighter  Balloons or baggies  Pill Bottles 12/7/

23 Each Narcan has a expiration date on the end of box None of the contents are sharp 12/7/

24 Naloxone Facts  This is NOT Pulp Fiction  You won’t be stabbing anyone in the heart  Usually works in about 3 minutes  Lasts 30 to 90 minutes  Opioids can last longer than Naloxone  Won’t eliminate the opioid from the system 12/7/

25 12/7/

26 Administration of Naloxone Patient should be unresponsive first and foremost If no pulse and no breathing  Start CPR If pulse and no or slow breathing  Use Naloxone Open kit and assemble Place firmly against right nostril and spray half Place against left nostril and spray remainder Provide Rescue Breathing, as needed If it works usually patient will moan, increase breathing or become combative with in 1- 5 minutes Advise changes and updates to Medics 12/7/

27 Recovery position 12/7/

28 Porter County Sheriff’s Department Policy-- Highlights  Civil Immunity  If you follow the protocol in good faith, you will be protected from civil law suits (by state law)  Reporting  Use or loss  Expiration  Kit Storage  Don’t store kit in extreme temperatures 12/7/

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